San Miguel Restaurant

322 Ensign St, Fort Morgan
(970) 427-8848

Recent Reviews

Stacy Fernandez

We order lunch for our work office and the food is delicious and always ready.Food: 5/5

Jennie Dietel

Absolutely delicious!! The red sauce, the frijoles,'s so authentic and fresh. I will not eat anywhere else for central American cuisine, it's even better than Mexican food.Food: 5/5

Ryan Neumann

Service was quick and friendly, but food was just alright. The food wasn't bad but it wasn't fantastic either.Food: 3/5

moya Sanders

Excellent fajitas I had combo and also tried the chicken. Large portions had to take some togo. Very good service.Food: 5/5

Miguel Baeza

Good food reasonable price quick service been back several times

Woogie K

The restaurant is a bit on the pricey side. However ignoring that one detail this place is delicious. All the food is good and fresh. Everybody is friendly and atmosphere is fine.

A -Team Family #5 Aragon

Great place to stop and grab some grub especially on taco Tuesday $1 tacos and salsa barThe salsa bar does need to be cleaned more frequently.Bathroom are nice and clean..

xrcsz MXLVII

San Miguel burrito was good. They have strawberry jarritos which I haven't found anywhere else

David Wischmeier

For the area I would state this is one of the better places to eat in Morgan county.Price.For the cost some items are laughably overpriced, while others I would say are underpriced. At this visit I had 4 tacos which came out to 10 ish dollars. However these are the really small ones that are doubled up. So for me these seem about 2 dollars too much. Others at the table had a smothered burrito which was around 12 and this was sizable and I think the price was decent.FlavorThe tacos were good and had a good authentic taste. However it wasn't anything too special that I would go here compared to any of the other Mexican places. I tried the green chili from others at my table and I personally did not like the flavor. It did have a mild kick though.UniquenessIf I compare this to other places in the area the only thing that stands out would be the green salsa. It had an excellent flavor.AtmosphereIt was very clean and inviting. It is however difficult for me having gone to this same place when it used to be Italian food. It looked amazing. Now it just looks bland. It was still very clean which is a big bonus for me. Do not get me wrong it has it neat traits but for me I remember what it used to look like.StaffVery friendly and informative. Made us feel at home. Polite and helpful when needed. A++OverallFor the area it is likely a 5 star place. For me though I eat at places all over Colorado. As such when I compare to many of my favorites it comes as an average place to eat with some parts that stand out. If you are in Morgan and want a good Mexican type food restaurant I think this would be a good choice compared to others in the local area.

Venessa Jones

I've never had something I didn't love. My favorite is the shrimp cocktail.

Michael D. Wulfsohn

First time there. Greeted at the entrance. Nice, clean, cozy atmosphere. Friendly, quick service. The chips and salsa were all homemade, and tasty. The meals were excellent! Ample portions, and delicious! The prices were in line with other, not fancy, Mexican food restaurants. Highly recommended.

Bonnetta Thomas

Very friendly workers and delicious food. Seriously good. The Carne asada was perfectly cooked and seasoned and their green salsa has a nice kick. You can't go wrong with this place. Worth the drive from surrounding areas. Their chicken is good too!!

Dr. Frost

They fried my dad's fish to nothing, and was barely edible. He ordered a remake only to be charged even more for a plate he couldn't finish. They charged fully for the poorly made plate and half for something that was a little less worse than previous.

Jolie Keke Haba

Very delicious and didn’t take long until my order was ready.

Dawn S

Great food the staff was good

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