Little Caesars Pizza

1096 N Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 683-8055

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Diana who was at the counter was amazing. Even telling an older / younger lady that she looked beautiful. That was something I will never forget. Such an incredible gesture. Young people don't get the credit they deserve instead people just think they areAll bad, that most definitely is not the case. Diana and her outstanding customer service should be recognized for how she made that lady's day. As a manager and supervisor for a major airline I would definitely make sure my bosses knew what an outstanding example Diana is for CiCi's.

Keneywa Young

Would give a negative 5 if possible! Rude manager Michael and of course owners don't care its their son.Stress of short staff is everywhere dosent mean you can be Rude to customers.

Toby O

Good pizza. hot and fresh if you wait for it. Good prices

Debbie Walton

Everyone was courteous and friendly. Very pleased to see a former student Colton Grey working there, very friendly/ outgoing and professional. So proud of the young crew working there.

Danny Milligan

Pizzas were generally good. The only issue was too much sauce on the meat lovers with three meat. And the cheese bread was a little overdone.


Quick service, Good food, Great prices! The only fail is when they forget a side item (dipping sauce) with an order of pepperoni cheese bread. Make sure you check inside the box and visually confirm that your order is correct/complete. Keep up the good work, God bless.Thanks GE Wood

Diana King

Little Caesars has always has my order ready when I arrive...its usually a quick exchange and then I am on my way. Good customer service. Competitive price.

Peacesgirl83 ps4

Now that there are new employees I feel the place has stepped it up.. I literally drive from Defuniak to Crestview just for this sometimes.. Food is always hot, if not they remake it! Yum! Now I want bread sticks......

David Taylor

Quick.. in and out with what I wanted with hardly any wait time.

Hannah Fortune

Good pizza, quick service

Samantha Lemay

Our food was actually amazing. We had ordered online, arrived 10 minutes after the expected finish time and it wasn't ready which wasn't such a surprise since it seemed to be extremely busy. To our surprise there were so many employees they seemed to be tripping over each other. Then we realized we had actually walked into Fri-yay at the local middle school. There were projectiles sailing over the customer counter, and all sorts of crazy childlike hijinks happening. Finally, a woman who seems to be affiliated with the company on an obviously more professional level called them out and got things moving.

christine Kelly

The girl at the counter was very knowledgeable about her job and the pizza was great!

Chandra Johnson

Never a bad experience here, they are always friendly and make the pizza just how my son likes it's and have even still served us even if it's right before closing. Great customer service and really appreciate the kindest they show every time..

Erika Holt

Amazing customer service!

David Adams

Lunch specials are where its at and served anytime! The thick crust lavished with cheese, pepperoni, and Italian sausage added to mine was superb! A bottled drink comes with it.

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