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The line is usually ridiculous and moves slow but whatever, it’s something i expect now. tonight though, i waited in line for 20+ minutes to drive away with nothing. i just got a tooth pulled and i can’t eat a whole lot.. i wanted mashed potatoes/gravy and mac n cheese. they said they didn’t have gravy so i said “alright just mac n cheese then.” like 10 minutes later i finally get to the window, card ready, and am told that there’s no more mac n cheese. then i was...read full review

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I admit it. When I get a hankering for KFC nothing else will do. I love their iconic, greasy fried chicken. Original please. I'm a coleslaw kind of gal and will always choose that over mashed potatoes. Their coleslaw is the sweet & tangy kind. Rats, I think I'm talking myself into another trip there. ?I may kill that craving 3x a year so I'm no expert on the location. But when I've gone I've always used the drive through. Their staff has always been friendly and the service quick....read full review

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So haven't had KFC in quite a few years, ordered delivery yesterday and honestly didn't feel like we were missing out. Used to love that unique taste of their mashed potatoes and gravy but it seemed different. Noticed the sides portions went down from the old Styrofoam containers. We ordered a 6 piece and half the pieces had no breading, the ones that had breading were burnt and our 6th piece was kind of an unidentifiable piece. Unfortunately biscuits seemed way dryer than we...read full review

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