Panda Express

663 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown
(302) 378-9086

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5/23/23 approx 6:00pm, Let me tell you! I observed a server drop an ink pen in the noodles. She removed it and placed it back on the counter. I told the other server what happened and she then placed a fresh bowl of noodles on top of the contaminated noodles. I then told the manager and he acted as if he didn’t speak English. I changed my order and will never eat there again. PANDA’s PHILOSOPHY … Where the way we wok inspires a fresh, flavorful combination of Chinese regional cuisine and technique with bold American tastes. Welcome to our kitchen. You can see everything they do at the counter. That’s just nasty and every server touched that ink pen. Run the tape!Parking: Plenty of parking in the shopping center. ?Have much more can you say about parking and contaminated food. One star for parking!

Tracey Pritchard

This is the worst Panda Express I have visited. Every time I have gone, there has been an issue. They are never prepared for service and they are always out of something. It’s obvious they don’t get to the store in time to prepare the food in a timely manner. When we arrived today, 45 minutes after opening, they were still cooking and preparing and didn’t even have time to acknowledge our presence. We stood for quite sometime before we were even addressed. Not even a hello, we’ll be with you in a minute. We have also gone to this store more than an hour before close and they are, again, out of most items. They are extremely rude all the time…and when we tried to order today, just basic food selection, they said it would be 10 minutes or more before ready. The employee actually laughed in our faces and found it amusing that they weren’t prepared. There are many choices in the Middletown area to eat. We will never go here again and we suggest you don’t either. We walked out and did not eat at the establishment.

James Ottinger

Getting rid of the sauce they used to make was a huge mistake the stuff they give you in the packets is disgusting.Food: 2/5

Suhad Elzant

Love the food , fresh and delicious.Will definitely go back soon.Food: 5/5


Some of the flavors are passable but the rice is always hard and dry. Why bother?I find I enjoy it more if I just get the chicken in a little side order without the rice... I know that sounds strange, but the races so disappointing it undermines the meal.

Rian N.

I really hate giving bad reviews but if I would have read this review before going I would have chosen a different place to eat.. this was my first time going to a Panda Express and it was so gross. I got "the bigger plate" so I did fried rice, sweet chicken, sesame chicken and an egg roll. It was all so bad nothing was edible and I'm not picky at all. I will say it was cheap enough for me not to be mad, the meal and a drink was only $15 so I threw it all away after a bite of each and went over to chipotle.

Sean Hopkins

Every other bite I had to spit out the food. Rock hard rice and chicken. I eat panda all over the country. This location ain't it.

Derek Howell

They were rude. Did not give the correct size for portions. I know this because the person with me got the same thing with larger portions. The rice is not fried. It's white with vegatables. Called in asked to speak to manager they hung up immediately. I was very polite. "Yes ma'am my I speak to the manager please." So I called back they ignored the call.

Robert Henry

*first time visitors. I went through drive thru... Burnt teriyaki chicken... see pics

T minater

Generally it's pretty good other than the fact of it being an understaffed I'd give it 5 stars for its authenticity This new chain of fast but fresh food has become a wonderful trend that I hope continuesFood: 4/5

Donna Everhart

Friendly service, good food with large portions.Food: 5/5


I come here pretty often and the beyond orange chicken is always a pleaser. There's not much besides that and super greens but it's definitely a reliable meal

sita nadapana

This is the worst Panda Express, I have ever been to. The customer service is so bad. They don’t have any of the entree, ready to choose. Please don’t go to this location. I just ordered a single entree and taste was not so good.

Emma Prettyman

The food was not as fresh as other locations. The staff member serving food made me feel like I was bothering her. Had to go back for sauces that I had specifically asked for.Food: 3/5

John Ahrem

Ordered orange chicken with brown rice. Definitely not good. Chicken was chewy , rice was cold and under cooked. I will never set foot in this establishment again

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