Taco Bell

582 Middletown Warwick Rd, Middletown
(302) 378-0406

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Farren Campbell

This place should just be taken off the map bc 4 times I've went there now and all 4 times no service.... 1st time said open till 9 and yet 15mins till and they were closed , second time road work so they were closed, 3rd time I pull up in the drive thru and no one would answer but when I pull off there's a group of about 5 people inside at a table, and finally this last time 2 workers standing inside and refused to answer!!... total disrespect, lack of any work ethic and just forget customer service... so mad and disgusted at taco bell and who they employ, and or what guidelines they follow. Wish I could give ZERO stars.

Heather Holding

This place is always closed when they say they should be open. Sometimes they close at 2pm in the afternoon on a busy Saturday or 6pm durning dinner time. On top of that, when they are actually open it takes 30+ mins to get your food. It’s far from fast food. Might as well go sit down somewhere.

Lynnet Delaney

I went Thur the drive thru along with many other cars only to hear on the speaker, they were closed come back during business hours. I called them and asked if they were open to be told yes, we're open. I said well the drive thru says you are closed. And she said well we're only open for door dash???!?

Debora Foor

Very clean appearing on the exterior of the restaurant (I use the drive-thru only these days). First-time visit to this Taco Bell. I have gone to the one in Dover, DE and in Smyrna, DE, and unfortunately, those two restaurants do not appear as well-maintained, especially the Smyrna restaurant, but this has to do with the physical plant, potholes, garbage smell at the speaker station where you order food (maybe due to standing water, but it's almost always there and, of course, worse in the summer). The franchise owner needs to deal with this issue. The Middletown, DE restaurant is very clean, roads maintained well, landscape plants well tended. However, staff in all three restaurants are very friendly and professional. They have better demeanor even than the Chic fil-A staff, which is also very good.


Short staffed so horrible speed of service. 10-20 minute wait time if you go to this place. Food is good though so at least your meal tastes good for the time you waited.

Corey Williams

Food was hot but the wait was over 55mins from the time I entered the Drive thru to getting my food.This has to be due to short staffing.

James Thomas

Slow service and it has been this way for YEARS. There seems to be no improvement or concern at the very least to whoever is in charge of this location. Only stayed in line because I didn’t want to waste more time driving elsewhere.

Andrew LoFurno

Something seems to be wrong with the staffing at the Middletown location. Have tried to visit half dozen times and either they're not open when they say they are or it takes over a half hour in the drive-thru recommend driving further to avoid the Middletown Delaware location.

Kim Golden

As someone who spent many years working in food service and has experienced many short-staffed shifts, I have never seen something like this in my years of visiting fast food. I have come to this location three days in a row now, and haven’t received service once. I will not return again. The first day, I sat in the drive through with my children, no one ever responded on the screen. (I wasn’t the only one waiting.) Day two there were signs posted about something with their systems and I couldn’t go through drive through or walk inside. Today I stopped by around 10:40 and they said to return during normal hours. Not sure what those are as I have gone to other Taco Bell’s that have been open much earlier then this time. I am sure there are massive staffing issues here, regardless, this is extremely poor and with many company’s offering more an hour to their employees, consider this, as you may hold onto more staff. These jobs have a high demand.

Aaron Smith

Labrynth to get into. Slow. Trifold towels for napkins. Water down drinks. Didn't apply but not great hours. Haphazard constricted food (even for taco bell).Skip this one.

Sean Cole

Don’t work here former manager witnessed all the problems I highly recommend this place to be condemned they steal money from payroll from workers bad work in environment rgm management screams and curses at employeesAs well radical slurs and race I worked here 7 months and the place is a mess they can’t keep employees because how they treat the employees it’s wrong ? I tried my best to work there and be the better man but unfortunately the rgm doesn’t care and just lets things keep happening they also have a ant infestation that’s outta control and yes there are ants in the food

Ben Freiler

We waited in the drive-thru for almost 55 minutes for an order of two burritos, 1 nacho, 1 nacho fries, and two tacos with 3 drinks. It took 40 minutes just to serve the three cars ahead of us and nearly 15 minutes for us to receive our order. When we received our order, we did not receive all of our items. The staff was slow and unresponsive; the cashier even went as far as to call a drive-thru customer who honked their horn “rude” when serving us. Honking your horn is certainly not the best response, but when waiting in line for almost an hour for a single order, I can completely understand the customer’s anger.

Mike Fox

Great food for the money but long wait in drive thru line.

dree drop

The service that Kendall provided was exceptional and the food was prepared exactly as I ordered it!!!

Brianna B.

This Taco Bell consistently has screwed up my order every single time in the last few months. I'm not sure if they are short staffed or just have workers that don't care. If you go any time after 6pm they have told people they ran out of all food. Today they got my entire order wrong, half my items missing and included an ingredient in both items that did arrive that I am allergic to and specifically ordered items that did not contain them. Whether it has been through door dash or the store itself, this store never ceases to disappoint.

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