Shake Shack

1340 Boston Post Rd, Darien
(203) 614-1411

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Drew Van Zandt

If you look through my reviews, you'll see I am generally positive. This is a rare and thoroughly earned exception. This was the worst fast food I've had in more than a decade. The nicest thing that I can say about it is that the portions were small, so I didn't have to suffer as much as I might have. The chicken in the sandwich was mealy, like eating sawdust flavored with something vaguely like poultry. The pickle flavor was off, as though they'd taken the worst of the dill and bread and butter picks flavored and combined them into a new and deeply unsatisfying experiment. There wasn't much meat, mostly breading, which in this case is a plus.The fries were scanty in quantity and undercooked. The ketchup was, sadly, the best thing about the experience.

Stella Luna

Scrumptious food. ASTRONOMICAL restaurant! ? best chicken nuggets ever PERIODT ??? Highly recommend.


Amazing customer service. They make you feel welcome. Thank you

Yokaury Fernandez

Order to go tonight and got two burn burgers. Called and couldn't speak to anyone. Terrible.

Aimee L.

Does this location not exist?. I've been calling. No one picks up! Ever! Where is the manager? If there's a problem with your order who the f do you talk to since no one picks up the phone? This shake shack is probably the worst location ever!

Joe Pat

Would pass on this location at moment unless you enjoy your burgers and fries cold and shake melted. Your order sits on a rack for over 15 minutes before it is brought out to you. Would only go back when covid rules end and can order and sit down to eat, curb side pickup is a circus.


Good food and shakes. I always get the shroom which is a portobello filled with cheese and their cheese fries are so good

Princess T

Terrible customer service at the door.. The worker taking the order at the door with the tablet did not give off a good sense of manner, he was rude with the way he answered the customers. Then on top of that they got my orders wrong? .. It was my first time and probably my last time!

Ernie Taddei

Poor service. First time there. Server says "What would you like?" - I told him I am not sure what you have- it's my first time here, ever. He looks down at his tablet and just reads the names of 5 or 6 burgers. I decided on a Burger with Mushrooms. I asked for medium rare. He says No. Only Well Done. I asked how could that be for burgers? He said he would ask the Chef. He then tells me I have to come inside because his order tablet had no internet service outside where guests where told to sit. I struggled to get out of the tight picnic table seats and we both went back inside and he repeated the entire order taking into his tablet. He said "You can sit inside if you want". A runner brings the meal tray 10 to 15 mins later. I bite into the burger and it literally explodes in droplets of liquid all around me. It wasn't a Hamburger with mushrooms and cheese. I so stopped there to have a burger! It was a battered and deep fried mushroom cap with cheese ( a kind he could not pronounce)!! The fries were basic. The iced tea and the packets of ketchup- were the best part of the meal. BTW- I never saw my server again since he re-took my order inside( and took my credit card immediately.) They only had 5 more customers the 30 mins I was there. It would have been a better experience if I was offered a menu during the order process or if he at least described during his reading of all of the names of the 5 to 6 burgers that this particular "mushroom-burger" was a fried mushroom samdwich and not the "cute burger name" that he called it. Still have a burger craving. I'm sorry, but it won't get satisfied at a Shake Shack.

Clara S.

Loved it here. The food was great, delivery was quick. Food smelled great and was warm when it got here. Would recommend coming here.

John Romano

The food is delicious, but I can't remember a time I got my order without any errors.

Kevin F

First time ordering ahead of time during the lockdown. Food was ready to pick up very quickly and still hot by the time at home. Quality is what you would expect from SS. Would def go back under this format as was very convenient even during the fairly busy lunch hour. Only thing keeping this from a 5-star rating was the lack of the cheese for cheese fries. *Always check the bad before leaving the parking lot!

Cooper O.

Your restaurant does not provide enough options for people who don't like hamburgers. You need to include more than one healthy alternative menu item. You need to change your game. Babe

Elizabeth Wimmers

Great curb side pickup. Great burgers and shakes

Attila Kelemen

Good, socially distant burgers and fries.

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