Mama Fu's Asian House

11105 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 260-1727

Recent Reviews

Dee Miller

So my go to location is on San Jose. The blonde manager (I wish I knew her name), is so friendly, down-to-earth, helpful, And hard-working. Just zip, zip, zip..stop and help...back to zip zip zipping! Lol. Then, when I looked around and listened, Everyone was eager, helping, and friendly. The cook was literally doing the work of three people who were off! Although obviously tired, he was so nice.

Allen Roth

3 stars is generous for both food and service. Had over $100 of varies items across the menu. Everything tastes like decent ready to heat and eat Chinese food from a freezee at your local grocery store. They have wine and beer.

Oops Its Faith

Prices are great! And the food tastes delicious! Good job!! I love the Dynamite Shrimp! I recommend this place for catering, my friends had food catered and loved it!

Rayquan J.

I went yesterday morning and the food was amazing. I had a Tom Kha for the the very first time it was Greeeaaatt definitely will be back soon. The downfall the guy who took my order smelled like alcohol and cigarettes was working way to hard for a tip to the point it was completely aggravating. He reeked everytime he walked past me to the point where...I asked my server to bring me a to go box. She was very nice of young, colored girl she accommodated me quickly and I definitely appreciate her.

Viajante D.

Owner is a very hard worker, very nice and really care about her customers. Teacher's get 20% discount on any Meals Wow I got a Low Mein with vegetables and me and my cousin really like it, if you want to eat fresh, healthy and fast I recommend this place.

Tracy T.

It was my first time here. I ordered a shrimp pad Thai and a Thai steak salad. The pad Thai was little salty for my taste. The salad was horrible. All the leafty greens are mushy old that I couldn't eat. All I ate was the oranges and the steak which was on a separate container. What would chef Gordon Ramsey say about this salad y'all ? Will not come back !

G C.

I've been coming here for about two years; however, it appears the quality of the food and the service is starting to go down. The food does not look very enticing when prepared and the servers appear to be untrained in the "food safety and hospitality arena". My last visit was the worse. It took them 33 minutes to get me my takeout. Time was based on the time stamp on the receipt to the time I received my food. While waiting, the clerk behind the register (thankfully not in the kitchen) was picking a pimple off his face and was also picking his nose behind the counter. Once again, thankfully he was using a napkin, but still, this is a food establishment. Several customers who were waiting too also notice this disgusting behavior. Perhaps the associates need more training. Either way, I won't be coming back.

Jenny Pham

I ordered here the first time, got a bad experience. I made an order online, add 10oz of tofu, and pay extra $3.20 for it. They called me that they didn?t have any tofu. I said that was ok. When I came to pick up my order, they kept me for long tried to give me back the extra amount I paid for tofu. Then, Giving me cash for the difference. After that, a lady said I had to give the cash back, they would refund the amount to my credit card. I was confused but still gave cash back to them. They continued keeping me for a while, then gave me another receipt. Today, I checked my credit, the amount showed on my card exactly the number that was charged on my card, nothing changed. Waste my time and money for a lunch.

Lawrence N.

This is a mixed bag. First red flag in a place that purports to be vegetarian friendly, they're out of tofu? It's 11:00 am, should I run to Publix for you? Ok, lots of wine and beer at the register but alas we move on. Great stuff first, the broccoli and ginger dish, awesome taste. The veggie dumplings, again fresh and fabulous. Brown rice was perfectly cooked. The freshness of the veggies and sauces made this meal. Bad stuff, the rice paper veggie roll loaded with vermicelli was icky, it was par cooked, a roll of crap. The fortune cookies, seriously tasted like a piece of tree bark and I think tree bark might be better. Would I return? yes, hopefully they will have tofu for me. The service was great all the way around

Alyson Riley

It is so nice having gluten free options that actually taste good! The staff is excellent and the food was perfect

Chip A.

I used to go to this restaurant when it first opened years and years ago. But I just went there for dinner and got Mongolian beef with brown rice and a pork egg roll. All I have to say is man was I disappointed with this recent visit. The place looks nothing like it did years ago. The feeling of the place was down right depressing and quite frankly looks like it's on its way out of business. The food was not good at all. The beef still had a raw corn starch taste and wasn't even pieces of meat. It was tiny little chunks and one big piece of stringy meat. The egg roll was burnt and had an odd taste. I won't be going back to Mama Fu's anytime in the near future unfortunately.

Susan P.

Gosh I feel so disappointed. I've been here one other time and it was pretty good so I was expecting good things when I ordered something for lunch. I called in an order and I was on hold for nine minutes before they picked up. I was almost there by that time. I ordered pad Thai. The guy who is working at the counter was very nice and very friendly and apologetic about taking so long to answer the phone. The food was ready just a couple minutes after I arrive so they did make it very fast. The pad Thai tasted like no pad Thai I ever had before. It was not pad Thai it was noodles with some random sauce I have no idea what it was but it was just downright terrible. I ordered it with tofu and the tofu was spongy and flavorless. They did have some chili sauce on a sideboard so you can supplement your food. Man I never get on this side of town so I guess it doesn't really matter but I certainly won't be back.

