Orange Bowl Lanes

4318 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland
(863) 858-3878

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I was surprised on how nice this place was the one I hear the wings and the oysters are good and the people are friendly

Jeremy Tyson

Friendly very helpful staff food was good beer was cold any lots of big bouncy scenery to see

Tamera Brown

I've been coming to the Orange bowl for many years and I had the worst customer service .I asked to speak with a manager and she's like I'm the manager I've been here for 27 years.Im 48 years old and been coming with my children and now my grandkids for many years! I was having a grandparent day with my grandson and I left my ID at home. She would not accept my debit card, Medicare card and voters registration nothing and would not let us have a table during the day with no one in the game room! Treating us with the worst customer service ever. Very disappointed! So we went to the new billards and game room across the street and that is our new fun spot. UPDATE!!!GREAT NIGHT AS A RETURN CUSTOMER ALL THE STAFF WAS AMAZING HELPED US IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE NOW THAT'S TEAM WORK!!


Good food.. but terrible service by the one younger lady. Just not a very nice person. No customer service skills at all....

Dee Friedenberger

We went last night! 1/22/ problem waiting on a lane, we knew it was Saturday so it was busy. Thats fine, BUT when $80 on food and half of it was stolen, the other half was wrong and we literally spent over an hour of our 2 hour time frame WAITING in the food and by the way we never got LANE SERVICE...I refuse to go back. This place can NOT handle more than a dozen customers at a time! We have been here a few times and it was busy so u wait, but this time ruined it all!


Everyone I come to this place it’s something. This past time, my family and I waited until 9:00 to come bowl because when I called this morning I was told the leagues would be over around 9-9:30 and I could get a lane right after. That I may have to wait 10 min. So we get there at 8:30 and we are told there’s an hour and a half wait. I asked how that is and was told there are people on the waiting list. Interesting…wasn’t told about a waiting list this morning when I called. There’s nothing more disappointing than a company with mixed communication !! This is the 2nd time we have left AMF to drive 30 min out of the way to go to Orange Bowl Lanes. So it looks like they will continue to get our business !

Christopher Zenzel

I didn't start bowling until recently and started with this location. I saw their sign several times as I would get gas at Wawa. I decided to try it out several times and got hooked into bowling including pro gear and now trying to enter the league. I tried several bowling allies for practice in the past 2 months including Splitsville in Tampa. To my surprise they are using the same scoring system and tablets as Tampa. Furthermore, the staff is generally good and non-disruptive to the harmony of the lanes. Furthermore the morning practice pricing on weekends is better; however, another local ally on occasion offers better and more frequent unlimited bowl at night. I am overall satisfied with this location as well as their services. I never tried the food/beverage options but will in the future. I usually go to Downtown after bowling a few games.

Joshua Osgood

I'm a lifelong Lakeland resident and have come to Orange Bowl for many, many years. It's a nice place to spend some time with friends.Pretty much every time I have been here, I've noticed a police car in front of the building which is obviously a good measure to deter any malicious behavior. But today, my friends and I were greeted by a "rent-a-cop" at the front door, with a metal detector wand. I'm a law abiding citizen who has never committed a crime, but I value my rights as an American citizen. This is a BOWLING ALLEY. What happened to the real police officer that was always present, and why do you think this is okay for a BOWLING ALLEY? This is not an airport; I'm going to consent to a search just to go bowling.I'm currently writing this from the AMF alley on the opposite side of town, which is the place my friends and I will go until you guys ditch the security checkpoint.

Rachel Boyer

Loved every second of it! Clean, efficient, and the staff was so friendly. May make this a regular Sunday event!

Tanya Wells

We had a blast!

Tracy Robinson

Good, under new mngmt. Renovations are on going. New updated touch screens. Games are reasonably priced. Staff attentive and food was pretty good. My kids enjoyed the fries, wings and chicken tenders (very tender & tasty). We always make a full afternoon out of bowling.

Dennis Swilley

I love it there the staff is really nice and helpful its really nice and clean every time i go and its a great place to take ur family and kids

JustMy OpinionGirl

Not sure where to begin. This place was definitely sketchy and with the amount of security ... I may be correct. The establishment was clean and for the most part entertaining. Most of the team members seemed to be on something though... especially the girl behind the food register. Wow, talk about spaced out. Besides rocking back and forth like a porch chair...I had to repeat my order 2 times and she added things I didn't even say. It just seemed rather unorganized and not managed at all. I would have to pass on returning.

Charlene Holbrook

Friendly people, nice atmosphere, good drinks.... a fun place to go & relax!! ?

Sandra Hernandez

I had so much fun here. People were so nice and it's such a fun place to go...

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