Domino's Pizza

5769 NW 7th St Ste 22, Miami
(305) 420-6460

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David Meilan

This location is horrible. Order took reflect after 40 driver was on his way.. They turned off tracker and 30 mins later still no pizza. Called and was informed the driver had a few stops to make. 10! Mins later driver calls and is lost. It’s a simple address. Get my order and not only was pizza not hot but warm but they gave me the wrong pizza. Called store and told they can redo order but would be 1 hour. I will never order from this location. Waiting for it to close and return to the Coral Way and 67th location which is much better for delivers. As you can see all the Google reviews, this Dominoes is horrible. This is your warning!

Fabianna Otero

TERRIBLE! They get my order wrong, and say I have a free credit for a free pizza, and I call the next day to use the credit and they say there is nothing in the system… absolutely ridiculous.. when I’m calling for the order and claiming the free pizza they hang up the phone on me. I worked at dominos when I was younger and I’m APPALLED!

Thomas Donigan

My boy Yordan hooked the delivery up big time. Had some trouble finding him but the man would not leave until he tracked me down in my hotel lobby. Super grateful for the service man, apologies for making your night complicated!

Ty Fincher

Who says there's no innovation in the third world? This location is a leader in green technology. They apparently leave the store with the food still frozen, letting it thaw to perfection during the two hours that delivery takes. Par for the course in similar developing regions around the world. Low sodium options available too- the drivers will don their sweat bands upon request. All joking aside, I could have made a dozen of those African mosquito patties in the time it took my order to arrive.

Danny G

Just left this place. Pizza was disgusting. When i was headed to sit down I asked the guy to use the bathroom and he said “there is no bathroom for you” I was like “ok”. lol 5 minutes later he's headed to the bathroom himself. When he came out I said, so there is no bathroom for me but there is for you? He said yes. He just had such a ridiculous look on his face while he said that to a customer with such confidence that I couldn’t believe it. No surprise from a dominoes with someone of that quality working there. I do not recommend this place at all.

Heather Avalo

HORRIBLEEEEE!!!!!!!I ordered online so my husband can go pick it up after work. when he got home he came with the incorrect order, so i called the store 10 times with no answer. got dressed went all the way back to the store , for the manager just to look at me like i was crazy. They made a mistake , i get it , but she was so rude and didn't know English. i just dont understand how unprofessional people become managers.i left so angry didn't even end up eating the pizza and not getting my money back. never again

arianna rodriguez

None im really dissatisfied and un happy with this costumer service i had today with the assistant manager and the employee i spoke to i am a general manager is really sad how a assistant manager you call them as soon i place the order by accident my son always order from you im loyal costumer i have never called ask for nothing even when you guys forget put something first time i called because im allergic tu mushrooms and speaking to the manager explaining that i present paper im allergic mushroom and i just told her if she can change it tu chicken carbonada even i had pay more that be ok but she was sow rude not even professional not even apologize she just didn’t care she just first thing she said well i don't care food is in the oven wright know and im cancel the order instead of caring to not loose a costumer and just change the pasta and that is loosing money and not caring about costumer i would like my money back i have time place order time i called didn't even take 4 minute me call them to say of they can change !!! I wouldn't even give a star to that lady even she make crew members not even care what the costumer likeI mot ever ordering from here again

Luis Del Sol

They have bad service. They keep door close, when I ask manager why you keep door close, he answer that he want, then I left my order and go to other locacion with good service. Sorry, I love Dominos Pizza.

Alexander Viltrez

The pizza lacks cheese, it was simple peace of bread. Was unfortunate bc the ingredients were very good..

B. Doer VA

Horrible customer service, I went yesterday night around 1150 pm to pick up my order what was made by Dominos app, when i reached the store, door were still open and for my surprise the employee kicked me out from the store, with very bad actitud, my wife was with me who saw everything, i have ordered pizza frequently even more late, but obviously they didn't want to work yesterday, i did my order around 1127pm, just let me know what's the schedule of this store? Or just they work whenever they wants to work? Very bad experience specifically at this store, at the store when i got in were 3 employee 2 males and a young lady. Thank you

Roxy Bush

Worst domino's I've ever had the pleasure to deal with will never order here again. Pizza is lost they said they delivered it to another door knocked on that door they never got a pizza.. customer service sucks.

Kenji Lota

the amount of pasta in the alfredo is 3/4 of those that you get from other branches. There isn't enough sauce, and there's only about 2-3 pieces of chicken in it. The wings are not cooked with the sauce, like they just put sauce on top of your wings and it was even done poorly.

Patti H.

The worse Domino's Pizza I have ever visited. Before I even received my order I explained that I personally made a mistake with the choice of soda and if I could have it switched to another one - rudest non-english speaking older male told me basically that it "was too bad you already paid for it and not going to change it. Nothing you can do!" Worse customer service ever, not sure how they are still in business. One other time they tried to leave me with a pizza order in which someone had already "eaten a slice of the pizza". It just gets worse every time I go!!

Michel Jaquemot

I put one start because -10 stars doesn’t existe..I am eating at the place with my son, and I ask the guy here (young kids, glasses, full of acne, looking and answering his phone constantly..I hope you gonna recognize him!!!).. so I ask to go to the bathroom to wash our hands, he say no! “ bathroom is closed ( a guys from brinks came and went to the bathroom like nothing happen) the guys told I open the door , in Dpanish of course..even my kids told, “ but the guys just went to the bathroom!!??? So I ask to have some napkins he said, we don’t have it ( see picture !! ).. I needed to clean my hands on my pizza box!!It will be the WORST experience EVER and really someone need to fix this Kid’s issue or he should need to change job because apparently customer service is not his strength!!!.I will continue to order pizzas at home but for sure I will never put one feet in this Store locate at 5769 NW 7th Street.. WORST STORE EVER!!No sorry!!!!


So this place was doing good with the quality of the pizza. 3 months back and omg now i ask for extra sauce they barely put sauce the quality is not it was like before they might be hiring kids to make a pizza. The picture below is extra sauce what a joke

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