Uncle Julio's Hacienda Colorado

3298 Youngfield St, Wheat Ridge
(720) 617-0046

Recent Reviews

Ben C.

Beautiful building. The menu mentions bottled beers at 2 bucks. But we were charged $ 5.50 each. I think it might be 2 bucks to go? Be sure to ask what the drinks cost. Chips, salsa and queso were good. The food is solid and they did let me order a la carte.

Sexy T.

An all time favorite while in Texas and now my favorite in Wheatridge. Very friendly staff, great food, and cold drinks.

Jimmy Allen

Not open due to Covid, but they did have great curbside service. My favorite thing at Hacienda Colorado is Beef Fajitas and they were serving those up ti go. I cannot wait until they open again and can try out this new location. Looks nicer and more like Uncle Julio's in Texas. These are really upscale nice restaurants and great place to socialize when there is not a pandemic going around.

Mary L.

Take out fajitas were fabulous! Love the guacamole and salsa as well. The staff was helpful and delivers quickly to the car. Great experience.

Kenneth T.

i went to get 3 take out trays during the stay at home deal. was not at all impressed. tiny portions for $17.00 each. food was so bland and i thought it was a major rip off. tafolinos restaurant down the street half the price and flavor is way better. shame on you for even selling the crappy take out, you would have been better off closing your doors until this is over with. i will never waste my hard earned money here ever again. i give many reviews by the way, some good, some bad. take my advice, avoid this place at all cost.

Nate Schomer

Just went there for the first time. We live in the area. Service was great, the restaurant itself was really cool! Food was really good: steak street tacos, ultimate burrito and chili rellenos. Drinks were not that great unless you get the more expensive ones. We tried the raspberry margarita since it was on special. Nothing special about it, probably will not go back as there are other Mexican restaurants in the area that has better drinks.

Linda C.

We went on a week night & there was a long wait list. The place is huge and the atmosphere is lively. The lighting is subdued & they don't hit you over the head with Mexican kitschy decor. Our waitress was Laura & she was amazing! She was attentive & pleasant. I wish she'd have asked us is we wanted dessert. (On the way out we saw the Chocolate Piñata. It looked delicious.) We began with queso& guacamole. They were very tasty. We all loved their tortillas chips!! Light and crispy-not too oily or salty. I shared the carnitas fajitas with one of my friends. There is a slightly sweet sauce on the meat & they cook the pork a bit differently than most restaurants do, so there is none of the slimy fat pieces. I got three. meals out of it. Our other friend had a boring chicken-topped salad. She liked it but there was nothing remarkable about it. I wanted to have a shot of Fireball but they don't have it. I got a normal mojito & it was the best one I've had. My friends got two different kinds of margaritas & they loved them. I don't want to end on a negative note but I wanted to mention that their entry is incredibly, poorly designed. The flow is not a flow, but a log jam on the way in AND out. The people at the hostess desk were pleasant & welcoming.

Susan Foster Beste

I gave you a huge shout out on the Pat Millers radio program this afternoon. I told them how impressed I was with the cleanliness in your restaurant and the care that was given to cleaning after people left their tables. Told them it was a great restaurant in Wheat Ridge, Applewood and I was very impressed with all the care that you took to protect your customers from coronavirus. If you look at Pat Miller site she does say that I talked about you. Way to go!

Nick Drez

This place is awesome. Yes it's insanely busy with just opening. But we've already been twice in the last two weeks.

Rick Phillips

Best combo fajitas (bacon wrapped Mexican butter shrimp) steak and chicken I ever had. Oh my goodness. Our party of 7 all raved about their meals. They all thanked me 3 times which is very unusual. Front desk was a bit clunky and initial server engagement a bit slow. But no worries. I knew the place was insanely business so I made reservations. Server Mark was engaging and personable. Food came out super fast even with the crowd .The atmosphere was very appealing. I will definitely return I just don't get the negative reviews. Do not expect the $5 burrito as the meals range of 15 to $25 generally but it's worth it every once in a while or for a special occasion

Jay Sigler

I am leaving a 5 Star review only because I can not leave a 6 or 7 Star review. I came in with my family this past weekend, and found the place to be wonderfully decorated and the food delicious, but what really made our experience great was our server Mark.

Krystal Galvez

I’m very conflicted. I’ve been twice, and my service experience has been insanely awful. FOOD IS GOOD. DRINKS ARE GOOD. AMBIENCE IS GOOD. I want to love it so much, but the service is failing tremendously. Went opening week, and understood that things may not go well. Gave it a second chance last night and it was just so disheartening. We didn’t have utensils, were charged twice for a beer we didn’t order, which I wouldn’t have known had I not known how to navigate there kiosk. You should hand the kiosk to your client to review the bill, then take them to the pay screen. Our server was far from apologetic, and lacked any warmth. It’s unfortunate, but I won’t be returning.

