Bamboo Garden Restaurant

1027 W Main St, Sterling
(970) 522-8801

Recent Reviews

Danna Lukens

Great food. Good prices

John Vera

Good service, good food, portion and price

Charlie Tango

They cook everything fresh while i wait in the drive thru. Staff are very nice and the food is really good.

Tarik Kulosman

Excellent and attentive staff, fresh hot food, and of course delicious! I highly recommend the drunken noodles, they use a unique sauce that really gives it a good kick. I will be back for lunch/dinner!

Alix Oglesby

amazing food friendly workers!!

Alejandro Pinon

Look you guys are crazy if you gave them a 5 star review theses guys get a 50 star review from me just now everybody order and pick up now

Brenda T.

We were so happy to see the bamboo garden open back up after having to close down from this Covid pandemic. However all Call in and pick up through the drive-through is wonderful and I think it should have been doing this from the beginning, Love the Mongolian beef!!!

Kellee Pinon

amazing food and service.

Corey Curtis

First night back open and the food is amazing. Only seven minutes from order to pick up. Get some!!

Sylvia Uhl

I take my out of town friends to Bamboo Garden and they are surprised how exceptional the food. The owner/manager is really friendly and remembers everyone and sometimes what you ordered the last time you were there.

Sonya Trotter

great food. made fresh. large portions. good staff.

Dennis Prather

Good food at a good price and very friendly staff.

Sterling Price

Awesome food. The curry is simply amazing.

j d'aSaro

Excellent selection, good prices. The restaurant is always clean. Food looks good and has always been tasty, the egg rolls are the best. Generous portions when ordering off the menu. One of my favorite places in Sterling for taking the family.

Jacob Lehmkuhl

Always have had good experiences here. Their kung pao sauce is my favorite. Not a big fan of the meat but I've come to accept I don't like the meat at most Chinese restaurants. Excellent customer service!

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