Slim Chickens

5697 S Himalaya St, Centennial
(720) 487-1388

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Aaron Sibs

Drive thru attendant had mad attitude from the get go. Started my order with a smile, left with a frown and some delicious chicken. Mixed feelings.Food: 4/5

Paul Martin

We went here for dinner last night. Service was quick, and food was terrific. The chicken tenders are done well with minimal breading and sauces are tasty. Me and my 2 kids are usually at about $30 for a place like this and this was right at $25. Good amount of food and the meal deals are very reasonable in todays inflation society. The restaurant is extremely clean on the inside as well. I’d take your family there for a quick casual.

Yaneth Zaragoza-Reinel

We love this place. Best chicken tenders in town. Sauces are great, the place is always clean. And the staff is always friendly.

Sue McClure

Yummy yummy food, sauces, fried pickles and sweet tea!! Worst thing about the place is deciding what to get because I want to try it all.

suzi q

Consistently high quality wonderful tasting food, very clean restaurant and the staff go above and Beyond every time


Everything isn't good , i tried the wings the wraps and sandwiches. One thing about alim chicken is that if it isn't a new place that has just opened, food gets bad....

Ashleigh K.

Usually great food, but they ALWAYS take forever. Don't go here if you are in a hurry. Man they take way way too long for a "fast" food chain. Once you finally make it to the window they push you to a parking spot where you get to sit for an additional 10 minutes, if they don't forget about you all together.

Kyle A

This is what the 3 piece chicken tenders looks like. I wouldn't waste me time for so little for $10.

James Ioffe

The interior is very nice, and I have no complaints about the food. The restaurant feels like a local place and the service/employees there are super friendly! My family and I are looking forward to visiting this location in the future.

Chris S.

A lot of nice things about this place: the service, menu items you don't typically see in a fast food setting etc. But the food is way too salty. Side of fried pickles impossible to finish on account of being sickeningly over salty. Chicken sandwich fared a better, but still way too salty. If the want to win some market share from Chick fil a, they've got to retool their recipes.

Robert Cummings

Enjoyed the food, fast service and we will return to try other things on the menu.

zilla roston

Friendly service, clean and well kept dining area. Chicken not greasy and great selection of dipping sauces. Dessert jars and milkshakes too!

Vivian Casazza

This restaurant was so clean !! Incredibly friendly staff and those are some of the best tenders I’ve ever had. I also loved all the sauces. Plus the owner was there and really cared about your experience. Plus he is cute :)

J Blea

Been here 3 times and I have to say by far the best Buffalo chicken sandwich, the employees are very respectful, helpful and always a clean environment. I highly recommend this place to eat everyday....

Rebekah Acosta

Chicken is not very good, but their milkshakes are great. They were all very friendly, but there are plenty of other chicken places with better quality food.

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