Little Caesars Pizza

525 N 15th St, Immokalee
(239) 867-0555

Recent Reviews

Jeanie Avery

My pizza was doughy, wet, and covered in grease.

Brianna Wallen

How do you claim to have "hot and ready pizza," but when I go threw your not busy drive thru you tell me you have NOTHING?!?! When I'm able to get pizza here it's good, but this happens to often for me to give it a good review.

John Shepherd

Order on your phone. Friday and Saturday evening there is likely to be a wait if you go to drive thru. Hawaiian was disappointment, but the thin crust pepperoni was great.

Amber Shain

Friday nite, forget it! they will make u wait 40 mins in line in the drive thru before they say another 40 minute wait on any order. Tip:if ppl leave the line do the same

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Pizza is poor To much breading and less cheese. Poor customer service.


Pizza sucks too much breading and less cheese. poor customer service

leo hernandez

Pizza is great, but dont go there Friday night cause you'll be there for at least 1hour, just waiting in line ,need 2 drive thrus

Bridget Balili

Disgusting!! I found a piece of a finger nail in my pizza.

Isaias Alvarez Jr

This place is has the slowest moving employees ever, waited 20 minutes to pick up an order i placed 30 minutes ago

Amanda Lyston

This place has gone down over the last few months. The wait seems to take longer and longer. I was a manager for a pizza place and pizza doe NOT take 20 min each time Its 7 minutes from start to finish and if its takin longer then you need to get your ovens adjusted!!

Samantha Aparicio

It lacks great enthusiasm and cheese bread should be served fresh.

Deborah Cook

In my opinion Little Ceasars is the best pizza place in Labelle for the money. Yes, there are better pizza places but they are more expensive. I also like the convenience of ordering online then picking the time I can pick it up.

Ananias Oris

The server doesn't care for customers

Brad Dussault

Quick and excellent priced.

Jesse Veloquio

What more is to say its cheap 5 dollar pizza other then the friday long lines but hey for a quick eat for 5 bucks what more is there to say

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