Britt C.

My advice: don't go in with expectations. That was my first mistake ordering from an established franchise. I placed a to go order and the hostess repeated my order back. Great, that's reassuring. My $12.99 taco plate came with meat and shells, sans rice or frijoles a la charra. Not worth that price. My husband ordered a CO changa burrito with carnitas and roasted jalapeño on the side that looked promising as it looked huge and came with rice, lettuce and sour cream. Then when he dug into it, he came to discover dried carnitas an no roasted jalapeño in it or on the side as the menu states. This was literally a meat burrito with some melted cheese on top. After spending almost $60 with the addition of a cup of queso and a kids chicken fingers, one would expect so much better. Suggestion to avoid this: have your staff double check to go orders please. Best of luck.

Jon B.

Not a big fan. Waited for a second visit to write a review because we al know there are kinks to work out with a new restaurant. Well, the kinks just kept coming. Twenty minutes to get our drinks - even water! Some of the food was ok, some wasn't. The queso and guacamole app was a joke, there were French fries amongst my stale churros, etc etc. Managers didn't seem to care...

Kelsey T.

Finally: Actual texmex in Colorado. Unlike all the folks complaining that this isn't a true "Hacienda Colorado", I'm over here raising my hands in praise that it's not! I find Hacienda's normal menu bland and lacking spice or rich flavor. I went with friends on opening night and we were all thankful that there is finally legit texmex fajitas in town. I'm actually laughing at a number of the reviews that have been posted: Warm salsa and thin chips are not a bad thing - It's the right thing! And the flour tortillas are def made in-house - Maybe everyone in the Front Range is just used to the non-flavorful ones that are up here. Are there better, lard-filled tortillas at the hole-in-the-walls in Tejas? Sure, but these are at least on par with the corporate Texmex places like Pappasitos (and Dallas based Uncle Julio's). Here's the secrets: Order the beef fajitas, get them medium rare, pile them into the fluffy fresh tortillas, and then slather them in the melted butter sauce (ask for it - they serve it with the bacon wrapped shrimp). Your cardiologist may be able to buy a new swimming pool after you doing this a number of times, but its sooooo good. Thank you Uncle Julios for bringing some texmex tradition to the Front Range -- I'll keep making the drive from the other side of town just to visit.

Leny P.

3rd time here since the opening. Excellent each time. Ordered the fajitas each time with the table side guacamole. Margarita were excellent as well. The only con is that I wish it was closer to home. BUT worth the drive from Parker. We'll be back!

Cody L.

We have been to uncle Julio's twice now. First time we waited for 1:15 minutes to get a seat. I wouldn't normally wait that long but my wife wanted to. Absolutely worth it! Margaritas are fantastic. Food was hot and fresh. Delicious! I had the steak fajitas. Cooked perfectly. My wife had Chili relleno's. Very good. Second time we made reservations and invited several friends. Everyone enjoyed the food and drinks. For desert we had the chocolate piñata. Wonderful! Service was great. Very attentive and friendly. I would recommend uncle Julio's.

Dan S.

Great margarita selection. Food needs some refinement. Service needs to be fine tuned. Waited 15 minutes for tortillas. Fajitas went cold. Not sure the prices fit the quality.

Matthew Galicia

Made a reservation and had to wait 30mins for a reserved table... what’s the point in making a reservation. Had to wait 40mins for food. This was a birthday dinner non the less. The waitress was not attentive and didn’t bother to remove plates. This is the worst service. I’ve received better service from Denny’s and ihop. Spoke with a manager that tried to take care of us but the night was ruined and never recovered. Very disappointed.

Stacie W.

We've been to the Hacienda on south Wadsworth many times, so we are super excited this one opened close to our in-laws. The space is beautiful and they do have seating upstairs, but lots of tables were open due to the fact they didn't have enough wait staff. We had reservations, so we didn't have an issue getting a table, but there were lots of peeps waiting to be seated. I'm sure they will get this issue fixed soon. The food is delicious and the drinks are always good. Cheers!

Jule J.

We have been waiting and waiting for this restaurant to open and we're so excited when it finally did! The building and atmosphere are wonderful! It will be super fun in the summer to sit upstairs with the bays open BUT the food was par and expensive for what it is. I certainly hope it improves. The margs were OK and need some improvement as well. Please get better!!!! We really want to like this place for the food and drinks too. The Hacienda of Colorado is much better and has a better menu.

