Toba Asian Fusion

106 Sandhill Dr, Middletown
(302) 378-8898

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Mary Jo Sweeney

We love Toba’s food! However, we ordered take-out, brought it home, and as I was eating mine, I noticed they forgot the cashews in my meal. I called the restaurant. They wanted me to return the food (I live 20 to 25 minutes away), then they were thinking of giving me a credit, but the “owner” was not happy doing that. Her solution….next time I order that meal they will give DOUBLE the cashews. I think this owner needs to practice better customer service instead of making me feel like I was in the wrong. I didn’t want full compensation for the inconvenience, but a few dollars off ($2 or $3) would have prevented me from writing this review. From now on, we will check all of our take-out food before we leave this restaurant to see if they got it right. PS….. I have never called and complained to Tobas before.

Jonathan Lyons

Mediocre food. Service was fine. Gross staff. "Clean" soup and duck crepes were bland. Edamame and pot stickers were fine. Tried the "make your own" plate and it was raw vegetables they had thrown in with the meat that resulted in a rather unfortunate dish of crunchy vegetables. It was awesome to look across the way and watch the sushi chef behind the counter pulling his mask off to stuff it with some food and chew open mouth behind the bar while he was doing some prep work. Wife started feeling ill on the way home. Real classy joint

Katherine R.

One of my favorite spots to eat... everything in the menu is good. Today I try the eggplant with shrimps on a black bean sauce super good

Lauren T.

General Tsos chicken was very good. Tasted fresh and real unlike other kinds. Hibachi pretty good too

Withney M

Delicious food. ?Clean, updated and modern inside. I ordered online and did a store pickup. We ate the food so fast…I forgot to take pictures.? I’ll update with pics next time. ?Give this place a try. So worth it.Here’s what we ordered: Chicken Lo Mein noodle, California roll, avocado roll, veg tempura roll, shrimp tempura roll and spider roll. The Lo Mein was a large portion enough to share. Yum!

Mary D.

I had ordered a very large sushi platter for a party. Everyone loved it! We go for lunch often and get the bento box with salmon. They are delicious. Tonight we had the Sesame chicken for $17. It was enough for dinner for two. Our favorite spot for Asian food and sushi in Middletown.

Amy Sherman

Our second time here. Not busy but we waited for drinks . The waitress forgot our pot stickers. When our dinner came one entrée was completely wrong. On the positive side out food was very hot and flavorful .

Tracey L.

Is this amazing Asian fusion? Not really, but I guess it's good enough for Middletown. First off, other than providing a high chair, there is nothing family friendly about this spot. They did not provide a coloring page for my 2 year old son and the bathroom doesn't have a changing table. Even if you can't install the ones on the wall, there's enough room in the bathroom to buy a freestanding changing table from Ikea. The service was so-so, it was a guy with tattoos. He brought us our check without asking if we wanted dessert. Kind of weird to shoo us out when there's only 2 other guests in the restaurant. The decor was dark and dreary, the floor had a waxy feel because the manager said they just mopped, nah I didn't think so. We only came because we had a gift card, but probably won't be showing up there again.

Jon T.

Best sushi in middletown. This is my go to spot. They are one of the few that carry smoked salmon.

Ferra L.

This restaurant so recommend good place and food,i like all this food in toba ! the best.

Evan Apps

Always have a great experience here! Their Sushi Lunch Special is something I always get; it's super affordable and a good deal.Pictured: Shrimp Tempura Roll and Philly Roll

Katherine Rivera

Best Asian food…..everything in this place is amazing. I go here 2 or 3 times a week. Best sushi in the area. Everything taste fresh even the egg roll is good!

Joe R.

Great sushi and great service too. Not cheap, but good sushi never is.... We recommend!

Andrew L

I think this place has potential to be a lot better. After eating here a few times now I can say their service is consistently slow. I've also never eaten anything here that tasted better than average. So I'm not certain what all the excitement is about this place. Maybe it's the sleek modern interior. As for promoting "Asian fusion" I think the chef has some creative ideas but falls apart in execution. It's mediocre at best. Service has always been slow. While we get seated quickly we then wait and wait for someone to bring us menus or take our drink order. And then we wait. I resist ordering a second drink, one to go with my meal, because it takes too long. And when we see other diners getting seated after us and eating before our food arrives we know something is wrong with their operation. I also had to go to another (unoccupied) table to grab a full soy sauce bottle because the one at our table was empty, so they are not even checking or attentive to details. On our last visit the server didn't bring us chopsticks so I went to the front counter to ask for some. The woman I asked seemed flustered and grabbed a very nice pair of real chopsticks but only had one and I needed 2 pairs. She spun around frantically looking but couldn't find another pair and didn't know what to do, but one of the guys walked over to her and picked up a set of the wooden take-away chopsticks that were piled in front of her. It was a sad comedy. Then our server scared me, made me jump out of my seat when she came up behind me and asked how everything was, but she was uncomfortably close when she started speaking before I could see her. She was quite apologetic but her timing for checking on us was also late in that we had almost finished our meal. I'm not saying I would never eat here again but it's nothing special when it has great potential to improve.


Have been there twice. So good. Fresh fish, rolls to die for.

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