Udom Thai

7412 S University Blvd, Centennial
(303) 738-0800

Recent Reviews

Rohan Sasan

Pad See Ew was authentic. Their medium is similar to thai hot or hot at americanized thai restaurants.Would recommend-✅ Tom Yum✅ Pad See Ew✅ Basil Fried Rice


While the chef was very friendly and the meals were prepared quickly, my lunch was awful. Normally I love pad thai, it's one of my favorites. The egg rolls were mushy on the inside like the cabbage was old. The noodles were mushy and overcooked. The entire bowl smelled like puppy breath. One bite told me what my nose already knew...I could not eat it. I am not sure why my dish was so bad, everyone else's seemed to be good as they were eating it with no complaints. I excused myself and tossed the food in the trash. I will never eat here again.

Erika White

Amazing food. Incredible and humble staff. The back patio is beautiful landscapes and includes fresh growing herbs and chilies. It’s a vibe.

Mag Koh

We love this restaurant for their authentic Thai food and great services. It was so good we came back the next day for more? Excellent job Udom Thai!

Brad S

Great food and beautiful simplicity tucked in a strip mall. Loved the Penang curry. Pad Thai rocks, too. But the Thom Kai Ghai is over the top! Brings me back! AND TAKE OUT TOO


Food is excellent, service was friendly and helpful - though due to limited staffing (like everywhere) they can be slight delays. Well worth it - the owner / chef is from Thailand, and I highly recommend their food!


We ordered the ginger lunch and the pad Thai with chicken. Both were absolutely wonderful. The service was excellent and friendly. This is my new go to restaurant for Asian or Thai dishes

Huyen Tran

The food at Udom Thai was really amazing. I have been other Thai stores, but Udom Thai is the best. The staff went so nice and checked on us immediately. I will definitely be back.

Makenzie O'Neill

Udom Thai is such a great neighborhood Thai spot! They always use fresh ingredients, including fresh pineapple in their pineapple fried rice! Most other restaurants use canned pineapple. I’ve been eating Udom Thai bi-weekly for over a year now—-I can’t reliably eat pineapple fried rice anywhere else!

Puneet P.

Tried this place when I was in Denver and food was delicious. Menu is on the pricey side but no complaints with food. Their spicy level is more compared to everyone else but again I loved it.

Amber H.

Best Thai in the area. They used to offer delivery through third party but I can't seem to find that anymore.

Patrick J.

I've been coming to udon Thai for years, back when they were located in the center across the street. And I'll still say that it is the best Thai food around. They have all the classic (pad Thai, Thai basil, Tom yom) plus plenty of authentic options. And everything I've ever had here has tasted great. Plus this is the only Thai place that brings the heat. Trust me, don't go past medium if you can't take spicy food, but if you're a spice lover this place is heaven.

John L.

Super delicious Thai food. The flavors are so well-balanced and everything is cooked properly. It is also outrageously expensive (literally 2x more than I would expect to pay), and I kept debating with myself if that is enough to knock off a star. At the same time though, food prices seem to be soaring everywhere I go, so I suppose I'll not knock them for what everyone else in the industry seems to be doing. Also this restaurant is located in a kind of dead-looking plaza with a parking lot in disrepair, which prepared me to not like this place. I'm glad I tried it though. To be honest, after reading other reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd be highly interested in knowing if and when there were any changes in management or chef. All I know is, what I've experienced in 2022, this place is nothing but impressive, in terms of food. The spice level here is not the same as the spice level at most thai restaurants. Udom medium is like American hot at most thai places. Therefore, udom hot is like thai hot. I'm too scared to try udom thai hot. I've had the pad thai, Drunken noodles, green curry, crab cheese wonton, and chicken satay. The weakest item was the crab cheese wonton, but it's a guilty, masochistic pleasure that we order at most Asian restaurants, because we are bad Asians, and we never actually expect it to be any good. The noodles were perfect, not under- nor over-cooked. The meat is also perfectly cooked and seasoned in all of the dishes. I didn't get a look in their kitchen, but I'm pretty sure that I taste the flavor of the food being prepared in a super hot wok. Nothing beats that flavor for thai food.

Lisa N.

Kept passing by this place and decided to finally try it out. We got the tom yum seafood fried rice ($25.95) and while it is pricey, you get a good amount of seafood in it. The spice level on this was mild plus and it was pretty spicy for something "mild." I learned my lesson and got no spice next time and that was definitely better. The mild plus one was more salty too so the no spice one is my preferred spice level for both spice and sodium levels. It is kinda pricey though so we wouldn't get it too often but I'd definitely be back to try other foods!

Lisa G.

I called today to place an order to go. Was put on hold by Shannon but after 14mins of being on hold i called back because it was obvious she forgot only to have her tell me to order online. While telling Shanon I was driving to her so I couldn't and ask if she could take just one plate order which she refused. I also was just letting her know that it would have been nice to know that 15mins ago so that she tells the next customer instead of making them wait, she hung up on me. She was rude last time too so that's the end of that spot for me. Good food but is easily found elsewhere where staff are not rude.

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