Hong Kong

5350 Summit Bridge Rd, Middletown
(302) 378-9127

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We've been going here for years. Got takeout this week and what a disappointment! They got our order wrong and gave us pork fried rice instead of pork chow mein which I didn't discover until I got home so I had to drive all the way back to get my order correct. That has never happened before. The shrimp rolls and sweet and sour pork were way overcooked. I don't know if they changed cooks or what, but we won't be returning. We'll go back to Shing Kwong on Broad Street the next time. It's a shame because it was convenient to where I live, but for the price of Chinese food you shouldn't have to eat sub-par food.


A little greasy and the general tso had no spice but overall pretty good. Give you very good portions with the dumplings.

Karen Davidson

The small was just enough for me. No waste :) The food was fast and delicious.

Boogiee XR

Very fresh food and very polite service!

Jelanii Clarke

Very fresh food and very polite service!

Dorian Coleman

This is a nice restaurant. We order from here often.

Michelle August

Some of the BEST Chinese we've had in a long! Pictures don't even do it justice. Use to think Shing Kwong was the best(which it is STILL in our top#3), but if you haven't tried Hong Kong out, I would!!! Very affordable, FRESH, ETCALSO!! Those of; you that are doing Keto..there's option avail as well! Steamed Broccoli ?..Chicken without the sauce etc..something for EVERYONE!

Michelle A.

Absolutely the BEST CHINESE FOOD ! I would give MORE stars if possible...& I never say that..I recently read comments on Google where ppl said they've driven 45+ min & couldn't believe it !! Well we know WHY Now! Ordered Sweet&Sour Chicken w/Rice..Crab Rangoon, Cheesesteak Egg Rolls were EXCELLENT! Reg. Egg Roll, Beef & Broccoli, Steamed Dumplings..oh & Chinese Sweet Tea (our favorite!) EVERYTHING was DELICIOUS! FRESH FOOD! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (See pics !)

A.J. Wade

Food was great,needs a little more organization in the pickup area but I would definitely order there again

Anita Tucker

I missed NY roasted and found some better.

Peter Perri

Thus is our spot for weekend eats. The food is always excellent and the service is mimics the food...excellent

Kathleen Shaw

We really like this place! I've tried a variety of dishes and haven't been disappointed a single time.

Mallorey Long

Great service and good food

June Hodge

We've always gotten the General Tso's chicken with fried rice and it used to be so delicious but within the last couple years (I think they may have gotten a new owner) the chicken has been really nasty dried out. I have to pick out the stringy bits because they can't be chewed up. We keep trying to go back hoping it'll go back to normal but I can't take it anymore and I'm gonna be trying a new Chinese place. It's not that it isn't juicy it's literally not even the texture of chicken.. It's like the chicken is left out for hours and then reheated. I really wish it wasn't like this because they used to be so good but were wasting so much money for food that gets thrown in the trash.

Ryan Jay

Good place for tasty chinese american food. Was a really long wait, but they were also pretty busy.

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