1300 Barlow Rd, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-0874

Recent Reviews

Tom Weikel

Food was fine & very typical of your normal subway. Staff has been very pleasant every time I have been in there. If you do happen to leave a tip just be aware the manager is keeping it & not giving it to the workers. Just a little heads up & a despicable way to do business.Food: 4/5

Adrian Lopez

I ordered 5 12"subs and the gave me 3 foot longs and 2 6"

Andrea McKinney

$9 for half a bowl of salad, food not ready 30 minutes after ordering (sat in front of store for 15 minutes and there were no other customers), staff looked like they hadn't showered or brushed their teeth in a week.

Natasha Kirby

I love Subway but this store is terrible. Last time I ordered online and I paid $2 extra for avocado and didn’t get any. This time I ordered online and paid extra for double protein didn’t get it. And every time I have been in the store to order there are teenage girls working that are messing around and take their time on coming to help you. This place is a joke. I’m done. Definitely will never be back.

Theressa Muhle

Several employees were hanging out in the dining area. One came to the counter to help. Hair was dangling down from Ponytail. No lid for drink.

Lesley Gallegos-Kerstiens

Nathan is one of the most awesome humans I've come across. He makes the best sandwiches and holds great conversations. Thanks Nate!!!

Mario F.

Two workers had no hair nets or hats covering their hair. One young white male had bangs covering his eyes with no hair net dangling over all the food. And one lady with glasses had long bangs hovering over the food also. I hope nobody got hair in their food lol, i find it gross seeing loose hair dangling over my hair

Heli Arr

I just ordered a steak and cheese sandwich and I was baffled with the new meat portions, you can barely see any steak on it. Told the woman if that was as much meat as the picture and she said “yes that’s what it is” won’t comeback to this place anymore

Bruce Hofer

It’s subway folks not 5 star dining by a long shot

John Adams

Took a short break

Brandon Flecksteiner

Just quick online order. The food was ready to go when I got there and wqs well made.

Braiden H

This spot is worth a visit. They serve large portions for affordable rates. Constantly clean and with awesome character. Would recommend to others.

Darin Martin

Good sandwiches can order ahead with the subway App and good price

Charles Young

Sandwich maker was not wearing a mask.

Michael J

After the manager finished with the last customer and the money she handled, she walked over and pulled out a set of gloves and put them on without washing your hands, I will never eat there again

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