SW Caribbean Delights

1310 W Daughtery Rd, Lakeland
(863) 858-8900

Recent Reviews

Thomas Murdock

Great service but the food was bland and tasteless. We purchased the oxtails and king fish. I wouldn’t recommend this place.

Daniel Lincoln

Food was good but they give you small portions for the large price they ask for. I'm use to bigger portions for the price they request. Stop being skimpy with the

Steph Maynard

Awesome food!! Great service.

jumphouse man

Great food and service. Will return for more.

Robert Treat

Try the curry goat!

Stacy Richardson

Only Jamaican food that tastes like my grandma who is also Jamaican. Its sooo good


First timer enjoyed my self lots of food on my plate full of flavorful Caribbean spices really enjoyed it.

Claudine Humber

DELICIOUS food!!! It's my favorite Jamaican restaurant!

PJ Jones

I normally only leave reviews when the service is bad, since we all have different taste buds. The food truck comes to my apartment in Baldwin park. The j*** chicken was awful , basically undercooked grilled chicken with hot j*** marinade/paste on top of it making it impossible to eat because it was too spicy. Previously tried stew chicken it wasn’t undercooked but not good taste wise . The lady was nice taking orders , but the quality and taste of food is not good. Best of luck

Cinda B.

Food was very good, and the staff was very nice. Big portions! Excellent - will be back!

Shanika Jones

My food was not fresh at all...so I will not be returning. You should not charge high prices, for two-day-old food. You don't do business like that. very unsatisfied customer.

Heddy Z.

Excellent Jamaican food! Loved the stew and cabbage! J*** chicken was excellent! Highly recommend!

Hebrewyale Gore

The food good same as every time I go up thea... An the people are really nice I feel as tho that is most important when I'm spending my money shiid I'll go out my way to spend money with people who treat me like a human being ?????

Chrystle M.

Absolutely delicious made to order food. The staff is so friendly and attentive. The brown stew snapper just melts in your mouth. Don't bother grabbing a napkin and wasting that delicious sauce, just savor it and eat it off your fingers.

Lauren Wilson

This truck comes to my complex every week and they are absolutely amazing. It may seem a little expensive but she packs the containers FULL. The food is amazing quality and well made. It’s worth it, not only supporting a small business, but good quality food that feeds me for two - three meals.

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