1595 S Missouri Ave, Clearwater
(727) 446-3089

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Ricky Bryant

The girl at the register was rude and nasty for no reason acted like her day was ruined and my showing up made it worse. Anyways the prices are Outrageous i mean they were already high but now they have hit an all time high that is out of this world. I won't be going there for a while if ever again.Food: 2/5

Emiliana Hensley

Got served RAW chicken. When I called I got hung up on. I WILL NEVER EAT CHECKERS AGAIN!!!!!!!! Shame on this location!!!! DONT SPEND UR MONEY HERE

Steph G

It was alright. Hit drive thru for a quick bite. They where out of couple items. And the drive person seemed like he had better things to do. But overall it is what it is. A fast food burger joint and it served it's purpose the food was good so that what matters.Food: 4/5

Jacob Thomas

I've been here a handful of times as it's on my way back from work and each and every single time it's been a long wait for disappointing food. The last time I went I went to the window and I could tell I was being ignored. I waited about five minutes just to decide I was simply wasting an opportunity to eat something better from nearly anywhere else. Imagine rarely getting customers and still providing just the worst service. Step your game up.

Nan B

Unbelievably rude staff intentionally made me wait over 10 min to hand me a pick up order that was already ready before I arrived. Looked at me several times and refused to acknowledge me. Then after finally handing me the food that was sitting there the entire time, says "now MOVE" (there were no cars behind me either, not that that would make it ok) then puts his hands on my vehicle and gives me the finger. I worked in the industry for over a decade and have never seen anyone treat a random customer so blatantly badly.

Tyler Mccranie

Every time I get a milkshake it's the wrong flavor or mixed flavor. I don't want my vanilla tasting like chocolate or strawberry. If I wanted a mix I'd order it.Food: 3/5

alexa oefinger

The owners should seriously look at who they’re paying to work there. Super rude, not helpful and unprofessional. Three grown men yelled and cursed me out over their app not working.

Derek Armstrong

Says they closed at 2am and were already closing at 130. Refused to serve or even acknowledge me even despite clearly seeing me at the window. Staff just ignored me so I went somewhere else.

Jonathan McCluskey

It closes at midnight. Not at 1 am. And yes the speaker will have two separate message stating that it will take your order and that they are closed. Played at the same time.

Moody Red

I'm really not happy with Checkers tonight.This Checkers charge me $9.50 for two Checker burgers and a medium fry. I asked them to make it fresh. I get home my son says they did not make the order fresh. He had to heat the frys and burgers up in the microwave.

Diana Rivera

Hello, the only way You can dine-in is by sitting outside on some concrete tables. The food seems to be cooked at the moment of the orders so you are asked to drive around to the opposite side of the first window. Shakes aren't available and apple pies aren't either.

Luke Lauritsen

2022 UPDATE: I pulled up for a DoorDash order and was told they were closed 30 minutes before they were actually closed at 1:30.I went there to pick up an Uber eats order… All they said was that I can pull up and said nothing to me when I got to the window. I waited there for 15 minutes and nobody had said anything to me. I know the reason they didn’t want to help me.

Ynot Tsig

The only place open at that time and my belly button was eating my back bone out.StarvingSo...It was a good meal and quick

jaime west

The manager there it's rude and disrespectful bro she didn't give me my correct change when I questioned her about that and she gave me my correct chain she threw it at me she rolled her eyes at meAnd I will never go there again

Ichiro Maeda

Lunch time crew was quick and friendly. The food was hot and fresh and the girl at the window offered for us to do a survey which we did.

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