Michael O.

Uncle Julio's Hacienda Colorado Wheat Ridge! Well with the Uncle Julio's Name in the Beginning of this Mexican restaurant that's Tex Mex out of Dallas Fort Worth.Which in turn acquired all of the Hacienda Colorado Restaurants but they wanted this location to have that Tex Mex Appeal to it. Well it's been open for about two weeks and Yes it takes time for them to learn how Uncle Julios Tex Mex does it being that is out of Dallas Fort Worth. I have been there 3 times 1st day was when they opened and the next day both at lunch and 3rd time was the following Saturday around 1:30 but on the weekends they don't have lunch specials! When I go to a Mexican restaurant being a regular Mexican restaurant or a Tex Mex I usually order fajitas cause I like my food grilled.So why not get Chicken and Steak fajitas just like they advertised.They claim that they do a 21 Day age process of the steak they with the Fajitas (Beef) and marinated for a period of time which has good flavor but with the skirt or flank steak it's already tender enough.So who really knows ? I am definitely all about Quality ingredients and this place does have quality ingredients when it comes to their fajitas. The 1st day grand opening day the beef side of the Fajitas were over cooked cause I like my fajitas m-rare on the steak side of things.Chicken came out tender and tasted good,plenty of flavor to them.Steak came out 2nd re-cook and it was cooked the way I prefer it. The next day when I returned with a friend at lunch I decided to order the dinner side of the fajitas steak & chicken which steak was over cooked and even the waitress told me the steak would be m-rare before I could tell so they put another re-order in for m-rare steak fajitas.Which in turn came out the way I like them to be.So with my second visit it was the same as 1st visit but the manager brought them out and said he cooked them.Now as I'm looking at my Steak and Chicken fajitas I am like there is no real different in the portion size from Lunch to Dinner.I talked to one of the managers and they said there is only 1 ounce more of meat for dinner portion but it's like 3 extra dollars No thanks if I'm just ordering steak and chicken fajitas cause I honestly couldn't tell. On to my 3rd visit which was on a Saturday first week they are open I was with friends and family.I ordered the fajitas for 2 which was Steak and Chicken but they steak was over-cooked again.Told waitress and she put another order in for steak but when it came out it was a smaller portion then when I had ordered a single fajitas and it was again over-cooked.Cooked on the medium well side of things.So at this point I was done with trying to get my fajita steak cooked the right way on the 1st go around.I like to mix my Steak and Chicken fajitas together not separate and definitely not have to wait when they have to re-cook steak cause the cooks in the back need more training on how to cook food.Its not hard to cook steak on fajita plate or grill for medium rare it's all about watching what's going on grill and not stepping away to prepare other foods to only return and served over cooked meat. Everyone has a job in the kitchen and it definitely shouldn't be this dis-organized on food preparations/orders after 3 visits in one week.A few people on grill and paying attention will only achieve one goal which is food cooked right the 1st time.(I know these things from working at a upscale steak house) As for the other people's food they seemed to like it and my friend liked the grilled chicken tacos but he said they had some spice in them.The chicken salad was fresh but the Tortilla soup was cold sent it back but it was warned up. Chips and Salas were good nice thin chips but the table-side guacamole over-priced! A nice wide selection of Adult Alcohol Beverages 2 bars Main level and Upstairs. Now as to the Atmosphere of this Uncle Julio's Hacienda Colorado ? Wonderful appeal Nice inside and out.Plenty of seating from main level to upstairs

Kimberli Laine

Great food! Great service! Great food! This is our spot now!

Gerard M.

Hacienda Colorado mountain mex meets Uncle Julio (out of Dallas? Tex mex. And it is good. I have been driving by this building off I70 & Youngfield for months. Well it's open now and the building is stunning. Two floors both with bars and a patio with limited seating facing the foothills. Few kinks but had great service. Great food. Thin crispy chips (that need salt) and a mild salsa. I had cheese & onion enchiladas and a chilli relano on the side. It came with a soupy beanand a throw away rice sides. Great frozen strawberry margie. I was alone or I would have had a tableside quacamole. Ample parking.

Chris K.

No thank you. I am extremely disappointed in the new place. I wanted so bad for it to be my new place. I'm still on the hunt for the best Mexican restaurant around.

Kristine Acosta

Service is impeccable for how new the restaurant is!! FAST delivery of food and every employee seems more than happy to be working there!! The FAJITAS were to die for! TABLESIDE GUACAMOLE!? best in Colorado hands down. 10/10 would recommend dining out here. Just keep in mind, they’re new!! ;-)

Damon Becker

This is some of the best Mexican food I've had around Denver. It's all made fresh and the service was fantastic.

