Domino's Pizza

4416 Summit Bridge Rd, Middletown
(302) 376-7000

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Jay Jones

Super bowel must have drained them my order was horrible all

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 1

Service: 3

Kenzie Y.

when I ordered my food for delivery I had gotten my pizza barely cooked still doughy and my lava cakes looked smushed. I called and they got rude.

Hutch Martin

I have visited this pizza venue on several occasions. Each time while the pizza was good, the customer service was not welcoming and it appeared the manager was challenged with employee issues.However, on my last visit the customer service part of the equation seems to be improving, and so I thought it time for a review.Note: this is the Domino's on 896S not far from the Summit Bridge near the airport.

Richard Pulak

Well I stopped at Domino's Pizza by my house to order an extra large pizza. I entered the store and to my surprise there was no one there to take my order. I hung around a few more minutes to see if someone would show up. As I was there a car pulled up in front of the store. And a Domino's employee got out of the car hey man took my order. But she was not the one who makes pizzas. She had to find that employee wherever he was. The pizza was okay nothing to write home about. Needless to say my experience was not very good. But two weeks ago I ordered the same pizza at Pizza Hut off of Route 40. That was much better experience in the pizza was better as well as $4 cheaper.

Sarah Wood

Tried twice to use the curbside option. Both times I ended up waiting and waiting and then taking my kids inside to get my food that was clearly ready and sitting on a shelf.

Jeff R.

Great service the food was nice and hot.We had ordered an extra large Meatsa Pizza Brooklyn style also order of cheese bread and the order of a honey barbecue wings .I also like the dominoes tracker inside the store when you can find out how fast your order is getting ready to be prepped baked and quality check before you receive your order.

Kathy Inspired01

Gotten better since last year food actually shows up now and sometimes it’s hot. Sometimes it’s not hoping for the best tonight because they are very reasonably priced compared to many other places here.

Garry F

All good it’s there when ya need it

Jada Parker Perez

Delivery times are severely delayed and pick up is no better. Either they’re super short staffed or their current staff just doesn’t care but either way, not worth the headache.

Kathleen Jennings

The delivery driver who was 2 1/2 hours late decided to kick & break a light we had on our lawn when he dropped off the pizza since we fell asleep when he dropped it off.

Adrian Sandoval

Ordered one pizza and a chicken box at 2:57pm, out for delivery 3:40pm, 3 minutes away 3:55pm, 6 minutes away 4:06pm, 4:16pm 18 minutes away. New ETA 4:40pm. Cancelled. 0 stars

Maia M.

I've tried to give this locations multiple chances. I've had times where it takes 2 hours for my delivery, I've had times where the food is cold. I've had times where they've said "the food is on its way" when I call.... 45 minutes goes by and I call again and they say "it's going in the oven now." Now my fiancé's parents ordered at 5:45... and it is now 7:42 and we are on hold for 10 minutes trying to get someone to answer our call. If you're thinking pizza, just order somewhere else.

Derek Howell

2 hours for the 2nd time. Understaffed? No, cook's slow. Delivery driver even slower. The person managing this place should be ashamed. Young man on the phone said there were 2 orders ahead of me. Called back a hour later some how a mythical 4 orders were infront of me. Come on..... G.M. needs a new profession.

Sukhmeet Khalar

I placed an order at 6:21pm. Tracker said order would be ready in 30min. I show up at the store at 6:55pm.Didn't get pizza till 7:202 of the 3 pizzas were cold because it sat on the shelf while it took them 30+ min to make the third one.CALL THE STORE BEFORE PLACING ORDERS TO FIND OUT HOW LONG THE WAIT IT. I overheard the staff telling people it's 2-3 hr wait..... While their website says 20-30min.

EL Don

Idk who teach them how to make domino but topping go on top of the pizza not under the cheese also they always make soggy PIZZA ALOT OF THE TIME Please get it together folks....

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