First Watch

16935 NW 67th Ave, Hialeah
(786) 785-8600

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alex tattoos

First watch is my go to breakfast restaurant whenever I’m in the mood for the best Belgian waffle. I live in restaurants and every different restaurant has its own thing that they’re particularly good at, and the Belgian waffle at first watch, is the best that you’re gonna get from any restaurant hands-down. they just use the right batter and anyone who knows there Waffles knows what I’m talking about. We checked out their location in Miami Lakes And were greeted nicely and seated without having to wait too long, service was ok. We ordered the trifecta and the seasonal Barbacoa burrito and let me just say that, that burrito knocked it out of the park. Good food decent service my only knock on this place is that for a breakfast restaurant It is one of the more expensive ones out there but everything is expensive today, that’s just the world we live in now. anyway I do recommend this location, if you’re thinking about trying them out, don’t hesitate most likely you will have a positive experience with some tasty food to talk about.


It was a madhouse. We waited about 45 minutes for a table. This location is undersized and gets crowded very quickly. The food was good but I will not go to this location after 10am due to the wait time so be smart and use the wait in line app before arriving.Food: 4/5


Been here a couple times and it just gets worse and worse! Each time they put less food on the plate and specially to pick up orders!! It’s horrendous! I ordered a traditional and a salad and it was half empty and the avocado was literally black! ? The staff is horrible and won’t help you at all they take there sweet time to get back to you! Waste of time and money going to this place.

Stephanie Cortes

Best servers at first watch!!! Hands down very attentive, food was amazing, your glass will always be full . If you stop by make sure to ask for Caty or Rosenny??

Willy Domingues

Nice farmhouse breakfast spot, the drinks are super healthy and tasty. Everything is always delicious and portioned perfectly. The staff is outstanding even when they’re busy and swamped in the kitchen, especially Rosy & Brinsin! Always treating my family and I with top notch attention. We’re always leaving with a happy face and every satisfied. I highly recommend coming here.

M Jackson

I've been to several different First Watch locations and one thing remains the same. First Watch serves healthy quality food with great customer service.

Demi Lamas

Delicious food and friendly staff. Rosie is great! Amazing breakfast spot.

Lesley C.

Hands down the absolute worse location - go somewhere else! Cold food, wrong ingredients used, food comes out at all different times for 1 table Everything all wrong

Paul S.

First Watch is one of my favorite breakfast restaurants. I drive from Dadeland to N Miami just to enjoy their great cooking. This morning I was initially disappointed because my breakfast took almost a half an hour to be served, and when it arrived, it was cold. My excellent and very considerate waitress, Melissa, kept updating me during my wait and made sure I had my coffee warmed. But I sent the meal back and asked to speak with the manager. I think his name was Angelo, who came to my table, apologized for the wait, took my plate and personally returned a couple of minutes later with piping hot pancakes and eggs, which were, as usual, excellent. While initially disappointed, my gracious, attentive waitress and the professional manager determined to keep a patron happy , changed a complaint into a happy, repeat customer. The ambience, great service and good food will keep people coming back.

Grisel P.

I wanted to catch up with a friend and try somewhere new, when I ran into this spot. So happy we ended up coming here! I'll definitely be coming back. The service was amazing! Our waitress was amazing sadly I didn't catch her name but she had been working there for 6 years and made some great recommendations. I had the Elevated Egg Sandwich per her recommendation and it was soo good and the potatoes *chef's kiss* I also tried the Floridian Pancakes which had fresh kiwi, bananas, and strawberries. I ended sharing this with friend. The ambiance was very nice too, nothing super extravagant, but it was cute and quaint. I recommend making reservations if you're going on a Sunday after 10am since it can get packed. I got there right around 10 and only waited 15 minutes but after we were sat we definitely noticed and increase in clientele.

William M.

Food is great and the service was excellent also. So you maybe wondering...Why the 2 stars?? Well I have issue with eating among our four legged friends. I promise you I do not eat any of my meals at PetsMart or any other pet supply shop. No, I'm not anti dog. I have a wonderful Chocolate Lab (Roger Rigs) that I love dearly. However, I take issue with dander and pet hair covered French Toast, I believe it's a texture issue!! Not quite sure though. Very similar to the dogs in carts at Publix. I always thought it was illegal to have pets in restaurants and grocery stores. Now by no means am I at issue with a true service animal assisting a blind or disabled person. These animals are extremely well trained and God forbid I was in that situation. God Bless them!! As far as these flakes using emotional support as a reason to take a very untrained Fido to a restaurant, this is absolutely crap. If you're that unstable you should be going anywhere. They need you to give up your write to vote and many other rights you may enjoy. The right to bare arms Canceled!!! I'm mean we don't need you shooting up the neighborhood with a Street Sweeper cause Fluffy passed. Anyway, lose the dogs and I change my review to the 5 stars you deserve.

Bill Kinch

The entire experience is amazing, from the service as soon as you enter until you’ve eaten your last bite. AMAZING flavorful food!!

Ada M.

One of the best places to have a power bfast out there. A tip...wake up early, after 10 you would have to make a long line to get in, so this is s great spot por early birds. Everything feels very comforty and flavorful and portions are VERY large. I would just love a nice cappuccino but they only do American coffee, so if you need an expresso to function this is not your spot. But on the bright side it has lots of juice options!

Rosamy Gonzalez

Paid about $15.00 for an AMsuperfoods Bowl and received a small kids cup poorly filled with chia pudding and some fruits. Definitely not worth $15.00! If this is the serving size it should be called AMsuperfoods cup. I’ve had this same item in the plantation location and the cup was much larger.

Jennifer P.

Always a go-to for breakfast! The wait time is the only minimal downside but if planned ahead, I have yet to find a better breakfast spot. Food tastes fresh no matter the time.

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