Garth Butler

Great atmosphere, service, and incredible food.

A H.

I understand it's a new restaurant and appreciate that working previously in the restaurant industry. People need to relax and understand this is a joint venture with Uncle Julio's and Hacienda. The food was great when we were there the 2nd day it opened. Sat at the bar because it was too busy to get a table . Great service, food was really good, everyone was friendly and you could see there was still training going on for the new staff. We would definitely go back again.

Joni L.

I ordered fajitas to go last night. It was a mad rush even to figure out where to pick up a to go order. When I finally got helped they got my order I paid and left. When I got home and unpacked the order I didn't have cheese lettuce guacamole pico and tortillas. I called the to go line and was treated rudely when I said I could not drive back. I asked to speak with the manager waited approximately 12 minutes when finally Manager Mauri came on the line she asked for my name and information and she assured me she would call me back she just needed to research. Needless to say she did not call back as it is now the next day. We were so excited for Hacienda to open as we drive to the Westminster location frequently. As a new restaurant customer service is crucial to maintaining the great business. Good luck we are not the only ones that have been treated poorly based on reviews. This was our second visit in less than a week. Incredibly disappointed with the service.

Jeremey Ellis

We've eaten at Hacienda Colorado for years and this new location was no disappointment! Shrimp, steak, chicken fajitas, quesadillas, street tacos, table-side guacamole... it was all amazing. They target the "special event" celebration and absolutely nailed it here. We'll be back, no doubt!

Debbie Luebke

great food and great service. will go again.

William Cuthbertson

Despite opening week, the staff went out of their way to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience. The queso is phenomenal, margaritas tasty, and the carnitas enchiladas are superb. The ambience is comfortable albeit a little too dark where we sat. Uncle Julio's is a welcome addition to the neighborhood! We will definitely return.

Amy Thrett

Just visiting from Texas, so happy that they put an uncle Julios so close to the mountains because we visit all the time! Food was great tonight, the workers were awesome. We spoke to the manager Brandon, he was super young and had a great attitude. The Guacamole man was awesome, and such a cute kid! I think his name was Conner or maybe Collin, but anyways we’ll definitely be back when we visit!

MeSha McClanahan

Tonight was opening night and the beginning of dinner did have a few hiccups but Stacey came by the table and made the experience above exceptional. The drinks are amazing and although on the pricier side, the food was delicious. Hands down the best part of dinner was the pinata! It is 25$ but I was with a party of 3 and we had 2 boxes of leftovers, so one pinata would feed 4-6 people. Will be back for drinks, dessert and the awesome customer service stacey gave.

Celina Patron

I've always loved H.C. Been coming here for years... Haven't eaten yet but whats up with dam wall mural and all the "eyes". Good gawd, so obvious.

Lindsie B.

I'm so confused, is this Hacienda or Uncle Julio's? I will say our fajitas were good but so expensive. For myself and two kids it was $70 before tip. It was also my sons 9th birthday and he had been waiting to eat here for months. When the manager found out he told him he would hook him up with a birthday dessert, but they ended up charging us for his it and it was something he would never have chosen so he didn't even eat it. I would have rather paid for a dessert he wanted on his birthday. Maybe when we save up enough money we'll go back but there are a lot of other restaurants out there I'll go to first

Josh E.

I dont know who uncle Julio is , but I wish he'd go away and make this a real Hacienda Colorado . We were excited that a Hacienda was being built by our neighborhood but now that we've came here and learned it's not an actual Hacienda we are very disappointed. The food lacks the flavor that hacienda has . The tortillas do not taste homemade . The fajitas are not anywhere near as good either . Probably won't come back .

Krystal R.

I'm not a fan. The food wasn't good. Our food was wrong 3 times. I understand it was opening night but the service wasn't good either. If they can't handle one busy night how will they handle a weekend? The bar tender Miles, was the friendliest and only good part of this experience. Not to mention one of the wait staff dropped food on my husband. The fajitas were horrible. The chicken tasted like the frozen Tyson bagged chicken you get from the freezer section at the grocery store, and the veggies barley cooked. The tortillas and corn tortillas are not fresh at all. An hour wait just to be seated and another 45 min to get our food. This place tastes like the frozen section of the super market, just cooked for you. Which is sad because we love Hacienda. We are leaving hungry. And a bad taste in our mouth.

happy mirth

Called ahead to ask about vegan options and Paul took care of us. Highly recommended. The veggie fajitas were amazing and the squash and mushrooms were cooked perfectly.