Hideaway Pizza

326 N, Main St, Crestview
(850) 682-3225

Recent Reviews

Maria Baker

Amazing local pizza place that never lets us down. Having grown up in Italy, this is pretty darn close to what I grew up eating.


A late dinner so we shared a 6 piece chicken wing, small spaghetti with meat sauce and a small 4 slice pizza. Everything was ?

Jamie Clampitt

This place has been on the top of my list of restaurants I wanted to eat at and finally this 23rd day of July (Fri @5pm to be exact) I am finally getting to!! At first I didn't think we were going to find an open table but luckily a man waiting for his carry out meal moved from one so we could sit. If I was scoring just on the food itself then it would've had 5 ? no doubt but since the service is also being reviewed thats why I only gave it 4 ?. I finally asked for a menu after we sat at the table for at least 15 minutes if not longer, we never got a refill on our drinks, and by the time our pizza was brought to us we had been sitting there for an hour and ended up eating a slice then paid and left with the rest. I wanna point out that our waitress was very sweet young girl with long straight blonde hair (didn't get her name). She seemed to be the one doing almost all of the work herself even though there were several others that basically were walking around in circles letting this young lady wait on all the tables, answer the phone, ring up pick up orders, etc. She never stopped moving or smiling! They definitely need to find more employees like her!! The pizza was the best I've had in this area by far! Great sauce, crust, and the cheese was awesome ?! Definitely referring it to everyone I know( and don't)!ℹThey have the tables marked and spaced so there is a safe amount of distance between each table of guest due to Covid and they also clean and sanitize between guest

Jake Fletch

Best pizza around! Best value! They will load the toppings up!

Catia Heinz

Amazing pizza. LOTS of cheese. Never order extra.

Christopher Howard

Always clean, professional and helpful. Have special ordered things for me. Great quality and store brands we trust.

Cathy Huggins

I now live in Mississippi and don't get as much hideaway pizza as I want. My granddaughter came up to see me yesterday and brought me a pizza from y'all. It was so good. My whole family enjoyed it.


Absolutely killer pizza, great sauce great crust plenty of toppings and stringy cheese. Love love love it! Wish I had some right now

allen dixon

The best pizza by far. I have never ate at a better pizza restaurant, and I have been all over the world. This town is lucky to have this place, and the service great also.

Melissa Marquez

Pizza is great and so is the service. However, we have noticed it is best to eat there and not to-go. The pizza is not so great when we ordered it to-go. It was burnt and tasted as if it had sat for a very long time although it wasn’t ready when we arrived so it should have been “fresh” once we got it. We’ve had great experiences when dining in though so maybe it was just an off night when we ordered to-go.

K Jackson

Sierra did a great job in assisting us. Full of energy and great attention to details. We enjoyed the pizzas and my daughter enjoyed her cheese pizza.We also ordered their “all the way” pizza. Lots of toppings and cheesy on top!. Great location for a small walk in Downtown Crestview.

Amy Gould

I have 5 children ages 6 mos to 10 yrs, we really enjoy this place. It's calm, comfortable, food is fresh and the tasty! Bathrooms are very clean always. Plus the staff are so friendly with the whole family.

Shelly P.

We stopped in to give a try while attending a competition in downtown Crestview the sign made everything look like an authentic itilian pizza joint, trust me they have along way to go. Our pizza was chewy and uncooked in addition to the ingredients not being prepared "well" like we asked . We did not ask for anything other than the check and expressed our concerns to the person assisting us, they must have said some to the possible owner a younger male towards the back door of building who never even came to speak to us just glared and shook his head. WOW trust me we wanted nothing for free sir however your treatment was horrible and the food below average Best of luck

Terry D.

Visiting from out of town and ordered their supreme and pepperoni pizzas for pick up. They told us it would be ready in 40 mins. This was around 5:30 on a week night. It was ready on time piping hot, took it home and fed 4 adults and 2 kids with some left overs. Everyone agreed it was good pizza and would order again. Not sure why the couple bad reviews. See ya next time.

Jennifer Brown

Toppings are awesome, cheese is phenomenal, crust is hit or miss. Sometimes it's perfect and some times its just too... doughy? Yeasty? Not sure, but not awesome.We still go here despite that glitch, like, all the time when we're not keto. Try it and make your own decision.

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