101 Sandhill Dr, Middletown
(302) 376-3530

Recent Reviews

Ashley Brittingham

Drive through SO small my husband had no choice to avoid scraping 3/4th of his rim all the way around in the drive through! Avoid the drive thru if you have a full size truck ?

Scott LaScala

This is a very nice Arby's with a customer team that actually cares. It's clean, modern and the food is always fresh. You just don't see many Arby's like this. Worth a visit! They've got the meats!

Mike Bela

Got the hush puppy fried fish combo,the Sprite was all seltzer,no Sprite!


Staff is always nice and curtious. Food quality is always good. They have the meats!! :)

Yung Gemstone

Amazing place to eat. Plz Arby's get the horsey sauce in please. I'll do anything

Hunter Prasch

Extremely underrated place in Middletown, the service is probably the best out of all fast food places.

Liam Thurrott

Waited 10 minutes for 2 Sliders and a Small fry, all of the above were cold. Almost all of the employees were just standing around.

Kim Davis

Still only drive is good love the jalapeno bites( cream cheese version) better than most...

Robert Lemon

Check your order before you pull away. Mine has been wrong a few times

Alyssa Coby

I just wanna say I was at arbys tonight here in Middletown and I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted and the manager that was on duty tonight gave me the best customer experience ever!!! Sean went out of his way to take care of me with a postive Attitude and a smile on his face we need more people like this Sean is probably one of the best customer service workers I have ever met in a drive thru line here in Middletown and I will definitely come back and do business with this arbys I’m a store manager of Panera bread and I must say I’d pay him anything he wants to come work for me you have a special member on your team and it feels so good to know there are still kind hard working people in this world this man deserves a raise

Shannon Graves

This is the second and last time we come to the arbys in Middletown. We pulled up. One car at the window, a car at the speaker and 10 min later still sitting there. Had to back up to leave and noticed at least 3 employees inside the building. No cars in the parking spaces and no one inside…..Wendy’s it was…at least they answer the speaker when you pull up. Ugh

MurryC. Jaskson

I was here today at 11:47 this morning and I ordered 2 bnc the buns were cold there was barely any roast beef I called and the manager gave me her name Kendra she was the rudest person over the phone I was just trying to get my meal replaced and all I got was an attitude and saying I can’t replace that never coming here again this place doesn’t even deserve 1 star

S. D

ZERO STARS- Only eat here if you want your credit card information stollen and a 1K charged before you can even get home.

Dana Armstrong

Hot fast service with friendly staff working the window. Sad they were out of horsey sauce.

Ryan R.

It's an Arby's but unlike other Arby's this one is subpar. My wife found a hair in her beef and cheddar. Not just in it, but intertwined within the sliced meat. I saw the bad reviews prior to eating here but ignored them to my peril. Additionally, after discussing with the staff our order multiple times, one gets the idea that they are very discombobulated and in need of good, direct management. Personally, I would avoid this establishment, especially since the area offers many other good food options.

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