Metro Diner

745 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown
(302) 314-3838

Recent Reviews

Joshua Bynum

So good! My parents got burgers and I got a fried chicken sandwich. It was so juicy and Delicious.

Lori Murphy

The food was good but unfortunately served quite late, the service was severely lacking. We ordered avocado toast, a scrambled egg and a BLT, 25 minutes later we finally asked another server if she would please check on our order and someone else, not our server, came out a few minutes later with our food. The scrambled egg was not warm but the person that dropped off the food didn't hang around long enough to ask of everything was okay. Since we had been there for an early an hour at that point we ate and then had to track down the server to get our check. I definitely prefer the Newark Metro diner to the Middletown Metro diner.


This place was amazing! The food was lovely, I totally recommend the cinnamon roll pancakes! 10/10! Definitely coming back!

Jean Cocco

Food order was not correct. Replacement food took forever, meal was almost fully consumed by the time the replacement arrived. I asked for my English muffin to be wasn't. Why would a restaurant not butter toast when it is hot but rather get the customer to butter cold toast!? The quality and service has been going steadily down lately. Probably won't be going back.

Thomas J. Boose Jr

There was a mix up in my order, requiring me to return to the restaurant (take out order). But once there, the error was more than corrected to my satisfaction. I will most definitely be eating there again! Tjbj

elisa pollino

My salad was disappointing. It was advertised to have feta cheese on it but I only found one crumb. The server was friendly however forgetful about bringing items to the table. She also walked past us several times empty handed but made no effort to take dirty dishes or trash that we placed at the edge. So, though it wasn't horrible, I do not feel impressed to return. Sorry, I cannot recommend.

Joie Finley

We had a great breakfast. Harrison and Samara were wonderful! Brace yourself for extra large servings!


Waffle good + waitress had cool tattoos 10/10 would go again

April Donat-Humphries

Very good food and friendly staff!!

O F F I C A L . D A N I E L L E

This place was amazing! The food was lovely, I totally recommend the cinnamon roll pancakes! 10/10! Definitely coming back!

Shannan Mason

Great food at good prices and super duper friendly staff but they are consistently undertrained and understaffed.

Kimberly Jarmon

Food is always good

Thomas S.

My mom had the chicken sandwich and thought it was ok, and nothing special. My father had the the ultimate breakfast burger and really enjoyed it. He thought it was phenomenal. He wanted to give it 5 stars. My sister had the Belgium waffles and really liked them. She also got bacon on the side and liked it. Oh my, now on to me. The Fish and Chips were terrible! The fish was clearly not cooked right, too much grease. It had some weird thick batter and made it hard to eat. There was some weird sauce. We thought it was curry, but it had a weird tint flavor. I thought it tasted like plastic. My mom took a bite and tried to hide her disgust. Besides my families food being good, This would have been one star.

Mike Conway

The food is fantastic. Good portions and tremendous customer service

Adrienne Cornish Lucas

Unfortunately when we went for Dinner tonight the cups were dirty. They all had some sort of brown residue and we had a party of 5. We had a variety of beverages ranging from water to soda, and each of the cups had a horrible smell and brown residue that could be rubbed off. This was very disappointing and disgusting. We immediately left. We did bring it to the attention of our server.

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