The Little Coffee Shack

222 W 1st St, Parachute
(970) 285-0114

Recent Reviews

Marissa W

The girls working there were wonderful, but the food and drinks weren’t anything special.I also think it’s a pretty shady business practice to have no prices listed. Of course it makes it easier to change/raise prices due to inflation, but a little transparency can go a long way.


Great little coffee shack! The breakfast burritos were pretty good and staff are really friendly & helpful. But the real highlight is the coffee! They use a lovely blend!


I suppose this is the best they have given the isolated feel to this tiny town. But for someone who is from a coffee culture, this is dreadful! I can’t for the life of me see how this has garnered the reviews they’ve gotten. Gas station quality served by tweens. No froth, just a few bubbles. ?

Ismael Morales

Great coffee spot! Friendly staff. I highly recommend it.

Kimberlee Petillo

The hot caramel apple cider will change your life. With every sip I felt my tastebuds popping champagne in celebratory elation and my tummy getting a warm, loving embrace from the inside.

Bo Go

Just a small food shack in the middle of nowhere. Found this place on a way from Colorado to Utah.Breakfast burritos are delicious!! We order one, then another one, then another!))) couldn’t stop) sooo tasty! Coffee was great too.

Carissa Wheeler

The coffee was just not good. We got a regular black coffee which my boyfriend described as "burnt Folgers that has been sitting in a coffee pot for three days" and a "peppermint mocha latte." For someone who drinks coffee daily and will power through gas station coffee, he took 3 sips. My "latte" was not a latte. Not sure what it was, but it was just sweet. Didn't hear an espresso machine and the coffee came out way to quickly. Not sure where all of the great reviews come from, but wow. We arrived a little after they had opened so the quality of the coffee must just not be there. I'd love a refund because these drinks are not worth the money paid. We don't go to Starbucks because we want to support local businesses but that's going to be our next stop this morning.

Christopher Adams

My girl got the iced mocha, and I got the pepper mint mocha. The burritos were fantastic. Literally. Felt like a homemade burrito. It was just a splendid surprise.

Travis Denton

Honestly one of the best coffee stops there is on I-70. Have been traveling for awhile and will make this a stop every time. Thanks for the great food and amazing coffee! I had the green chili burrito (pictured with iced pumpkin sweet cream chia) and my wife had the bacon and hash brown burrito (pictured with a white chocolate mocha). Can’t wait to come back!

Amy Provstgaard

Love this place! Their lattes are amazing. Great customer service too.

Contrarian Libertarian

Really good local coffee. Worth stopping in to check out. They will definitely have what you're looking for

Jackie Lewis

Tasty treats, smooth yummy coffee. Very friendly staff

Lynn Thomas

Excellent breakfast burrito and breakfast sandwiches. Friendly staff. Chai tea fantastic!

Amber Bauch

Always a great experience coming here! I still haven’t tried everything yet. Today we tried the sausage and bean burrito

Veronica Watson

Very friendly staff, great tasting coffee. Variety of treats and breakfast items. They gave a drive thru or walk up and they are fairly quick. Really nice experience and consistent to the other few times I've been here. Worth stopping through on I70.

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