Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

802 Kohl Ave, Middletown
(302) 260-7296

Recent Reviews

Christopher Donahue

Dairy Queen in Middletown Delaware is such a nice spot to grab a grill and chill. The service is sweet and friendly. The place is always clean. And the food is good. Love the burgers.Thanks for making a sweet spot in Middletown. Enjoy your ice cream.

Mark Nemec

Bought my last DQ shake. They raised the price over a dollar to $5.99. No shake on this planet is worth that kind of money.

George Hutton

It's been quite a while since I ate at dairy Queen. The food is definitely on a downswing didn't enjoy it at all. Ice cream was okay service was very slowFood: 2/5

Izra H

I ordered a 4 piece tender meal and they didn’t give me my fries and the toast was cold ??

Laura Spahn

I enjoy the ice cream, but I've noticed but am not surprised by the price going up.

Jaymes chase

Cashier, who was also the manager was extremely rude with customers and staff. You could tell she didn’t enjoy her job.

Kenneth Smith

Went in on Sunday night for a nice meal with the wife and it was a pleasant time. Our cashier was very kind and helpful and the manager we spoke to was also extremely polite. The staff had amazing hospitality and our food was delicious.


I went in with my daughter for a late lunch and the staff was incredibly nice. It has been so long since I have seen such a pleasant crew when working in fast food. They were quick, food was so good, n they just went extra mile. Was so glad we came in today

David W

Honestly, I almost never write negative reviews. I try to understand that my experience may just be a one off and instead of posting a negative, I don't post a positive.That all changed today. I watched as customer after customer had negative experiences just before and for the 20 mins or so it took to receive my order. If I had not paid, I would have walked out.Crew staff were pleasant enough, but the service was abysmal. I counted 5 crew. Cashier was alone more or less and did not know how to locate menu items, constantly having to pull away another from their job to assist. The grill cook seemed to be unorganized and scrambling to fulfill orders in a timely fashion...and I'm not talking about anything complicated (1-double cheeseburger, 1-chilli dog, 1-pretzel, and a large soda...did I mention this took 20 mins?)I love DQ Grill and Chills, and this one always seemed to be run well. After this experience, I doubt I'll be back...at least not any time soon.

Matthew McCabe

I go to Middletown 2x a month always forget they have hamburgers. Hot and delicious

R Smith

Employees here are just about worthless. Terrible drive thru service and very unprofessional. Wouldnt be surprised if theyre hiring the employees from a temp agency.

Jec Films

Super slow service, whenever I order something inside it must take at least 20 mins. I’ve had food given to me faster at actual restaurants.

Bill Ellifritz

Ordered a new product off the menu counterperson had absolutely no clue what it was I'm looking at the picture of it and they don't know how ridiculous is that

Kathryn Robinson

Every time I get a blizzard it’s poorly mixed and it’s not blended past the first 1/3 of the cup. Extremely lazy and incompetent people who can’t even correctly make an ice cream treat.

Alex Brown

Extremely rude and unprofessional. I received a wrong order and instead of just replacing the order, my sprite was spit in at the drive thru. When I went inside to speak to the manager she made a racist comment about how she was afraid I would jump over the counter because “black people are criminals.” Worst experience ever with a fast food restaurant, 100% do NOT recommend.

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