Tea Lounge- Boba Tea, Smoothies And Che

14100 US Hwy 19 N #106, Clearwater
(727) 953-3439

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Michael N.

Consisting of tropical Asian fruits, jelly, basil seeds, and coconut juice/water, the Fresh Fruit and Juice was very refreshing after shopping at the Pinellas Park Flea Market 5 mins away. It was a bit sweet but when the ice melted, it was good.

Brandon Sims

Quick service, friendly staff. Thai Boba Tea and Bulgogi bowl both very good in their own right. Unique flavors with both. I’d say everything on the menu is a worth a try so go for it.

Nancy Z.

The best Che place! You won't be disappointed. All the ingredients are fresh and not powdered. We were here on vacation for the week and went here three times! The staff here are very nice and attentive. The best part of this place is that you can have food along with your Vietnamese dessert. Portion size are BIG! I would recommend a small for your che as the large is huge! Everything is so delicous!!

Brittany M.

I was headed to largo when I started getting a craving for some boba tea. I got on yelp and looked for a shop near me a found the tea Lounge. From the l outside it didn't look like much but inside it's huge. One side it drink and food orders and the other side had game table and ice cream. There style is Vietnamese, so the flavors are different but in a good way, I got the lounge special that was filled with different jelly's tender bean spread which at first I was a little skeptical of the beans but the owner let me try them and they were actually pretty tasty! It had boba at the bottom it was topped with shaved ice and coconut milk together. It was very good it reminded me of halo halo. I got a black tea with rainbow jelly's as well and that one ended up being really sweet but next time I can just adjust the sweetness. I definitely want to try the food next time it looked so good

Camille G.

Friendly staff here who recognize you, customize things and remember your drink order. I go in about once a week for their green Thai tea, which is obviously delicious (why else would I be in once a week for it?) I also enjoy their rice balls with siracha. Cute little place with a laidback atmosphere that encourages you to hang out longer. Not too busy, so it's nice for quiet studying or spending time with friends.

Heather Fitz

Great boba! Bonus: great food as well ? Ordered: Sweet Tea w/ Boba Pearls, Rice Balls w/ Shrimp, and Korean Spicy Pork. Everything was super delicious ?? I extra appreciate boba shops that serve food (especially such good food and cooked to-order). And customer service was also great!!

Chelsey Gearhart

I will be the 1st to admit - I know ZERO about Boba!My daughter has been BEGGING for some for months. I found this Tea Lounge online & saw it was close by our house. Nice location, easy to find. When we went in I noticed they had a variety of types & flavors...yeah, I was lost!Thankfully, the employee behind the counter was super helpful & friendly! He explained the differences & was able to recommend the perfect boba drink for my daughter! I didn't feel as dumb as I thought I would LOLShe LOVED her strawberry boba tea! And I even grabbed a caramel ice coffee! They both tasted AMAZING!!! The prices were great {compared to prices I've seen at other places} A vast amount of flavor choices and combinations available to choose from. And if you are like me- they have helpful staff to help you out!The atmosphere was honestly one of the best parts! Cute little lounge, complete with comfy couches, as well as, games to play while you sit with friends! I am so glad I found this little gem! It's now our favorite little spot!

Dee S.

The drink was delicious!! My only complaint, as with every boba place, is that there was just way too much ice. The ambiance is nice. They have little board games and a Foosball table, but it also is very echoey and feels sterile. If they got some sound dampening furniture and decor and added a few tvs, this could be a great place to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night


My daughter Kamiyra and myself love to get tea with Boba here and sometimes lunch. I see lots of potential with perhaps the addition of some video games, food items and entertainment, we enjoy the food and the ambiance created. The Awesome Wings can use a little side of ranch or blue cheese and some celery but otherwise great prices, service and staff. Victor, the owner is personable and has a great variety of flavors to choose from. We always visit at least 2/3 a month. I love The Tea Lounge my favorite flavor is Coconut Milk, hers is Matcha Green Tea. Thanks for having us!

Mia K.

I ordered one of the coconut Boba teas and when I received it it was about Luke warm and there was a weird texture. I don't know if the texture was because it was coconut or what but the texture definitely threw me off. It wasn't my favorite experience.

Brian D.

Che a delicious blend of Vietnamese staples , coconut, jelly's, fruit and coconut milk order half sweetness because this comes pretty sweet. I got the coconut dream I believe , there was so coconut jelly and real coconut meat inside although not too much. My advice though ask for less ice because I felt there wasn't enough coconut milk for the amount of fillings. The sunshine wings we're sweet/savory got some hints of garlic ? It was a great chicken wing but trust you will have a messy face and hands after these lol. The wings are also big so it's a decent value.

Raquelle Z.

We stopped here after spending the day at Indian Rocks Beach. The vibe inside was just nice. With plenty of space and some table games. We asked for recommendations and got some great ideas for drinks to try. My group had fun sampling our selections together. If we were to be in the area again we would definitely want to plan to stop here again.

Gaby P.

A cute mix of Vietnamese drinks/Korean food hangout place. They have a foosball table, cards, and board games. Bomb a** drinks and food. The little Saigon special has so many flavors from the yellow mung bean to the pandan jelly, grass jelly, and red tapioca. It's more of a dessert than a drink. The mung beans did overpower the flavors just a tad but I like it so no complaints there. The Carmel coffee mocha was just an ice coffee with chocolate and caramel sauce with whipped cream which kinda threw me off thinking it was going to be a frappe. That's all right after all the jellies I've eaten. I have tried most of their food and lemme tell y'all I love almost all of it. Sunshine and Tea Lounge wings are 10/10 which is rare for me since I'm not a big fan of them. Flavors were just out of this world. The spicy pork was pretty hot and great with rice. Cooked well. Not chewy at all. Last but not least the Tteokbokki is the best. Spicy, sweet, soft, and chewy from the rice cake, and great fish cakes. I would crave their Tteokbokki. Love this place and am shocked it doesn't get packed.

Julia P.

It's in an odd shopping plaza next to US-19 and from the outside when I went at night it looked closed due to the tint. Upon walking in you'll see a huge space with games , ample lounge space and foosball. It's connected to an ice cream shop making the space larger. My friend and I ordered the pot stickers to split. As far as Boba, I got the oolong tea with herbal jelly while she got the brown sugar original that was delicious. Both were very good drinks and very reasonably priced. The only thing I would change is that I wish more people knew about this place to fill the space. It truly is a great lounge area.

Lori S.

I LOVE this place! So cute and comfy and the boba tea is AMAZING! So many options to choose from and lots of creative suggestions if you're not sure what you want.

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Tea Lounge- Boba Tea, Smoothies And Che

14100 US Hwy 19 N #106, Clearwater, FL 33764
(727) 953-3439