Dixie Roadhouse

1023 SE 47th Terrace, Cape Coral
(239) 541-7900

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Maureen D.

Went here last night. The music was great, the dance floor large but they allowed smoking indoors. Sorry but I won't be back.

Kyle Hanson

If you are visiting from out of the area, you may not consider this much of a country bar at all. From open to 11 pm, they played half hip-hop/pop songs. The other half were mostly pop country songs. An occasional decent country song was thrown in. The DJ was nice enough to take one of my requests after tipping a few bucks. Don’t come here expecting to hear any George Strait or Alan Jackson. Most of what goes on here is line dancing. There’s very little opportunity to do any other form of country dancing, like two stepping. I’ve had this same experience at pretty much all “country” bars in south Florida, so maybe my standards are too high for this area.Also, I stopped by the live music bar next door and the woman who was checking IDs was extremely rude and unwelcoming.

Caleb Newman

Dixie Roadhouse is never a let down, Wednesdays and weekends are always phenomenal experiences. The line dancing lessons are very fun, bartenders are great!Wednesday night drinks are $3 wells for everyone, no cover, be careful!

Fran Hill

This was the one of the worst experiences I’ve had in a long time. We had Junior and Gus (who was in training). Gus had personality, Junior not so much - he was the worst. Seemed upset that we started with drinks and only ordered an appetizer to start. Gus took our order, which came out correct but mine was cold. No one would know because for the rest of the meal no one came to check on us. I went the entire meal without a drink. Tried getting someone’s attention, but nothing. WILL NOT BE GOING BACK! The worst, go elsewhere and save your $$. Place has gone downhill.

More Is Les

for some reason the. bartender was extremely RUDE ! she accused me of not paying my tab, meanwhile half the table was going to the restroom!! and yelled at me saying “i wasn’t going to pay her”. luckily we paid our tab in cash and walked out. was the WORST experience ever at Dixie. the bartender was short, blonde with a small pony tail. in no defense am i trying to get you called out but you weren’t kind and extremely judgmental. you deserve to get called out. do better.

Josh D

Fun place, didn't try any food, drinks were strong, decent music.

dennis bibly

Good looking ladies everywhere and nice setup

Jonathan Lopez

Came here one night with a group of friends as Florida started to open up. Short older woman who was the manger was very friendly to me as well as security was cool. Bar lady was rude to me and rushed me to order. The drinks were seriously overpriced, your paying for the 95% ice and 5% drink. They might need a better DJ to mix some music. . It’s a hole in the wall place, pretty much the last club you’d wanna come to. Recommend if you wanna overpay for an sweaty overcrowded dance floor.

Vladislav Stakev

Really nice place. Friendly personal, live music and DJ . Nice party place with good drinks and fun . Highly recommended . If you are in the area just stop and spend a Friday or Saturday night here .

Josh Moshe

We visited the Dixie Roadhouse, and unfortunately, they were closed. The manager that was there took us for a tour of the place. It is great. The dance floor is huge. The atmosphere looks great and we are definitely going back. Looks like a real fun place! I highly recommended this place.

Scott Miller

This is the most unfriendly bar in cape. Bouncers are extremely rude. You have to stand in line and get a metal detector scan like going to the airport before getting in. All that to find out there’s a cover charge. Complete joke and waste of time

Jossalynn T.

Absolutely RUDE management. Lynn was EXTREMELY rude to my friends who were drinking & dancing. Pulled them to the side screamed at them, for dancing & not realizing it was a "line dancing" song even though everyone was dancing right after that. Could've been handled WAY more professional. I was the sober one, & we were all being yelled at as if we are not adults.

Casey Yott

We came here for the first night and it was a great time. The second time we came to bar we were asked by the owner to not dance. We were trying to learn how to line dance by an experienced line dancer and we were kicked off the dance floor. The owner called the police on our friends who were deemed too fun to dance and they had to deal with the police. The owner repeatedly came up to our group multiple times to let us know we weren’t allowed to dance on the dance floor.

Carter Mikesell

After trying to learn how to line dance I was asked by the owner to stop dancing even though I was on the edge of the dance floor. Not a fun place unless you are a professional line dancer. Drinks are ok

Tony F.

If you like to 2step, triple step, polka, waltz, or even slow dance don't go here!!!!!!!!! They Only line dance nothing else I have been there 3 times thinking I just was on the wrong night but no they only line dance. I won't ever go back!!! The Ranch is about 10 min and that's my new dance club!!!!

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