Mama Fu's Asian House

11105 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 260-1727

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Ross H.

I had a coupon for this place and wanted to check it out. Asian fuzn so I wasn't sure what to expect. They have bowls based on Chinese takeout names. Since I like general tso chicken, I got 2 general fzn bowls with fried rice. I couldn't really say it was like gen tso but it was still good. Chicken and broccoli mixed on top of rice with some carrots. As I said it's a bowl so it's a women size portion, I ended up eating both bowls for lunch. A bowl is $10 which seems a little on the rich side. Maybe offer a small / large bowl. They serve wine and beer so you could hang out and socialize a bit. Try it for something different.

Jimmy PIzarro

First review after multiple visits. Yes, I'm definitely a fan of Mama Fu's. The menu at Mama Fu's features a collection of Asian dishes that we all know and love and every meal is made-to-order using fresh ingredients. Good service and the food is always delicious! I've tried so many dishes which include:- Mongolian Beef - my favorite- Shrimp Pad Thai - another favorite- Chicken Vietnamese Vermicelli- Dynamite Shrimp Lettuce Wrap - nice appetizer - Mongolian Chicken- Thai Basil- Shrimp Fried Rice - my son's favorite- Ahi Tuna Salad - superb Asian dressing Whenever my wife and I come here, we always have to get the Mongolian Beef and pick another dish to share mostly the Shrimp Pad Thai.

summer mccall

asian food and the feeling at this spot is very good. Food was so delicious. Service is consistently good. It has a nice atmosphere. Feels like a place in Los Angeles I loved.

Jesse M.

We ordered dinner from Mama Fu's tonight. They shorted our eggrolls. I ordered Tofu Teriyaki. It was very bland. They barely put any teriyaki sauce on it. The fried rice didn't taste good. My Mom said her shrimp had a bad flavor.

Matthew Aiden

Foods good got a few hairs here or their(a isn't a killer for me but a few of my friends it's a never go again)I just wish they had some quality customer service could be a great place to eat

Gerard Dempsey

The brisket and jalapenos is unbelievably good. I have it about every two weeks. Good. Prices and friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Shannon Maple

We ordered take out and they forgot the chicken in our Lo Mein. The Pad Thai we ordered was also not very flavorful and tasted strongly of peanut butter. Very disappointed!

Alana H.

We've been going to Mama Fu's for several years now. We first started going to the restaurant, it was a great experience and felt very authentic. However over the last year or two we have had several bad experiences. After my brother and I both got food poisoning, we decided to not go back for a while. The last time I went we decided to get the lunch special which included some sort of fried rice. Of the things we've ordered which were significantly highly priced for a takeout place, they tasted bland and unappealing which did not resemble the tasty, mouthwatering meals we have received in the past. The wait seems to be increasingly longer, as well, even when ordering ahead and the store could use a thorough cleaning. We will more than likely not be going back.

Katherine Cohen

I miss when this place was actually really good some years ago. We would eat here almost every weekend. Every time I’ve tried it since they changed the menu it’s been disappointing. There is almost no sauce on every dish and things are very bland. Quick Chinese takeout is better and cheaper. They should really consider undoing all the changes they made.

Emily Doughty

I wish I could post pictures. Waited for over 20min for our food before just getting it to go. Ordered teriyaki chicken because I assumed you couldn’t mess that up. I was wrong. Got home and the chicken is bone dry, it looks like they took breaded frozen chicken and deep fried it for a few seconds, passed a bottle of cheap teriyaki over the surface, and continued to cook for several more minutes to ensure the chicken was as dry as humanly possible.When I called to let them know I didn’t think this was teriyaki and could I come back to get what I ordered, I was assured that the presence of a small smattering of sesame seeds indicated this was indeed teriyaki chicken. How disappointing. No fear, I have teriyaki sauce, so I proceeded to take my meal and dump it into a pan and cook with actual teriyaki is mostly edible, however the gross breading sticking to the chicken bincongealed into and most unappealing goo. The sweet tea was weird.

Tami B.

Delivery was fast and food was hot and great. A lot of food. Had leftovers for the next day. Always great food

Tyler Reed

Used to be one of my faves but the flavors/quantity with two dishes last night were just so-so, like quick chinese, so why pay more at Mama Fus? We did mongolian chicken (bc they charge extra for any other meat, really wanted beef) and sweet and sour chicken. I maybe had four pieces of chicken in the mongolian and the sweet and sour chicken had raw carrots thin sliced. Nothing against raw carrots, but it was extremely bland. at least par boil in some broth or something. Overall, this was mediocre at best and fairly pricey for two meals and an appetizer.

Michael Mayo

Terrific experience. Friendly, Timely service. Thanks!


Sorry lazy staff — 30 minutes before closing and they will not pick up the phone or take an order for take out. Pure laziness and sorry service. Go elsewhere.

Heather Lanza

The staff was helpful and friendly, bringing our food to our patio table. The General Fu's had a nice spice, but was an average meal.

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