Mama Fu's Asian House

11105 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 260-1727

Recent Reviews

Heather Lanza

The staff was helpful and friendly, bringing our food to our patio table. The General Fu's had a nice spice, but was an average meal.

Aura M.

FANTASTIC...after reading some of the reviews we decided to tried Mama Fu's OMG there cauliflower rice is out of this world and their chicken...well out of this world. Make sure you leave room to try their desserts, any The inside is nothing to brag about, but the patio is wonderful and they deliver as well

allison forrester-kosters

Normally this place is amazing. But I found a black hair in my food and I have red hair. So I known it wasn’t mine.

Vicki White

First time trying. I specifically said NO spice (heat) in the Pad Thai. Could not eat due to being so spicy. When I said something I was told there's no spice in Pad Thai and that was that. Husband did enjoy his food.


Amazing food, great customer service. Upbeat atmosphere, definitely will be back! Delicious n reasonably priced

Melissa L.

Will be glad when they're back up with full capacity! Glad to see that there are plenty of spaces to eat outside and inside in spite of this Covid craziness. Order was a bit slow, but it was still tasty and hot!

Rena S.

My boyfriend Daniel & I have visited Mama Fu's many times over the past few's a quick drive from Daniel's house, and a sure-fire cure for those Chinese/Asian cravings! Over the years, finding really good Chinese take out has become increasingly difficult. Portions have shrunk and quality has wavered. Mama Fu's takes away the uncertainty. The dining room is always clean and the food is consistently tasty. Portions are a decent size. I will say that Mama Fu's might be a little on the expensive side...but it's worth it! I've had a couple of negative experiences with Asian cuisine (let's not get into details, but one involved a mis-placed band-aid!)...So getting quality without question is important to me! We ventured over to Mama Fu's yesterday after placing an online order. Up to now, we've always eaten inside. Alas, Covid 19 left us with no choice! Our order was pre-paid and we were instructed to call the restaurant upon arrival for curb side pick up. The first thing we noticed was employees running around with bags of food, trying to find the corresponding customer. It seemed a little chaotic. Our vehicle was approached several times with the wrong order, even after we told different employees the name and order #. The poor guy parked next to us had been waiting quite a while and he was picking up a delivery order. He told one of the employees that his customer was about to cancel-to which she replied that she'd "take care" of his customer. Not sure exactly what that meant, was she going to comp it? Regardless, the delivery driver was probably not going to get a tip from his customer! Our food was brought to our car about 5 minutes over the estimated time. Which we were okay with that. What I realized, though, after getting home shortly thereafter, was that some of the food was almost cold. Reheated Asian edibles just don't have the same oomph! We were starving so we just ate it as is. Understandably, take out will not usually be as fresh & hot as dine-in, but I felt like some of our order had been sitting on the counter for a while. We had appetizers: Crab Rangoon; Dynamite Shrimp; and Pork PotStickers (half crispy and half steamed). These are our favorites which we choose most every trip to Mama Fu's. Tonight the Rangoon was underwhelming. Very little filling. The Dynamite Shrimp was a little tough as well as being cold. The potstickers were the same as usual and we enjoyed them. For entrees we had the chicken Pad Thai and the Mongolain Shrimp with fried rice. This was my first time trying Pad Thai...I would prob try it again with a different protein and without the added peanuts. I liked the noodles & sauce a lot, but the chicken was kinda blah. Of course I have nothing to compare this experience with, being my initial foray into Pad Thai. The Mongolian Shrimp & Rice was excellent. I'd only had Mongolian Beef prior to this and wasn't sure what to expect. But I'd order the shrimp again! Online ordering was a breeze! There were multiple options for each menu item (such as extra sauce, no sauce, etc.) which was nice. I know switching to all curbside service is a big adjustment for everyone. I'm grateful for the restaurants & employees who have stayed open, worked hard. and given us options. We will be back to Mama Fu's-and I'm hoping the next trip will be during safer & happier times!

Chris Alexander

They originally got my order wrong.. However, they gave me the additional meal that they messed up on to try it for the future . As much as we love Mama Fu’s, they get our order wrong just about every time I come here. Such a bummer. I’m giving them a 3 start review because of the quick correction and for giving us the order they already made.

Marybeth C.

This is some good Asian food! If you're used to fast Chinese, it's so much better. The same speed as fast Chinese (maybe faster) but the flavor is 10 times that! Definitely not what I was expecting, blew my mind! Been here a few times since and I've never been disappointed.

Matt Lee

The sesame chicken is incredible!! The veggies were so fresh tasting and complimented exquisitely by their unique house made sesame sauce!! I will be coming back very soon and bringing friends!!(less than 50 of course?)


This is some of the best Asian food I have had in a very long time! I will be coming back again very soon! Thank you for the great service!

Alicia R.

Mama Fu's is one of my FAVORITE places to go for food that's made to order & always delicious. The service is great, owner Jeannie is dedicated to serving up little plates of happiness. I recommend getting the crab rangoons (MADE WITH REAL BLUE CRAB) & the teriyaki chicken is to die for! Support local businesses! This place is downright awesome.

Vera M.

They have gone to crap no more Tofu on the Pad Thai and it was Salty and Dark. Burnt and not light and Airy nor healthy looking like it use to be also definitely missing the.Cilantro PISSSED!!!

Todd Keller

This place has taken a serious nose dive. The food was terrible! My first clue should have been that there were almost no cars in the parking lot at 12:30. We used to eat here regularly and it was very good. Not anymore. After paying $28.00 for lunch we left most of it there. The chicken was dry and tough. The food had no flavor. I don’t know what happened here but my guess is that they will be gone in 6 months if they don’t do something drastic to improve.

Martha Lahey

I don't usually leave reviews but this is well deserved. I stopped going to Mama Fu's for about a year.. Got a random craving and decided to come in for some Pad Thai on Sunday. The food was wonderful. The girl with purple hair working up front was so helpful and charming. I will definitely be back next week!

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