Chef's Da Chinese Restaurant

209 S Main St, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-4000

Recent Reviews


This was absolutely the best Chinese food I’ve had in years. The pot stickers are amazing and try the Chinese donuts!

Tracey Harmon

Yummy food, wonderful and friendly service, huge serving size... I'll be going back soon!Food: 4/5

Tracy Tyler

My biggest judge of a Chinese restaurant is their chicken egg foo yong And egg drop soup and there's was great. Will definitely be going back to this Chinese Restaurant.Food: 5/5

Cyubahiro Patrick

Very delicious food and well prepared meals

Daniel B.

I NEVER found a roach or a toe nail in my food like that "wonderful" place. We only trust Da's :)

Steven Carlos

BEST I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!A must go if you are driving past!!!


Pleasant location in the downtown. Hot and sour soup was good and not too salty like some. Had the Szechuan Shrimp which was tasty with very fresh ingredients. Huge portion and lots of big shrimp. Very inexpensive. Staff was friendly. Would gladly eat here again!

Morgan Andrade

Delicious dinner with a great combo that give you a soup, entree plate, rangoons, spring rolls, and fried rice. The chicken was super crispy and all together a great meal. Only complaint is that there are a lot of different up charges not listed on the menu, but probably due to the recent inflation.

Greg Hager

We arrived later - staff was cheery.The food... Was prepared exactly as ordered, and was delicious. The taste of the meal that we had was authentic, and we enjoyed it very much.I can see why this Chinese restaurant was rated the best in the community.

Tyler Bunch

I wanna start off by saying I have ate at this restaurant for the last 3 years and lately they have been very rude and unpleasant! I ordered a hot tea which I got and just didn’t hit my taste right so I tried to order a Pepsi and after 4 times of me asking the young lady, she told me that I had already ordered a drink and instead of getting me a Pepsi she reminded me that I would have to pay for both which I have no problem paying for the drink at all but to be told with a snotty and rude attitude anyone would be upset! My orange chicken was burnt to a crisp! Anyone would be better off eating else where I would not recommend this place at all!


Love eating here. They have great food with good portions.

Ra Q.

The seasame chicken was all breading-no good. The hot&sour soup was delicious. Don't know if I'd go again, but if I did, I'd get the soup only.

Caleum Dodge

Been eating here for years. The employees are awsome and the food is amazing!


Food was good and reasonably priced


The food was under cooked. The bathroom wasn't clean. the sweet and sour sauce tasted like it was spoiled.

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