4296 US Highway 98 N Space C-260, Lakeland
(863) 853-1166

Recent Reviews

Shayne Biltz

Denise and Gabriel were rock stars. They were jam packed to the door and people continued to come in. They worked really well together as a team, extremely polite and attentive to all guests even as the toaster went down. Give them a raise and send them help.

Scott Causey

Very pleasant experience. Ive been to that locatoin several times and the employees are always so very nice. I stopped there today on the 2nd and every time i go there they are so polite and friendly. Thank you ladies for treating me so good. ?

Marie Baker

Love this location, the sandwich makers are always wanting return guest so they go beyond their requirements for each guest that comes in.

Luis Rosario

First time here. Excellent service. Very clean place. Friendly staff.

Bob DeGroot

I have been a loyal customer at this location and have seen many changes regarding the quality of their sandwiches but after this latest round of "so called fresh" I'm throwing in the towel. The breads are getting smaller, the condiments are subpar and value for money is out the door. I observed them opening breads and flattening them with both hands, making it look like a wet cracker! No thank you! Goodbye!

ansyncom Ochoa

Really clean restaurant. The two staff were so nice and attentive to customers that I didn’t want to leave . Keep it up

Hugh Bowen

My new favorite Subway! Probably the cleanest, best laid out and managed Subway I have ever tried. I will definitely be back regularly!

Tammy Williams

Awesome staff! They are amazing

Dhinesh T

I would rate this Subway the best in the entire Lakeland. They maintain the store clean and service is always great. They also have veggie patty available for veggie sub lovers

G Lorenzo Smith

Always happy with this particular Subway.They're on their game

Jimmy Harmon

I only visit this store after 9pm because my wife is driving home from work so all i can say is the staff is friendly,knowledgeable and always willing to do their part in making wonderful sandwiches no matter what time you come in. I'm usually a Monday night customer at this subway 2 or 3 tines a month

Mike Eady

Fresh made before your eyes.

Terry Schmelzer

Super efficient workers. Always consistent, they are definitely Sandwich Artist.

Thomas Gardner

The lady was extremely nice and helpful, the other worker was newer but was still very kind and reassuring. The make line was well kept and clean as well as the rest of the restaurant. Best subway I have ever been too

Alan Rodriguez

This is a great location, very clean and a friendly staff.

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