Sonic Drive-In

200 W Platte Ave, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-3200

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Tony Cecil

Sonic has officially lost my business in Ft Morgan. It used to be such a nice drive in with decent food. You will now be welcomed by multiple stalls that don’t work or the credit card payment doesn’t work. The building is falling apart and the staff attitude is horrible. Today there was my family and one other vehicle ordering food. 32 minutes later the food came out: stale fries, wrong sandwiches, and missing drinks. I asked the server what’s going on and he said sorry as he walked away. Sad to see this become acceptable. Management won’t respond to complaints. Vote with your dollars and go somewhere else.


Nuggets where greasy, cold and with weired texture. Milkshake was runny and with no chocolate flavor at all. I won't go again.Food: 1/5

Shelly Vicious

They treat their customers wrong. Our family stopped in tonight to get a remake order that they messed up on in the first place. They were met with anger employees and managers. They even called the police and made a false report on their husband. I am truly disappointed with them and this being a small town word will travel fast. I can't believe they took this to far and I hope the owners cleans house. We, Fort Morgan, deserves better. The general manager and others on duty needs to be fired. I and my family will not come back until that happens.Disappointed

Michelle Rodriquez-Porter

Unbelievably bad service! Not only do they take so long to deliver their food. This last time they messed up on our order again, we waited 30 minutes and they messed it up again. My husband called the manager. She was nice and told him he could come in and they would remake his order. Fast forward a few days and we go to pick up the order. When the staff said that he had already come and picked up his order. My husband had not. He had been sick 4 days and had not gone anywhere. When my husband tried to clear up the obvious misunderstanding the manager on duty responded to him in a very feisty and combative sort of way. Then before we know it he called the police. The police responded to the manager and told him that he handled the situation incorrectly and that we had not gone by to get our order. The manager was also told by the police that he should not be using this line for non emergencies. Bottom line we never received the correct order and had the police called too. What a gigantic waste of everyone's time over some cheeseburgers.

Linda Blitzer

I guess sonic now serves up police reports with every order. ? ??Our neighbor went by and got food they messed up on her order when she went to get her order remade they yelled at them and called the police. ????Is this what you guys do to your customers? How horrible!????

lisa porter

A family friend stopped in to the restaurant wanting to pick up an order that was a mistake from last week. He was yelled at by the "manager" called a liar and then the little jerk had the nerve to call the police on him claiming a welfare check.I will never come to this restaurant! How rude and disgusting!

Greg Lemon

Completely disappointed in my experience. Management has more time to yell at customers than to take care of the food quality. Burnt meat and covered in runny sauce.

Edward Porter

I changed my excellent review to reflect the situation that I was put in today.Never have I ever had a restaurant act as they have. They messed up on my order last week and whenever I called the nice manager Emily said she would remake it. Fast forward a week I called ahead and said I would be coming in to pick up the order they asked me to call back go back and when I did no one picked up the phone so I drove down to place my order. All of a sudden I Was told that someone already picked up that order today. Which was a complete lie. When I called an hour an hour ago the person said oh yes there's Your information written down. When I call back no one Picked up the phone. So I drove down and was confronted by this confronted by this little angry man. Claiming that I was trying to get free food. Claiming that someone had already came in and gotten that food. He proceeded to yell and scream at me then called the police and told them to do a welfare check on me. I'm like what in the hell is going on with sonic but this is no way you treat your customers I askthat the district manager call me.

Valentina Bebo

This is hands down, the BEST sonic I’ve been to in Colorado. They are consistently busy and are able to bring your order out in a timely fashion. This doesn’t sound like much, but most of the other locations won’t even respond to take your order in a timely fashion, let alone get your order out to you. The food is always hot and delicious. Very good quality for fast food dining! The employees are always pleasant, helpful and friendly. My favorite fast food joint in Fort Morgan for sure!!!!

slay 100010

Usually have really good food. No complaints there. Only issue is the very long wait.Food: 5/5

moya Sanders

Very nice hot fudge sundae. My only concern is that every thing comes in plastic... Bummer ?Food: 5/5

Josh S

One of the better sonics in regards to quality of food. However the app is always disabled on the weekends. Asked about this today. Apparently the manager disables it when they are gone. Won't honor discount on drinks if app is disabled.... Guess we'll just have to go some other place when it's disabled.

Snowman Rainmaker

Had to stop in and try the new grilled cheese double burger and I have to admit it was delicious!!

Doug Echols

only had drinks but service was fast and the order accurate

Connie R.

If I could give a negative 2, I would! The sauced jumbo popcorn chicken was drowning in sauce! LOOKED LIKE SOUP! I ordered a burger with no cheese and onion, it had cheese, onion, bacon, and jalapeños!!! There's 100 people in this little town and they can't get 1 of 5 customers order right? Disgusting!! DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SONIC! Maybe their residents get better treatment but passer bys.. NOPE! Yuck

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