Connor Gasaway

Not real pho.. not even close. Service was good but it is not authentic vietnamese food.

Jesse Long

Nice variety of selections with many vegetarian options. Reasonable prices.

Bob F

Food was good. Service ok. We arrived 30 minutes before closing and they had already dumped out the tea urns and taken the nozzles of the soda machine. Not acceptable.

Brooke A.

Excellent food! Ordered with GrubHub. Chicken Lo Mein. Summer Rolls and Pork Spring Rolls. Fresh. Tasty. Would definitely go back even though they forgot my extra peanut sauce.


Pad thai was presented nice but the flavor is not the same as it was a few years ago. Noodles were under cooked and no egg? Seems like they changed their recipe. Dinner

Bob Farris

Food was good. Service ok. We arrived 30 minutes before closing and they had already dumped out the tea urns and taken the nozzles of the soda machine. Not acceptable.

Yvonne B.

This is our favorite Asian food restaurant. The food is Great!! The people that work there, Maddie, Judith and Chad are so kind and helpful with advice on choices. We have never been disappointed. I highly recomend for a great Asian cuisine experience.

Louise G.

This used to be one of my favorites, but in recent years the ownership has obviously changed with food quality up and down. Today we tried one last time and we won't be back. I had pad Thai with zoodles which was ok and my husband had brisket fried rice that was so spicy he couldn't finish it. $30 for the two entrees and two soft drinks, no egg rolls. Too many other places to eat much better for that price.

Pamela Ross

Meal was delicious and staff super nice! Can't wait to try some of the other entrees.

DeVondra Beauford

I tried the Chicken Fried Rice which was really good. Great in portion size for what you pay. We decided to dine in and had a great first experience. My husband had the Lo Mein which was also very good.

Eric Jaffe

if you love this kind of food you cant go wrong. They make it fresh. I love their spring rolls, t he sauce especially and their version of General Tao's Chicken is first rate.

Lucious Sumlar

Great healthy food at reasonable prices for our family. Service was excellent!!!

Marley Moopley

This place is too expensive for the poor quality of the food. It takes forever to get your food. Then it's limp and lacks taste. I think it was the missing salt. We had to add soy sauce and hoisen at home to make it tolerable. The cashier was very confused. It just went downhill from there. We tried this place many years ago, figured we'd give it another chance. The staff kept apologizing. I felt a little sorry for them working here.

Jonathan W.

Be prepared to wait. Here on a Sunday night w about 10 other customers and we've waited 25 minutes so far. No food. And this location does not participate in free kids meal on Sundays FYI. Update: 45 minutes for full order of food to be delivered to table.

Colleen B.

Terrible. Silverware was dirty, food was not cooked, and we had to leave without our food bc it took over half an hour to get it. Not to mention the floor under us had shrimp on it and the server touched food with her bare hand. Will never be back. I don't normally do reviews, but having to leave with hungry kids in tow is not ok. I honestly was concerned with getting sick since the utensils and floor was so dirty.

Jennifer S.

The food may be delicious...but I never received it. The bad review is most likely on Grub Hub, but IDK because nothing was communicated to me other than an estimated wait time and an update to 30 mins later. Order made at 5:25 with estimated delivery of 6:25. This changed to 6:54 after order was placed. It is currently 8:21 and I have not received an additional update or my food.

August Broussard

I come here all the time, I even bring my mom. WE LOVE this place, itâ??s always our go-to. :) Whenever there is an issue with the food, it is always solved. They have no problem remaking our food exactly the way we like it. Ira and Judith are exceptional and always greet us with smiles and a great experience. HIGHLY recommend this place.

Dori Craven

Service was good. But the food was not good at all. We used to come here, loved it before. What happened?! So disappointed. My beef dish was really greasy, no flavor, everyone's food was just okay or not good. Someone at table said theirs was gross, afraid to complain. I don't know if it's new management or what at this San Jose location? I asked a friend of mine that used to eat here too and she said it wasn't good the last time she visited also. So we won't be back again unless it changes, becomes the Mama Fu's we remember. It was also not very clean. The Tea tasted weird too.

Rachel C.

Stopped in for lunch and tried the Mongolian (beef) and the upgraded side of fried rice. My dish was full of flavor, just a tad on the sweet side for me. I would have preferred more heat. The fried rice was so-so and I'd just go with steamed next time. I was torn between 3-4 stars but I'm giving 4 because the girl behind the register was very friendly. She was also the same person who brought out the food and cleared the table.

Mark R.

