Waffle House

1130 N Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 758-8643

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Team McNeill Admin

Jim was my previous UM. Unit 611 should be proud to have him. They’ve also recently recruited Billion Dollar Bobby (Rockstar Grill Operator). I’m excited to see what you come for our division in 2K23.Vegetarian options: If you have an allergies, just inform your waiter/server and they will pass that information along to the cook(s) to ensure all safety measures are performed.Available Produce Items?? Lettuce ?? Tomatoes & Tomatoe Juice?? Onions ?? Jalapeño Peppers?? Mushrooms ?Kid-friendliness: Kid-Friendly Morning Shift. Not really recommended for over nights but our SS can aid in filtering the environment.Parking: Admit ParkingWheelchair accessibility: Each of the Crestview WH are equipped with wheelchair assessable entrances and on busy days there’s often a greeter at the door available for assistance.Dietary restrictions: If you have an allergies, just inform your waiter/server and they will pass that information along to the cook(s) to ensure all safety measures are performed.

Michael Christoff

Breakfast was excellent (as always), coffee was delicious, the service was outstanding, and prices were very reasonable. Enough said!Parking: Plenty of parking available.

FootBall Zombie

Everytime we go our food is great and service is wonderful. We forgot our bacon and James chased us down!!! Thank you 9/13/22

Riana Arenz

Came here with my parents around 6:30pm today (Sept. 7). Our waitress tonight was extremely chatty - with her coworkers. After taking our orders, she was talking and talking with her coworker, while the coworker was working and the waitress was just sitting and chatting away. After we received our food, she was back to talking to her coworker. A conversation which should not have occurred with customers within earshot. She was discussing an instant with her boyfriend/ex and her exact words were, “I called him and could hear him fixing his breathing cause he had just finished.” ? Not exactly a thing anyone wants to hear while eating. She only checked on us once, offering my dad a second cup of coffee, then had to put on a new pot and never came back with fresh coffee. There were also eggshells in my mom’s scrambled eggs, but we were able to get that off of our tab and told the coworker who informed/talked to the cook. Overall, a disappointing and uncomfortable trip to Waffle House…..

Flo Voyager

Awesome! Clean, fast, friendly service. Great food! What's not to love? ☺

Norman Priest

The staff is friendly, smiling, make you feel welcome, no matter if they're super busy or slow you get the same treatment from the servers. Thank You to the staff and waffle house for keeping a standard in a society where no one cares, or wants to do their job. That's where I 'll spend my money is places that want my business.

Ranelle King

Clean store, lovely and attentive staff, speedy service, value for money menu and consistent and reliable quality of food. This Waffle House is definitely a Waffle Home! ?


Friendly staff. Great service. Food prepared to perfection. Clean kitchen. Today they were on point and it showed. Keep up the wonderful work and attitudes!

Angie Wehrly

If you're interested in breakfast any time of the day, you can't go wrong with Waffle House. Their food is made to order which means you get it fresh & you get it YOUR WAY. They also have lunch & dinner items on the menu as well. The fact that the entire family can dine at one restaurant at ANY time of the day or night & everyone get exactly what they want makes it one of the best places in Crestview to dine. The prices are reasonable & the staff is always friendly.

Jonathan’s Vlogs

it feels like walking into your mom's kitchen only this time you have to pay for it. love this place 5 star for sure. name one waffle house that isn't amazing.

M Dawg


Teresa Stanley

Ask for biscuits and gravy and got english muffin in gravy lol rest was realy good. Usually only go here for breakfast time and its always great.

Robert Murphy

Yummy lunch. Friendly staff. It’s a Waffle House. Not much to say.

A J.

We like this one because it's always clean when we eat here. Never had any major issues. They just raised all their prices quite a bit so that was disappointing to see but not unexpected the way the world is right now.

Jacob Wright

It was amazing great service food was really good

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