Wonderful House

629 Main St, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-8899

Recent Reviews

Karli Baker

Always love coming to place. Never disappoints. Cheap and consistent!

Josie Youngblood

Service was good but the food was awful.I do not recommend this place. ?

Brandy Fries

My all time favorite place to order out in town. I have a household of 13 and their family meals never fail to keep everyone happy!Food: 5/5

John Flahaut

Ordered online from the interstate traveling through the area. Very fresh and had great taste. I would go back if I didn’t live 1000 miles away. I would highly recommend for locals.

MaryGrace Lankhorst

The food was great and lots of it had plenty to feed all of us was very busy and the lady was very nice and brought it to our vehicle when she didn't see me waiting inside super nice staff thank you guys will return again.Kid-friendliness: They were very nice to both the kids we had with us

Tracy Tyler

Good food and good service too as always!

Clau Zap

The food was good but the waitress was rude, she didn't finish taking our order,wrote down whatever she thought we said didn't even let us correct her before she walked away

Daniel B.

Roaches. Sorry to say. If you don't trust. Order some rice and take a look. So good luck

Pete Jend

For carry out, the food was very good. Plus the staff was happy and polite.

Lady Invy

I've eaten here often and I must say the shrimp fried rice is definitely my favorite. My dine in experience was lovely and staff was extremely kind. Majority of the time I order togo and when they say 10mins its always been 10mins. I just love the service. This has been my go to for lunch or dinner for the past three years. I can't speak for the entire menu, but the choice selection is great.

Jesse Marklar

Their food is not bad, the dine-in service is satisfactory, but the sticky tables aren't. Due to my schedule, etc. I call-in takeout 99% percent of the time. This is extremely frustrating bc they ask more irrelevant questions about me than they do about my order! AND still won't start your order until you show up! Every time I call, they continually pester me about if I live in Ft Morgan and how soon before I can pick it up. Well no freaking duh, I wouldn't place any order anywhere without having looked up the location, (which conveniently has their number right next to it). And they will continue to ask in a "hurry up, you're wasting my time" tone if you really live in FOMO. That last time I ordered, was the same routine (I can easily bike there let alone drive), told them that it's kinda rude and that they come off as not trusting customers almost like they get prank called all the time or something. She said it'd take about 15min to which I replied that I live close and will just come now and wait if I have to. WITHIN 5 minutes they were calling me asking how much longer until I arrived and to confirm that I was still coming so they could start my order or not?!! If you can't trust a simple call in order, either you have no customer service skills, about to go under and have to penny-pitch everything, or don't understand food waste is itemized and is the primary tax deduction for the hospitality industry. Again not bad food but this is the most annoying restaurant I've ever dealt with and I have 10+ years in the industry.


Great food great price! Thank you ?

Woogie K

There's really nothing to complain about. Every now and again they're a bit slow however the food is always good and our server is always a very friendly lady.

cody mallette

Pepper steak tasted wierd like medicine was in it. Egg rolls are good probably not going back we can definitely cook better food at the house.

Ismael Matul

This one of my favorite Chinese restaurants.

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