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Emily Alexander

We met Corey when he was just starting to get into the wedding scene. I don’t think he even had a studio at that point. We went to a very small vendor meet in Clearwater back when we were planning our wedding in 2014. He had samples of his cakes which were DIVINE to say the least and he was so humble and a bit shy at first. He genuinely takes pride in his work and is so appreciative of good praise. I (since my husband was just set with him from the start) decided to check out a few other vendors because I never just follow my gut and always have to research. I shouldn’t have even bothered because NO ONE compared to Corey. We were having a very intimate wedding (only about 40 people) and we decided on a small cake with 2 flavors: I chose a Caribbean cooler layer and my husband chose key lime. We were worried about the “exotic” flavors not being enjoyed by everyone at the wedding but EVERY SINGLE GUEST could not stop raving about his cake. Afterwards, my husband had a birthday cake made for me and we had an anniversary cake made. His cakes are so good that I can honestly say I HATE carrot cake, but whatever magic he does, makes even his carrot cake sing. Not only is he truly a master at his craft, but he genuinely is a delight to be around. My husband and I grew very fond of him and it was just great to catch up and chat when we would see him. We have since moved from Florida but it has been amazing to follow and see all the amazing progress and growth he has had over the years. I still ask him occasionally if he ships his cakes yet!! Corey’s cakes compare to no ones and here we are, 7 years after our wedding and I will still rave about Corey!!

Blake Hooker

Thank you, Corey! Everyone loved your cupcake loaves and our wedding cake was amazing!If you're considering choosing Corey and his team for your wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion, I would highly recommend you choose him! He will not let you down!Red velvet cake was delicious and his icing recipes were great! We over ordered and everyone was eager to take a some home after our event.If we come down to this area again for a special occasion, I will be stopping by again! Thank you for helping make our night special!-Blake

Jillian Renee

Thank you so much for the completely AWESOME cake for my husband's Bourbon and Cigar themed birthday party!! Not only did it look great but it was delicious!!! A huge hit!!!

Janet Lorenz

My husband and I were lucky enough to have a four-tier wedding cake made by Corey at our wedding reception in May of 2022. It was honestly the best wedding cake I've ever had! We went with half coconut and half vanilla cake with the vanilla champagne frosting, and it was to die for. The cake looked gorgeous and tasted like heaven. We got SO many compliments on it and could not wait to eat the leftovers! Corey was so fun and nice and was a pleasure to work with. He delivered the cake on time and made the process so easy. I highly recommend Corey's Bakery!

Molly Sterk

We are so excited to have Corey’s Bakery for our wedding! Our tasting was absolutely amazing and the service was exceptional. Corey knows how to go above and beyond for his customers and it shows. We will definitely be using Corey’s Bakery for all of our events and special days!

Kecia Adams

Corey created a beautiful and delicious cake for my special event. He was professional and timely with his communication. Prices were fair and discussed in advance. His creativity and consideration for our vision really made a difference. I’ll return whenever I need anything like this in the future.

Eboni F.

First I want to say that I had to send my contact at least 4 times and was tired of not getting a response. When I finally got a response, I was excited to sit down for my wedding cake tasting which cost me $25.00. I had no problem with this but assumed the cake would be great because of the fee. Honestly I was disappointed from the time we got there. We came in and prior to getting there was slightly late due to traffic- the sous chef sassed us stating that she lived in that area and cannot understand that we would have traffic. I knew this was bad but still wanted to continue to go forward with the tasting. During the tasting we were asked if we wanted wanted and we declined. We also noticed that the glasses were quite dusty as if they haven't been washed in months. The sous chef was rude and had a very bad attitude about everything. We tried a few flavors which were like vanilla, chocolate and one other flavor which I can't remember. I was informed by the sous chef that I didn't submit photos which I had 3 other times. I showed and emailed photos and everything I wanted was an up charge. I wanted a cake when a stenciled layer which just requires additional icing in that stencil- up charge. If you want fillings upcharge. If you want different flavors than vanilla chocolate or marble upcharge. It was disappointing of the service we got since it was a suggested place by our venue which included our wedding cake up to $500. I can say the cake was dry and so was the service.

Andrew Garcia

Corey is simply amazing. He has a love for baking and that shows in his delicious cakes. We first met Corey when he designed our wedding cake and more recently he created a wonderful Champagne Vanilla birthday cake for my father's 75th birthday. Definitely give him a call and visit his shop of scrumptious confections.

Hungry Florida Girl

I'm picky about bakeries - there's nothing worse than wasting calories and money on stale baked goods. Not here! Stopped by on a whim and so happy I did! The Caribbean Cooler is amazing. Also picked up a Chess pie that I haven't tried yet, but based on the cakes, I'm going to love it! Corey's creativity and knowledge of flavor shines through in his cakes. Looking forward to trying more!

Marcos P.

If you're looking for a bakery that holds customer service and respectful discussion to a gold standard, LOOK ELSEWHERE! This bakery made it seem like doing their job was an inconvenience and was extremely rude to my fiancé over email when just asking about their service. To us, being a kind and caring person is very important and speaks about the quality of the person. This bakery should be ashamed of how they treat customers and should never make a bride feel like an inconvenience. Save yourself the negativity of these people and find a bakery that holds customer respect to high values.

Brittany Blair

THE MOST GORGEOUS AND BEST TASTING CAKE EVER!! We went in for a tasting and ALL OF THE FLAVORS are SO AMAZING! Corey and his team were so nice and easy to work with! I can't wait for another reason to order a cake from here!

Ali Newman

Super nice and easy to work with! Corey did the top tier for our wedding cake, as we had a variety table. We got the fan favorite "Vanilla Champagne" which did not disappoint.It came out just the way we wanted, tasted amazing, and great price!! We were very pleased.

Anna Williamson

I ordered some mini loaves for Group of 30 Needleworkers for an event in Clearwater on December 3rd.They delivered on time (actually early) and the loaves were delicious! The frosting was to die for.. I will definitely order from them again!! Thank you!!

rob smith

Absolutely amazing! All the flavors were sooooo good we had a hard time deciding on our cake! Corey was fabulous and his assistant was so nice! We had a great time cake tasting! He let us try his pumpkin pie and let me tell you it was AMAZING!!!!!!! We will definitely be coming here for any cake or bakery needs!

Elaine Steward

We went to Corey’s Cakes for a cake tasting for my daughters wedding. We were welcomed in and sat at a pretty little table and were served water to help clear our palate between cakes. The cakes were AMAZING, it was really hard to choose. In fact we chose a three tier cake when we only needed two because it was that delicious. Plus…. Who doesn’t like extra cake? We knew immediately we were going with his bakery. He spent time asking questions and designing our perfect cake. We have found that sometimes when you are having a small wedding people can be dismissive but Corey made my daughter excited for her day and made her feel special! I am over the moon excited to see this cake. We will leave a review and photos after the big day!

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