Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery

5616 S Gibraltar Way H, Centennial
(303) 627-4522

Recent Reviews

Arne Hansen

Unfortunately the quality of the cupcakes has really declined lately. They used to be great. But now they are dry on the inside with hard frosting. I'm not going to pay almost $5 for what tastes like a 2 day old cupcake.

Blake Conney

Ordered cupcakes to be delivered to my sister, who was too far away to attend my daughter's first birthday on the east coast. It was a "bee-day" theme, and I asked for something simple - Jennifer at Centennial Smallcakes delivered the perfect cupcakes (which were huge!) with bright yellow frosting and little bees - they were adorable and my sister and her family loved them. Very prompt and efficient communication, and it was so easy to place my order and have them delivered from afar. I definitely recommend this bakery!

Jessica C.

DO NOT try to order from here through DoorDash. My friend ordered me cupcakes as a birthday gift through DoorDash - all I had to do was set up the delivery (simple enough). An error kept popping up, so I called DoorDash. They scheduled the delivery for me and confirmed the bakery received it. I got paranoid, so I called again, this time, they confirmed that the bakery was working on the order. A few minutes later, I received a notification that the bakery canceled my order. No explanation or phone call to reschedule the delivery or even a request to pick them up - just cancelled. Cool.

Kisai B Milan

Very moist and delicious cupcakes we have tried. They are on the pricier side but it is so worth every penny spent on them. We highly recommend trying them.

Alinna Chen

Ordered a few boxes of cupcakes online and picked up in store. Went smoothly and cupcakes were good, except a bit overpriced but I thought still acceptable given the material cost going up these days. Just two days later we wanted another box so I figured I went to the shop to get it. I drove 30min to the shop and it was closed! Just like that, no heads up or anything. There was a girl in the shop shaking head at me. Called and was told that the shop’s closed for the weekend. How would one know? There’s nothing on their website or google page until much later that day. I had to scramble to get something else for the event and cutting very close. Would love to support small business in the community, but they have to be reliable. :-/

Serena Cowell Hood

We live right across the street and the cupcakes have been great so I thought I'd ask if they'd like to sponsor anything for my daughters Kindergarten school... and they literally hung up on me.... so I called back and the staff was so rude. I couldn't believe it. I get not wanting to donate, which is fine, but wow. So disappointing. Won't be bringing my business there anymore.

Rhonda Vargas

I have been to this location a few times and have been very pleased. The staff is very welcoming, kind and helpful. Until yesterday. I called to place a special order. The person Working was quite rude, argumentative and really did not want to take the order from me. when I went to pick up she was still very curt II let her know how I felt, she did not seem at all phased by my complaints about her attitude or lack of customer service skills. I will not be returning to this location.

Alisa T.

I was really impressed on how easy the online ordering was. I ordered 4 cupcakes to be picked up at 5 pm. I received a text message around their open time (11 am) letting me know my order was ready to be picked up. It was a relief since I actually needed to pick it up sooner that day. It was very delicious and can not wait to try their gluten free items.

Williams Felix Priest

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Neil M.

Went in for the first time to celebrate the end of the school year for 4 kids. The employees looked super annoyed that we were there. Pretty rude to be honest. They had one chair at the table and a bench, so we were just awkwardly standing there trying to eat our cupcakes and ice cream. Super expensive as well. Probably won't be back.. Not worth $27 for two cupcakes and 2 scoops of ice cream.

Erica Horton

EXCELENT customer service. I've called 4 places prior to them for a last minute order of a dozen cupcakes for my son's birthday party in 24 hours. Not only were they kind but they made it happen! So grateful!

Cathy Vance

I ordered 2 dozen cupcakes for my son's birthday at his high school special education program. They were packaged wonderfully, tasted amazing and were gorgeous. Definitely will be a repeat customer.

Deb Moskal Reimers

Thank you Smallcakes Cupcakery for the delicious vanilla cupcakes for my daughters baby shower. Thank you for your great customer service and helping me out on short notice! Yum,Yum,Yum.


Your gluten free cupcakes are the best we've tried, and we've been down many roads to make sure my grandson (5) has as much "normalcy" as possible. I am so happy we have found this bakery, and will continue to patronize your business.

Cathy Maver-Johnson

Delicious cupcakes and they had plenty to choose from. I had cherry cheese cake with strawberry ice cream! I wish they had tables to eat on!

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