8664 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
(850) 939-1922

Recent Reviews

Jordan Deuth

Jacob needs a promotion. Best customer service ive ever had. The dude is amazing and I will never forget his kindness! He’s amazing. Promote him. Seriously.

Lori Leigh O'Gara

Salads come with lettuce right? Ordered through DoorDash. I will not make that mistake again. Salad had no lettuce, was drenched is what was supposed to be ranch but was a weird color and tasted like maybe Italian. I picked out the meat and cheese which was easy since it was not cut all the way through. Was mostly spinach with very little of the other veggies. With delivery it was about $13 wasted. Worst salad ever.

Henry R.

We have ordered from here 4 times now. Mainly because my sons friends ask for it. Unfortunately they always miss the mark. Today as usual the pizza showed up under cooked. I always say to myself "next time I'll order it well done" but naturally I forget as we don't order pizza too often. Today was no different. So needless to say. Pizza is in our oven. Finishing cooking.

Jennifer Rigdon-Atuar

Navarre's Subway is the best Subway! The staff are friendly, caring, and they go above and beyond (especially when I come in with my young children)! Thank you Subway Navarre!

Frances Milne

Navarre's go to place for fast breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fresh baked bread, salad or wraps. Love the recent upgraded decor, Fresh New Look. This restaurant has remained open serving the public, first responders and locals for 15 years and continue to offer specials during this very stressful time. Despite some food truck delivery (times) and shortfalls they have remained positive and continue to serve guests in a safe clean environment. They have sponsored multiple military organizations, including Jr.ROTC,, local schools, chambers and business. Try their new delivery with DoorDash and Waitr.

Georgia Grigsby

I just left this location and it was not a good experience at all. Not only were the staff rude, they were out of several menu items, which I don’t blame them because apparently their delivery truck didn’t show up, but they didn’t even have a sign or anything to notify the customers. When I talked to the manager saying he should put a sign up or something, all he did was wave me off. Very disappointed.

Clutch Tv

Great Subway , really like the fresh new look. The staff Is friendly and always helpful. Food is always on point. Fav is the steak bacon guacamole wrap and carrot cake cookies!!

Tracy Whitcomb

Girls in this subway were super friendly and super fast making our sandwiches... although one girl was beimg trained it didnt slow rhe other one dow and they were both friendly and had smiling faces... not to mention our sandwiches were perfect... will definitely be eating here again

Yvonne Fernandez

Went in for lunch the staff are very courteous and the store was kept very clean. I got a 6 inch steak wrap with guacamole and it was delicious.

Brandy Nowling

Consistently great service at this Sandwich Shop, Joel the manager is kind and courteous, the bread, cookies, soup, salads are fresh and delicious. This Navarre location is simply the best.

Jasmin Sokana

I ordered soup & a chicken teriyaki sub. My soup cup is half empty & my sub has barely ANY chicken .

Lisa Olaveson

The vegetables were browning and it was hot in the building...probably why the veggies were browning. My stomach hurts after eating a cold cut combo. Not recommended

Jo Kriegel

Very nice and clean. The employees were super nice.

kailea anderson

couldn’t understand person at the counter. sounded like a kid, will never come here again

London Gants

I love the subs

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