ZA Pizza

1605 Grand Ave G, Glenwood Springs
(970) 945-2221

Recent Reviews

Terrence Mills

Great pizza! I love the New York style. Probably as close as you are going to get to it in Western Colorado. I have to say, while the pizza was great, my favorite was the chef salad. Paired great with a good slice.Food: 5/5

Bang Channie

Super delicious!!! Some of the best food I’ve ever had! Staff is very nice as well. Love coming here. One thing I noticed is the rush of high schoolers every lunch on the weekdays. The younger high schoolers kind of mess around and it can get really crowded. So if you want to avoid that, definitely go after lunch.

Alyson Fuentes

It’s sad to know that they have good food but they treat you horribly. Older cousin’s, siblings AND other student’s have told me not to come here because they treat/judge you very rudely. I should’ve listened. And I’ll definitely be warning upcoming freshman that want to go here for lunch because it seriously seems like lunch is your guys cranky hour. I understand that lunch is rush hour but the way you all have treated me every time someone would invite me here is absolutely terrible. Personally I don’t like eating/ordering at a place where I know the employees mistreated me and judged me. It’s sad to see that others aren’t talking about this. I don’t understand if it’s because of our ages but it shouldn’t matter at all. A customer is a customer. And just because we’re under aged doesn’t give you guys the right to mistreat us. I really hope you guys fix this. I guarantee that you guys would have way more customer’s!

Brandi Goddard

Pizza was hot and delicious!! Ordered a slice for my little one, and got a slice and a salad for me. Perfect little dinner for the 2 of us!Kid-friendliness: By the slice option was great for my 6yo!

Amber Bauch

Been eating pizza here since I was in middle school. Definitely my all time favorite pizza ? always great customer service, great food and clean. Ranch is amazing!


Pizza by the slice! Ordered a couple margherita pizza slices and a sandwich and everything was delicious. The white sauce margherita was one of the best margherita variations I’ve had! Perfect stop for a quick bite.

Mauricio Favela

My kids, my wife and I had hot sandwiches. My wife also had the Greek salad and I had the gyro salad. I must say the gyro salad itself was super good and super filling. The veggies were fresh. The sandwiches were hot(great). The bread was excellent. Clean restaurant and super nice people. We were very happy!

bebe be meme-in

Good pizza, but a bit expensive. I would give a 5 star review, but last time I went to pick up my pizza order, I paid and they said they were still working on it. So we waiting another 15 minutes. I'm pregnant so I sent my husband in to collect our pizza and the guy with the thick accent told him it wasn't paid for. I seriously had to get out of my car to go in and grab the expensive pizza I already paid for after waiting an additonal 15 minutes after I had already given them 20 minutes like they said it would take to be ready and it's not like they were even busy.

Barry H.

Fantastic. Friendly staff, great pizza. Stopped in on my way from Denver to SLC. Couldn't have been happier.

Jessie Mihalovich

This place is great. You can order by the slice or order a whole pizza. They have sandwiches and salads too. After a busy day ordering a slice for each of us was perfect, the slices were very good size! The owner was friendly, chatted with us about our trip. The pizza and breadstick knot things were great. A bit further from the main street shops but worth it.

Kathryn Lopez

I must admit the pizza here is amazing. My boyfriend and I absolutely loved it! However, I can't say the same for the customer service. I've read some reviews on here claiming that the staff and owner were amazing, yet our experience didn't reflect that. The kid who took our order barely acknowledged us as we came in (didn't even look up at us) and was extremely rude as we were ordering. He seemed annoyed and spoke to us as little as possible. When I was given my order, I was told that I should have clarified whether or not I wanted meat sauce or marinara, despite originally telling the kid we wanted marinara. We looked at the menu online to decide what to order, and nowhere does it mention that there is typically meat in their sauce. I feel it is the job of the person taking the order to clarify that there were multiple sauce options (and that some were not vegetarian) and to make sure we got the sauce we wanted. In this conversation, it felt like, once again, the staff acted annoyed and cold. Although the pizza was delicious, the strangely rude staff left a bad taste in my mouth.

Mark Landin

Outstanding pizza!! ZA pizza is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had!! If you are in Glennwood Springs this place is a must. The nice thing about it it’s not in the heart of downtown Glennwood, so it’s not so hard to get into. I wish ZA pizza was in Lakewood.

Mya Odom

The food was amazing and the service was really great. I asked for a few extra things on my sub and they were very accommodating and helpful. 10/10 would recommend

Kin S.

Excellent pizza and cheese bread! We ordered from here on a whim while in town for a mini vacation. Good service and quality pizza.

The Flannel Camper

We were in town on a family road trip. We always look to support local restaurants when we visit new towns. We were in the mood for pizza and stumbled upon ZA. Wow what a hidden gem. The staff was so friendly and made us feel welcome. It got even better once our food arrived. I have had many slices of so called "New York Style" pizza, this one one of the best I have ever had. Everything was fresh and tasted fantastic. We will absolutely stop in again when we are in the area.

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