12000 Biscayne Blvd, Miami
(305) 893-7941

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Kimberly Williams

Omg we need more Tashea) I hope I’m saying her name correctly ? she so pleasing and beautiful I like the way she made me and my family's smile ….. I’ll come back again if I’m in the area an I’ll bring my friends for coffee day?

Andrea Rosales

This is my local Starbucks, it’s clean, organized and well-kept. I’ve always had a good experience at this store


Just was here. Anything I asked for “unfortunately we are out of…”

Rafael Chaljub

The coffee is expensive enough to have to take attitude from an overweight kid. Don’t care about your problems, everybody has their own, every day order the same and the coffee is perfect, the girl with the cute eyes, everybody cool, im always nice lol, today taste weird and is NOT what i order probably . ??

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 1

Service: 1

Esteban Gutierrez

Excellent customer

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Egg White & Roasted Red Pepper Sous Vide Egg Bites, Avocado Spread, Sumatra, Turkey Bacon Cheddar & Egg White Sandwich, Spinach Feta & Egg White Wrap, Brew Dr Island Mango Kombucha, Bacon Gouda & Egg Sandwich, Berry Trio Parfait

Maggie Marpez

Horrible service !!!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 1

Service: 1

Sam Cherry

Very rude. Makes a big deal for asking a drink with no ice and removes an EXAGGERATED amount of the drink. The young girl has an attitude like I HaVe PoWer OvEr YOuR DrInK ????

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Kristy H.

Great workers here. everyone is always happy. This store has improved a lot in the last year. i enjoy spending my time here.

Roxanna Gonzalez

I don't know how this location has 4 stars. The reviews have to be rigged or being deleted because the whole thing is a disaster. A bunch of teenagers working there the place is dirty drinks get stolen and the food is even worse. You order a small sandwich thats $6 and it looks like it was ripped apart when they hand it to you.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Melanie Reardon

Maureen is great...charming!


Chai Latte Tea and Pasties.

Cole Tilley

I went to the drive thru yesterday and was very clear on my order. At the window she gave me my order and it was not how I requested it. At any other Starbucks they would gladly fix it, however this worker had a bad attitude and when she took it to the back, it seemed as though nothing changed with my order when they gave it to me. It was the same exact drink. She also gave it to me in a very negative manner, there was no sense of customer service.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 2

Service: 1

Gonzalo More

I don't think the barista today was making drinks the right way. He was making large amounts of espresso on a tall cup, and then eyeing the amount needed for each drink he was making, hopefully getting it right each time. I ordered a quad-shot drink, I don't think I've received my 4 shots and the drink was definitely missing the espresso froth/foam which comes out when you pour espresso the right way; when you pour espresso from a cup the froth/foam sticks to and stays on the cup. Even when doing this to reduce the time it takes to make each drink, I had to wait 25 minutes to get mine.

Atmosphere: 3

Service: 1

Belle E.

It's something about this location that I just can't put my finger on. They ALWAYS get the order wrong. In which I don't understand because you tell them exactly what you'd like. As a result of having the wrong order, it tends to give me bad stomach aches as I am lactose intolerant. It just sucks to think you've ordered one thing, to get driving and taste something completely different from what you've ordered and to pay for a stomach ache. Staff seems to be pleasant so it sucks to leave this review.

Y Vanessa R

I'm a current Barista at Starbucks .One thing about my work ethics and my customer service is that I do every drink as if I was making it for myself. I take pride in that!I went through drive through The cashier took my order well But the person executing my drink did not do the proper techniques to make a brown sugar shaken expresso .make expresso, get shaker add syrup add ice shake! Pour milk and if you like to top with sweet cold foam! Simple . The berista did my drink as if it was an iced expresso ! Added syrup in the cup =/ it's shaken for a reason the foam from the shaker gives that drink its name. she then grab the top of the shaker shook it in the cup added milk and added sweet foam and I paid $7 for a tall seriously I've only worked at Starbucks for 3 months And by the 1st month you at least know how people like their coffee if you're a barista take passion and what you do like if you were doing it for yourself do it with love .just a regular customer I had not said that I was with Starbucks just because I wanted to experience my drink as a regular customer I called the store a couple times to speak to a manager and just to speak to them over the phone but since they seem to not answer the phone you get a review and I don't write much reviews I only write if they're good .

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