My sister-in-law and I came here for dinner tonight and I have to say I was very impressed with the freshness of the food and the customer service we received. I had the tofu broccoli and ginger which was rich with flavor and the white rice was an added touch. The broccoli was semi-crunchy and the tow food was cooked to perfection. My sister-in-law had a chicken salad which looked great! It was made with fresh spinach and cucumber and she really didn't joy that as well. This is a great place to go for fresh Asian food That is rich in flavor.

John G.

First time at this restaurant and will probably be the last. I ordered the Brisket Fried Rice thinking I would at least receive something that resembles the menu picture, even just a little. It didn't. I feel very cheated. The flavors doesn't live up to the over $10.00 price tag either.

Dean B.

Mama Fu's use to be really good. Stop there tonight, as we had not eaten there for a long time. Anyway, we were totally disappointed, we both had a steam bowl, one with chicken the other with shrimp. When the food came to our table it was cold, the rice, the teriyaki sauce, all of it cold. When we looked for a table most around us were dirty, seems odd since we were ther at 5:30 PM. The wait staff was standing around doing nothing and could have been cleaning. Needless to say we will not be returning.

Daniel De Luna


Jeremy Stone

The flavor of the food was pretty good for what is basically a fast food place. The quality of the food leaves a little to be desired. I had steak lo mein and the steak was basically just fat. I left most of it. The tea was terrible as well. Normally I wouldn't mention drinks but it tastes like dirt so I thought I would share. Get soda or water and skip the tea.

Vanessa T.

My expectations of Mama Fu's were not that high, I haven't been in a few years I remembered it as ehhh just ok, not my first choice for Asian cuisine. I happened to grab a few Living Social half price gifcards and this was one of them, that's what brought us in...walking in we saw they have a featured menu, it had more low carb items ( zoodles-zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice) we tried a few of these Shrimp pad Thai with zoodles- yummy, good portion, good flavors the zoodles were cooked correctly Shrimp lo mein- all good, daughter had no complaints Cauliflower chicken fried rice- delicious! Filling and the sauce they used was fantastic! Salty with just a tough of sweet, really good I would def get this again Carnitas wontons- yum, crispy bites of porky goodness! My daughters both said there were actually a lot of shrimp in their dishes, they didn't skimp! So we left with a new lunch spot in rotation and a changed experience of Mama Fu's, pretty good!

Eddie A.

My girlfriend decided to take me to dinner last night... I love Chinese food and we were in front of Mama Fu's on San Jose Blvd here in JAX.... I love to give attaboyz but I also dont hesitate to complain when needed... The GOOD presentation of the food was wonderful, their containers and quality of flatware and condiments is very good, the store looked very clean. THE BAD - I was PUT OUT by the help pointing at the TIP line on the TOGO receipt... Mama Fu's PLEASE PAY YOUR PEOPLE A FULL SALARY and dont harass us for last minute money... The food is NOT cheap, but neither was the presentation, so menu prices are ok. But stop leaching money from us when this is NOT a full service restaurant. THE UGLY - This is my personal Opinion, I had issues with the food and getting the order right. This was the WORST FOOD I have had in a crazy long time. Rice Krispy Treat Bricks so big you could build one of the little pig's houses out of them. The size was not the issue, it was dry, barely had marshmallow in them and stale. Better to be used as a terrorist weapon. I ordered the beef with fried rice and got white rice. The have two versions of the sauce "Mama's sauce" not bad, and the original KrazyStupidHotSauce... I am so glad I asked for the sauce on the side... The rice was terrible. The brisket was good. She ordered Garlic Chicken with WHITE Rice, we got Ginger Chicken with FRIED rice... Not eatable... She likes Egg Drop Soup, what they call Egg Drop Soup was ONION, and I mean ONION!!! SOUP... Not even recognizable as egg drop soup. I ordered Hot & Sour soup one of my favorites... The Good Bad News about labeling ANYTHING "Chinese Food" is many people forget China is a huge country and different provinces may have different flavoring styles... Much akin to TX Chili (no beans) and Springfield IL chilli (yes the extra L is correct) with bacon, ground turkey, tomatoes, beans, and cooked in a can of beer. It's traditionally topped with oyster crackers and shredded cheese. So the fact that Mama Fu's makes HORRIBLE (to me) Hot & Sour soup, I just wish I knew which region of China influenced these recipes, I would avoid other restaurants of this style like the plague... Again, this is MY opinion, your mileage may differ... /shrug


My grands and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Mamma Fu!! It was a family friendly place and the food was delish!

Brooke H.

The kids and I love to hop i. The car and drive to mama fus! We frequent this place 2^ times a month at least! We love they have vegan and gluten free options and the meals are made per order. The food is always fresh, colorful and delicious. It is more pricey than other places, but you do get a huge portion which lasts a few meals! And you can't beat happy hour!