Vinny's Cafe

3013 Yamato Rd B8, Boca Raton
(561) 988-9883

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Jeffrey West

NOT ALLERGEN FRIENDLY - if you’ve got allergies, they basically told us after we ordered that they do not clean anything or even change gloves between orders for allergies. Read on for details:My wife has been wanting to try this place for months based off numerous rave reviews. We made sure to order menu items that were nut-free (wife is extremely allergic) and followed their website to note the allergy in their special instructions, as it specifically asks you if you have food allergies.They called us, as I was already on my way, to inform my wife that they do not take precautions to reduce the risk of cross contamination. It wasn’t until AFTER my wife called back to cancel the $50 order that the manager tried to make amends and offer to prepare a fresh order for us. So thanks, but no thanks.

Scott York

Happened upon this place and wanted to try something different It is clean bright and the coolers with product looks fresh and enticingThe preparation was fast and efficient. Very clean and staff is conscientious about cleanliness. I had the Turkey club and it is delicious and also try their Signature Salad. Beautifully prepared and then chopped. My friend loved it!.

Janay White

I was not too thrilled with my chicken Cesar wrap after hearing about it on social media such as tik tok and Instagram. There were several long pieces of hair in my wrap which turned me off from eating it. The flavor was okay, could have been better. Although I will say that the size of the wrap is very large for the price and amount of food. I’m not sure if I will return and give it a second try.

Yoel Gutierrez

Good wraps, but good lord you get a headache in there from all the pound chopping they do. My server made me the wrong wrap after he took my order. To his defense, they were about to close and he looked like he had been through the ringer.

Lucia Campos

Saw a video on Instagram recommending their Caesar salad wrap and WOW, It did not disappoint! The wrap is huge and enough to share with another.

Bryan Rammel

This place is a chop shop of making fresh delicious wraps! I really enjoyed my buffalo wrap and my service was amazing from Mike! His wrapping skills and customer service are top notch! Everyone was super friendly despite being super busy, thank you all, I will be back.

lisa f

ordered from DoorDash thought I’d give it a try, but when I received my buffalo chicken wrap, everything was cold inside, including the chicken like it just came out of the refrigerator. Very disappointing I called Vinnies to see if maybe it got skipped that the chicken was not heated before it went into the wrap and they told me that they don’t heat up any of their wraps no contents inside. How could you eat an ice cold buffalo chicken wrap and charge a lot of money I paid $16 with DoorDash for that wrap big waste of money right in the trash, I won’t be back. Thanks, Vinnies

Griffin Leoni

I decided to try this place after constantly seeing the reviews on TikTok. I kid you not, the wrap is HUGE. You definitely get your moneys worth and it’s plenty to share with another person. I personally didn’t enjoy all the filling, only because I like equal bread to filling ratio. I wish there was an option for less filling or a smaller portion. If you enjoy healthy quick food, definitely worth a stop.

Hailey Vargas

Not worth the hype TikTok made it out to be. It’s good but now wow or anything.Pros: big portionsCons: no seasoning/bland and the wraps were too wateryIdk I’ve tasted better.


This was my first time here. We ordered 6 things and drove 15 minutes to get it. Well worth it. Would definitely recommend ordering online as we did. If not the wait is a little long. But again WORTH it.

Lauren L.

Super impressed with Vinny's cafe. I saw it on tik tok and it exceeded my expectations. The quality of the food, the portions, the cleanliness inside, it's all amazing. I will be back!

Samantha Gallardo

used to be a really good spot. has had new staff and management and owners for years now in and out. Was perfect with the owner original one, now the quality of food taste worse and the service is less friendly and just less personable.

Centra Zz

Great food. I honestly don’t think it’s worth a 40 minute wait, but the food is fresh and delicious.


Food is great. Price a little high but don’t count on your online order being ready for pick up at requested time. Ordered 2 hours in advance for pick up and waited 25 minutes pass pick up time and order not even started.Getting a

Saied Al

I recently dined at Vinny's Cafe and I'm thrilled to share my experience. The wraps I ordered were simply delicious – loaded with a generous amount of ingredients that made each bite a flavorful delight. The combination of flavors and textures in both the chicken Caesar and buffalo wraps was spot-on, leaving me thoroughly satisfied.What made the experience even better was the seamless online ordering process. It was incredibly easy to place my order, and everything was ready and waiting when I arrived. This convenience added to the overall positive impression I had of Vinny's Cafe.The chicken Caesar and buffalo wraps were definitely highlights of my meal. The quality of the ingredients and the careful assembly of the wraps truly showcased the attention to detail and commitment to serving tasty food.

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