Barking Dog Cafe

431 W Main St, Lyons
(303) 823-9600

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Anissa Marie

Thank you for the great coffee and breakfast sandwiches while my family has been staying in Lyons for my sisters wedding. Wish we had a place like this at home!

Lisa G.

In the cute town of Lyons on the way to Estes Park, this coffee shop and eatery was welcoming and easy to get to. Parking was open just a few stores away from the café. When you walk in you immediately feel warm and welcome. The menu continues the dog theme with "Water bowl" meaning beverages, with sizes ranging up to the large called "hound". The eatery menu is called "Dog bowl". I didn't eat there so I can't comment on the menu but it sure smelled good in there. I ordered a "hound" sized latte with mocha syrup - only 2 pumps - and it was delicious. It cost $5.15. The WiFi password also kept with the dog theme it's Goodboy****. I was also told by a nearby resident that their motto is "down, sit, stay". Haha. I'll definitely be back. Those who frequent the place appear to have a coffee punch card that the store alphabetically at the café. Eat in or take out on your way to Estes Park.

Sasha B.

I've been stopping at this cute little cafe for the past few years. Love supporting the businesses in Lyons. There is parallel parking out front (on both sides of the street). It can be full but don't give up, you may find another spot around the corner. The cafe itself has a handful of tables including some retro Formica ones (my fave!). There are fresh made pastries, egg scrambled and loads of drink choices including local Sherpa chai. On this visit I went for the vegan burrito (made in house) and my friend went for a scramble which had tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese. If you drive through often there are punch cards which they store alphabetically in a little box on the counter. If you don't mind a day old pastry score one or two for just a dollar. The service is not as friendly as at other local businesses but I suspect I'll be back on my next ride through.

Mina Young Lee

love the people and vibes here. good breakfast with super fair prices, good coffee, worth the stop.

Anand Sharma

The coffee and the ambience of this place is awesome. The breakfast burrito, I got there was horrible though

Jan Rossi

Cute place in downtown Lyons. The pups let us hang out with them on a lazy Saturday. Good eats and delicious coffee!!

Todd O.

Quaint little joint. They've got sandwiches and serve breakfast all day long. I had the chicken salad sandwich although I don't remember what it was actually called. They've got a few two-person tables and a big table that seats eight, so it's kind of a shared seating. You could tell this is a place that locals go to. Food was good and fresh. The staff was friendly. The customer in front of me was a pretentious little prick. Can't blame the restaurant for that they were being polite to him as they should.

Chris Yanke

Mommy at the front was so super helpful and friendly which was warm and calming as my silky smooth decaf 2% latte.

ariel perplexetic

The vegan options are very appreciated and I always enjoy a latte here.

Jennifer Archer

My husband asked for a cafe au lait, after 10 minutes he asked where it was and the barista told him to fill his own coffee and he’d froth some milk on top for him. We ordered a scramble with veggies and it can out as 2 microwaved eggs with cold tomatoes and onions on the side. When we inquired they told us they didn’t have a skillet ( after the fact). Poor service and poor food.

Stephen R.

Greig is an awesome guy he is the owner. This place has amazing coffee and the best cinnamon roll I have ever had! -Einstein's =)

Chris Y.

Mommy at the front was so super helpful and friendly which was warm and calming as my silky smooth decaf 2% latte. The place is perfect for both locals and visitors like me. I had to try the red rocks scrambler and they mentioned the free wifi and Vegan options. Within 5 minutes I had my super healthy scramble with spinach,, feta cheese, and fresh tomatoes that have a flavor filling crunch. My only regret was not having enough room to try everything else the desert and pastry options are tempting and almost a curse for those like me who are on a very strict diet LOL. We all know there's a show out there that had a song that welcomed us with the words "where everyone knows your name " Isn't it nice to go to a place where "everyone learns your name"?

Mike G.

Great place to stop before heading to RMNP. Coffee, breakfast, and pastries are good. Rodriguez and his blue dog would be happy.

Wendi Lindsey

What a perfect and quaint little place to stop and get a great latte and perfect homemade pastry. This place was busy but not too busy to be the best baristas I’ve met, very personal service and everyone seemed like family.

Doug Miller

The Barking Dog is a great Locals coffee shop with good sandwiches, bagels and baked goods.

Jed Gallaher

great coffee, friendly owner, and awesome staff. regularly bring tour groups thru here on our way to rocky mountain national park, and its always a good stop

Jenn A.

My husband and I stoped here for lunch on Tuesday. This is a really cute dog themed cafe that has sandwiches, coffee, pastries and everything in between. The food on the menu have cute dog themed names. My husband and I both had sandwiches and they were very good! He had coffee which was good too! The decor is dog stuff and cute! If you are a dog lover, this place is for you!!

Maria Neely

Excellent coffee and bagels!

Maria Falcon

Excellent coffee and bagels!

Michayla Danu

Coffee wasn't bad, but my boss and I ordered a sausage burrito and a scramble 45 mins ago and have yet to receive them. While we watch them hand over burrito after burrito to each to-go order that came in after I'm told they are out of sausage burritos, I will have to have a vegetarian. No apologies, no offer for refund. Do not recommend.

Barking Dog Cafe

431 W Main St, Lyons, CO 80540