The Mav Kitchen & Tap House

1409 Barlow Rd, Fort Morgan
(970) 542-9482

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moya Sanders

We tried the chicken fried steak it was very good and large enough to share. The gravey was so good. Great wait staff our waitress got me a refill on my drink before I knew I needed one ! Atmosphere is high end sports bar meets fancy steakhouse. Great place to enjoy a relaxed meal.Food: 5/5


The atmosphere was comfortable and inviting. The service was friendly, quick and very efficient! The food was very fresh and tasty!

Ron T

Service was ok. My wings and fries were both luke warm at best. I was going to send them back but never saw the server again until she asked if we wanted the ticket. My wife had the salmon, she said it was not very good, very dry. The brussel sprout app was the best part of our meal!

Destry Gillette

Was an excellent experience! The French onion soup was extremely good and the burger was cooked perfectly (medium rare). My daughter enjoyed her cheese pizza (4 out of 6 pieces gone). The service on a busy homecoming evening was very good and consistent. Highly recommend if staying in or passing by Ft. Morgan.

Tiffany R.

We were stopping through on our way home. Hungry and wanted a warm meal after a day of traveling on the road. Tried ordering an alcoholic beverage with my dinner and it might as well have been a drink with tons of sugar. Not one of the drinks we ordered had alcohol, the burgers where not cooked all the way through and were cold in the middle. I would rather have fast food

Jennifer A.

Wow! We only heard of this place via word of mouth. We have had pizza, brussel sprouts, burgers, nachos, fried pickles, chicken strips, and fries so far. All food has been tasty so far. Our bill is typically spend $50 plus tip for our family of three. I think the price is right for good food.

Lisa H.

Worst visit ever. No, the bad service wasn't from a new server or an inexperienced host, it was from the actual owner, Sue Baldwin, of the restaurant. OK, to be fair we've had some great experiences and some wonderful food at The Mav. Since my daughter and her husband married seven years ago, we've been to The Mav for almost every Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday, anniversary, after the dance recital, girls night, MOPs night - you name it - The Mav is where we've celebrated. Lots of sweet memories with so many others in our family and community. All of those memories are now tainted - and so are those of the many with which we've shared this experience. So, tired little mama who's spent the week wrangling four small children talks her husband into taking the family for a quick meal at The Mav. Not much of a greeting by the host, but that happens, no big deal. Ask the waitress if they could order the kids' meals and their appetizers right away. The waitress obviously wasn't too pleased with adding an extra appetizer a few minutes later, but that happens, no big deal. Food comes out with no offer of ketchup for fries nor the typical garnishes on the plates, (specifically, the lemon for the fish and chips). It happens, no big deal. After trying to get someone's attention for 10 or 15 minutes, that poor little tired mama, while juggling the feeding of three small kids, goes ahead and eats half of her meal. Not much of a treat for her and pretty unsatisfying without lemon to go with the fish or ketchup to go with her fries. It happens, no big deal. Here's what's a big deal. When both the waitress and the owner act like having an unsatisfying meal is the fault of the customer - not the service staff. This young couple, (and yes we checked the credit card bills) has spent thousands of dollars at The Mav. They've never suggested or asked for a comped meal in seven years of going there, and wouldn't have accepted a comped meal, if it had been offered - but the point is, not only was it not offered, but they both acted very, very snarky about her complaint. No real apology. Just an inquiry as to whether or not she wanted her lemon now. Thanks, but no thanks, she took her leftovers home and used her own freaking lemon. It happens, no big deal. But here's the big deal. When you own a restaurant in a community that depends on you for a nice meal, celebrations and sweet memories and the owner leads the way by treating customers with disregard and distain if you happen to voice a complaint. It's sad. It's disrespectful. And, it's dishonoring of the people that have actually built your restaurant, paid your staff, and bought every other asset that you use to serve the community. Your customers paid for those things and they deserve to have a lemon with their fish. So, Sue, it's YOUR job to make sure that your staff knows who actually pays their paycheck. You may want to make sure that a lemon is on the plate and that ketchup is on the table and if it isn't you might want to lead the way in showing your wait staff how to apologize and try to make the customer feel like you're glad they trusted you with their complaint. It'll be a long time before we, and those we know, think about The Mav in the same light that we did when we walked into your restaurant on Wednesday night. 7 years to build a reputation with our family and friends. 5 minutes, a 42 cent lemon and a snarky, disrespectful owner to destroy it. It happens, but OBVIOUSLY, based on the owner's response, no big deal. Footnote - This review was shared with the owner/manager the next morning by messenger, the restaurant was called several times. The last time 5 days ago. I was told the owner/manager had read my review and would call me when they had a chance. They took my name and number and requested I give her a day or two to contact me. It's been 5 days - proving my point. It's obvious she doesn't care.

Susan T.

Its surprisingly good! Slow service but tasty food. My son enjoyed the pretzel bites and I had a very good Bison burger. Will def be back!


Restaurant very busy on a Friday night. After eating here I can see why. We shared a beet salad which was very fresh and flavorful. I had a bison burger and fries which was good. Fries were fresh and hot. Partner had the chicken street tacos which were fresh and delicious. We finished the meal off with the homemade carrot cake! Thanks to Julia L for taking care of us.

Candi R.

Stopped in for lunch while checking out the town. The bar area was busy and we were seated right away. There ate 2 separate dining areas. The restaurant is connected to one of the motels in town but seems very independent from that business. It's a cute, updated restaurant. Several tv to watch a game or 2. The menu is great. Something for everyone. Sandwiches, hand-made pizza, wraps, burgers, pasta, lots of appetizers and a great cocktail and beer menu. We ordered a cheeseburger and fries, chicken wrap and salad, peach-vodka tea, beer and a great appetizer of cubed steak with mushrooms, tomatoes and a nice brown gravy. I would order that appetizer every time I visit! Was delicious. The rest of the lunch was very good as well. Service was quick and staff was friendly.

G. Dunc

Went here to celebrate the departure of a great coworker who is moving away. The food was delicious, but for some reason many of the menu items were not available and it was only a Thursday night. Service was good and the wait staff was on it. Our group ordered all over the menu (had to lol!) and tried several of the mixed drinks. What we were able to get was solid fare!

Charles Pierce

Love this place. Neat, clean and really good food, looks like a good beer selection too. They also keep it ice cold in there all Summer! You won't want to leave.....

Shawn Carnes (Baba's Share Show)

Fantastic tap beer selection. Those pretzel bits with mustard and cheese were a hit with my desperate need for salty carbs. Pulled pork tacos were delicious. Thanks to the nice lady at the Fairfield Inn for recommending this place. Also thanks to the other nice lady at the bar who took excellent care of me.

Kandice Ocheltree

No complaints for a small town restaurant. Food was good, service was friendly. I liked the privacy walls they put up between tables. Drinks were light but tasty. I would probably eat here again if I was in town, but I do think the key thing is that it's a short drive to the hotel and provides a good variety of options (burgers, salads, pizza). I got a bison burger that I customized and would recommend it!

Stephen P

We must of come on an off night this time. We love the mav normally and make it a point to drive 40 minutes to come here, so when it lets you down you feel it. The service was good, the drinks were great. The food was so below average that it was surprising. The nachos came in a tiny bowl and were soggy, the sprouts (our favorite) were so over cooked and dry with no soy. My wife’s burger was so well done(asked for medium) and my ribs felt like an old batch and dry and over cooked. They disintegrated at the touch and just packed full of cartilage. Even the bones were brittle and broke apart. 109 bucks for below average. We will absolutely try again but it might be awhile now

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