Good chef restaurant

113 SW 107th Ave, Miami
(786) 763-2008

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Melissa Mendez

100% recommend . I felt like being spontaneous & decided to give this place a chance after driving by it. let me tell you I’m soooo happy I did. The Food is delicious super fresh & clean. The employees are incredibly friendly & charismatic.

Franchesca M.

Kay all those negative reviews need to RELAX lol! Good Chef is what you want to order if you've been home all day on Sunday watching movies or football and you take a nap you wake up and want amazing Chinese food! FRIED RICE AMAZING LO-MEIN AMAZING Crab Rangoon's AMAZING Scallion Pancakes MY FAVORITE! Have I tried the ramen? No because it looks like something I can prob make at home and I am not a fan of pad Thai in general so I wouldn't be a good judge. Staff is really friendly as soon as you walk in, there is also a little market that is super clean and full of yummy food! Don't pay attention to the negative reviews! Trust me this place will blow up one day!


Stopped the market and noticed the restaurant, ordered the spicy peppercorn fish. I don't eat a ton of spicy things but I craved for this dish, I asked them not to make it too spicy and it was just right. Good portion!

Jonathan S.

The first time I came in for Gen Tsu chicken and it was crunchy with a nice thick sauce. Just how I want it. The next time I ordered it was soggy chicken and runny sauce and absolutely no crunch. I was very disappointed. Like 2 different dishes.

Jamie Dennis

We happened to stumble across this place without meaning too, we loved how clean everything was and the customer service of Henry. We didn’t know what to order but he helped us as best he could in regards to what we were looking for. Best part about this place is that this is an Asian mart and a restaurant in one. Will be coming back here (((: Loved the food ? Try the scallion pancakes ?!

Anders Castillo

Amazing food, amazing service. Highly recommend everyone comes and dines in, will not regret. And there’s a market with great variety. Thank you so much Henry for the amazing service.

Keana Sierra

First time eating from here and it did not disappoint! Everything from the dumplings, shrimp udon and scallion pancake, to the iced green tea was surprisingly excellent. Would definitely recommend and eat here again!

Sean McCray Jr.

Everything about this place was great. The service was great, the restaurant/shop environment is charming, and the food was fantastic! They forgot my spring rolls and gave me an extra order when I came back to get them. The older man even offered me food to try, and I felt bad because I'm vegetarian and he was asking me to try the pork lol.I highly recommend this place. Absolutely worth every penny.

Claudette Da Silva

Fresh ingredients, deliciously balanced and fragrant. Not the average at all! Very clean and organized. They also make you feel like a guest in their home (restaurant/Asian market) , but still so very professional. You will find a lot of Asian products you can’t find in many other places. The food and service is just genuinely excellent. Good people, good food. :)

Lyv Shalker

This has became my new favorite lunch place after they acquired a new chef. Offers high quality authentic Chinese at a reasonable price. Recommend the chef special spicy pot and steamed bun.

Karla Andreina

They treat people so good! And the fried noodles are sooo good!

Gigi Liu

Wow... delicious food , I really like it, and thanks for the good Service ! I will come back soon.

Zhao Wan

I like Good Chef because they know how to make a delicious food and how to treat people. Always have smiles face. Finally I found my good chef.ha ha ha!!!

YJW Enterprise

Love it! Food was amazing, very clean place and great service. Best sweet and sour chicken we ever had and the Black Bean tofu was tasty!! Will definitely order catering next time for our company.

CTK Empire

Ordered two bowls, Rice with Teriyaki Sauce and Beef Rib Ramen Soup. Great size and good price. The most was delicious!!

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