The Crabcake Company

402 S Ridge Ave, Middletown
(302) 376-3555

Recent Reviews

Wesley Elbertson

Drove from New Jersey to specifically try them out. After 1.5 hours in the car we got there to a sign in the window stating they were closed till 5:30. Very disappointing. Nothing on the web site about not being open.Went to the farmers market a few miles away and had some very good BBQ.

Tinina L.

My best friend and I was visiting from out of town and stumbled across this restaurant. We decided to give it a try and it was super delicious! I ordered the crab cake sandwich and she ordered the crab cake platter and collectively we decided to order the crab cake pretzel. Omg the pretzel was super delicious! It was so good that we decided to visit the next day to order one for the road only to be disappointed that it was in fact closed on Sunday. Apparently the hours listed on Yelp isn't accurate! We were totally let down!!

Tammy Jenkins

We ate here last night on our way to a concert in Philly and the owner was very nice and accommodating! Can’t forget to mention that the crab cakes were delicious. Our party of 5 all agreed! I had to get one to go ? Thanks so much for a good 1st time visit. I will return whenever in Middletown!

Hunter Allen

THE FOOD IS THE BOMB BEST PIZZA EVER!!!Also the have the BEST staff,another thing is that they have the kindest Owner EVER!!! they are so sweet the only make the best and do the best food the some GREAT food

a spellicy

Excellent fresh crab cakes. Large chunks of crab. Packaged well for “ cook at home”.They write the directions right on the container.The crab dip is great.Good service even when they are busy.We always make a point to stop there. Now that we live closer, we will be order from them whenever we can.

Michael P.

i certainly will never go to this restaurant again!!!!!! needed to orde at the check out without menus the unpublished price list had all wrong prices! i wasted some $25 on a jumbo platter! my friends shrimp platter was worse. the fries were ok. keep drivingdo not stop for crabcakes . one star becuz i did not barf!!!!!!

keith allen

Absolutely delicious, surprisingly got there tacos an they were huge an delicious I got the grill chicken tacos definitely worth stopping in an trying anything on the menu pizza was great too.wife got the crab cake platter I had to dig into that to loved it definitely going back.

Miranda Hill

I was very excited to try this place. We are from NY, and saw it’s amazing reviews. We arrived on Saturday night 9/4 and it was closed.

Khaled H.

To start off the staff was great! They treat you like a friend and not just another customer. We ordered a couple crab cake platters and the giant crab pretzel. The crab cakes & the crab pretzel were absolutely delicious and not just filler! The crab cakes were better than most seafood restaurants I've been to. I will definitely be coming back for more and I can't wait to try the crab pizza!

Tyler Schelts

Crabcake sandwich was good thick lump crab meat and the service was great

Tiffany LaPlante

The crab cakes were amazing! Basicly all crab, jumbo lump and delicious. We stopped in while traveling though to another state and were glad we did. Also ordered rhe Buffalo fries which were good but could have used more Buffalo flavor. Overall great.

Rose Cocchiarella

Crazy good crab cake sandwich with their famous Crabby fries. Super nice staff, too! Sorry for lack of pics…..I was too busy enjoying the food!

Hani Zaki

An “HONEST” Crab Cake!! Look, I take my crab cakes pretty seriously, and I know how to make a good crab cake myself. If you love your crab cakes and find yourself driving nearby, and If you want an “honest” crab cake, then look no further. Just DELICIOUS! The cakes were broiled and not fried or oily, yet still had the perfect fluffiness and full of crab meat. Just the right amount of filler kept it all together for a golden glow on the outside and heavenly crabby goodness on the inside. I had the platter, and my wife had the sandwich, and the crab cakes held their own in both. The seasoning was spot-on and highlighted the crab meat, not overwhelmed it. The portion is to your liking, and “honest”: 4 oz, 6 oz, or 8 oz; yes, they are weighed – this is serious crab cake outfit. The crab cakes are the star of the Crab Cake Company, and the entire operation is geared to produce a highly rated taste experience. Service was efficient and speedy. Thank you, “Chefs”, for satisfying our crab cake cravings … we WILL be back!!

Hannah S.

Daughter and pop (apparently was mom and pop, but daughter took over when she passed) unassuming storefront leads to a beachcomber's treasure trove of crabby delight and other dishes. My friend and I were literally making a gas stop off the highway from Philly to the beachfront, and caught this along the way out of nowhere. My friend and I both went for the crabcake, obvs. They were fluffy and yummy and home-baked with crab you could clearly taste. I got mine with cheese as a sandwich and she got hers as a salad. You can even pick your crab cake size, the prices are very reasonable for all the good crabbiness you are getting. We also each got a small cup of crab soup, again lots of crab. At this point I should mention the service. It was like we were family guests, they wanted to know where we were coming in from, what we were up to, and it was just so pleasant to have those kind of interactions dining in after a while when everything had to be so reserved and quick. It didn't feel forced at all, just like we were honored and distinguished guests. This place does some other seafood specialties and sandwiches we didn't get to try, only because it was so much yumminess was already tried. One thing high on my list for returning is the crab dip pretzel, which sounds like something I got pre-made with a zillion others at a UMD football game, but if it were homemade and ordered fresh (or was part of a party catering package they do, with in the bring it home and bake-it-yourself style) I have to imagine it would be out of this crabby cheesy world. This is a place that looks like a dock when you walk in, and reminds you of the beachfront even if it's many miles from the sand. They'll just have to open a second one, but for now enjoy it here.

Josh S.

Hands down best crab cakes around. Almost no filler. Excellent flavor. Whenever we have guests in town we buy these and heat them up later and always get compliments on how good they are.

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