Thai Siam Cuisine

396 E Cedar Ave, Crestview
(850) 423-4510

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Adam Craig

After eating here several plus times, this place has some really good authentic Thai food for being in Florida. Their food quality has always been top notch. The wait staff is very friendly as well when I pick up my food. However, I'd highly discourage from dining in at this place. It basically doubles as a daycare with the owners toddler behind the register interfering with the transaction or watching an obnoxiously loud kids video on a TV also by the register. This is a small building, seats 20-30 max, you will notice this set up. I get they gotta do what they gotta do and they probably can't do much about it. Just be aware if you dine in you'll probably need to have parent empathy.

Angelic C.

We've been ordering food from this place for years because I love the food and service. Unfortunately over the past year and a half the food's quality/taste has drastically declined. We ordered our normal stables beef pad Thai and shrimp fried rice and massaman curry with shrimp. The shrimp fried rice and massaman curry had a large amount of vegetables not mentioned online or on the menu, broccoli, cabbage, corn, bell peppers, water chestnuts, which makes the food taste unpleasant. Both fried rice and massaman curry had three shrimp total and the massaman curry's potatoes where completely raw making it inedible.

Amanda shannon

This was our first time trying them. We did take out ordered online. The food was amazing!!! We will definitely be back. I love that it is a small family friendly business. Thank you

Lindsay C.

I ordered medium heat chicken pad Thai through Postmates for lunch today because I had been craving pad Thai for a while now. There was little to no spice in it at all, which of course was disappointing. The noodles were decently saucy but really lacked most flavor. I'll probably order again though


Good food and excellent service. Dining room was warmer than I prefer.

David Hall

Good food and service, excellent crispy duck and tasty jasmine tea.

Wilson Johnson

The Drunken Noodles (w/ squid), Chicken Larb, and the Mango Sticky Rice dessert were excellent along with the Shrimp appetizer ?

Linda Davis

Excellent food and service at reasonable prices.

Stephanie Busbee

i do not recommend working at this place. my 16 year old daughter worked here for 5 months. at first the owners were great but then they started keeping tips if my daughter made a mistake. they would work to much during the week. she was only 15 at the time and they would only give her 2 days off a week. my daughter messaged the owner letting her know she would not be able to come to work today bc she needed to catch up on some school work. the owner told her u have off all d

Jessica Bencivenga

The red curry was delicious and I usually favor green. We also tried the fried ice cream and the thai doughnuts. It was all delicious. And our server was so sweet and attentive. We'll definitely be back.

Jeff Raymes

I have eaten here three times all three times it was above and beyond what I would expect from a little mom and pop restaurant if you haven't tried this place you must give it a try. Be patient with the young white staff they're getting better and the food is phenomenal.

Alexander Rojas

We have been here multiple times. The food is good once they get your order right! Not once on any of our visits have they got our order right the first time. The owners must have issues with child care because there is always little kids running and screaming around. Making it more of a babysitting experience than a dinning experience. For me their saving grace is the food is actually good. So if you are okay with eating in what seems to be a daycare/play room than the food here is worth the trip.

Chelsea Chojnacki

My husband and I came in at 8:15. We ordered a drunken noodle and a pad Thai. Our food was delivered around 8:35 at 8:40 I asked for more lime to be told the kitchen was closed and I could not get anything else. The restaurant closes at 9 and I was told that I could not get a lime?! Not only this but right as the server delivered our food she threw the check at us and ignored the fact that we were completely without water. Hannah was not only rude but gave terrible service. Sadly, we will not return.

Kathy Ohlinger

Soup was awful. Returned it, but it was still on the bill. Two people in our party ordered food Thai hot and it had no spice. They had to ask three times for additional spices. Dinner was just awful all around. Giving three stars because lunch we had there a few weeks ago was pretty good. If you go here, try it at lunch time.

T Kelley

The Pad Thai is delicious!! Nice folks, too.

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