1904 Coastal Hwy, Dewey Beach
(302) 567-5978

Recent Comments

Tom Forrest

Great food and drink. Maria loved the Magic Tricks!!

bill kroll

Outstanding in everything....highly recommend for any occasion

Lindsay Givens

Beautiful restaurant very fun vibe and vibrant colors. Smiling faces behind the bar, the owner working along side her employees was great to witness and the BEST margarita I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot

colleen nichols

Had bacon guacamole for Bacon Fest and it was very good. I do however wish that the people serving it would have been wearing gloves.

Karen DeSantis

Felt like a perfect summer night- casual, fun, and tasty food and drinks without breaking the bank. Great atmosphere and very friendly team there. Have the Mimi dessert!

Scott Chilton

Awesome place and atmosphere! Maria's a great proprietor and person who makes you feel at home, A must try!

Sharon Scerback Kreps

Here awhile ago- loved the decor, vibe and good fresh Mexican street food. Margaritas are great too. Casual beach place. Good for families or groups or just a couple

Jennifer Walls Rutherford

Great margaritas, great happy hour choices, and a great bartender! Lovely Friday night hang out! we had chicken quesadillas and chicken and pork tacos happy hour items we had plenty of food! We will definitely go back!

Delawares Realtor Nick Barkins

Literally unreal , the Nachos are too good to try to describe. I could seriously drink their homemade queso! Thursday they are only 10$ and it is seriously enough for 4 people, no exaggeration.

Hank Dambrogi

Best Mexican food of my life. Fantastic service. Great atmosphere.

A. Pasquale Cipollone

Fresh, tasty food with awesome margaritas to match. I highly recommend the jalapeno margarita.

Chris N.

Gave this place a try as I'm semi-new to the area and had a craving for Mexican. The menu is limited - but that's Ok because the food is delicious and I'd rather have really good food than a huge selection. I had the brisket carne asada salad and my companion had the grilled shrimp quesadilla. We shared the guac (slightly sweet and totally excellent). All was superb and our waiter Wesley was highly attentive. The owner/chef came out to check that all was to our satisfaction. All in all a great dinner out off-season or in-season. I'll definitely be back.

Deadly Dylan

Good place to hang out and good food

Maria R.

Watermelon margarita is amazing!! Such friendly staff. Would 100% recommend!!!!

Lauren B.

I came here on a Friday night with a group for dinner and had an extremely poor experience. While we were part of a somewhat large party, the restaurant was otherwise empty. Upon arriving, my friend and I were very hungry and immediately put in an order for nachos, tacos, and quesadillas. 45 minutes then went by and we still had not received any of our food. We asked our waiter Wesley where our nachos were and he continued to tell us they were still being made. 15 more minutes go by and we still had not received any of our food. We again asked Wesley where our food was and how much longer he thought it would be (seriously how long does it take to make an order of nachos?). He was very short and unfriendly and stated they were still being made. During this time I was sitting facing the kitchen and during this time I saw no food come out. At this point we are starving and angry and asked Wesley to cancel our meals so we could go somewhere else as we had been waiting over an hour and still had no food. Welsey told us we were not allowed to cancel our meals and that our food was STILL cooking. Being extremely frustrated we found the other waiter Alton (who was wonderful!!!). Alton was extremely nice, apologetic, told us anyone can cancel food at any time and went to cancel our meals. As Alton was canceling our meals, the food finally came out. The food was average- by no means the best Mexican food I have had. To make matters worse, my friend found a rubber band (yes a rubber band) in her quesadilla. Overall, I was extremely disappointed in Sirveza due to the extremely slow service (over an hour for nachos and tacos is unacceptable), our rude server, and objects in my friends food.

Sharon C.

Fun evening! Had great Prickly Pear margaritas-thank you, Maria! The nachos were unbelievably great! Had Cole slaw as part of the cheese sauce! Delicious! Can't wait to go back again!

Ej Holden

great food, great people. everything is made fresh from the food to the drinks. Must try if in Dewey Beach DE.

Lori Waldee-Warden

Delicious tacos and quesadillas! Great bar staff. Loved it!

Krissy Jewell

Great food, friendly service! I would come back if I am in Delaware again! Great atmosphere!

Alex Ferdinand

Wow great food .fresh, great flavor and served in a very short wait. Drinks were great. The place looks great the owner Maria and the chef David said hello. Our drinks were amazing and the staff was fun and friendly. They told us they have walking tacos and boxes of tacos to take to the beach. This is what Dewey needed and its year round yeah!!!


1904 Coastal Hwy, Dewey Beach, DE 19971