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Mark Littrell

My husband and I have been looking for a place like this. We had our wedding reception at one of our local pizza places in Alaska. Right. We moved here 4 years ago and have been looking for help replacement. When we sat down theMenu said. Northern Pizza and yes it was perfect. Pitchers of beer and the best pizza I’ve had in years.

Macguyva Channel

I don’t normally write a reviews. Lately Fairway is not always been fair. Now I have to open my pizza box and check it. The last 4 pickups they didn’t get the orders right. Mine is simple. Small extra cheese extra sausage pie. weeks ago the first of the 4 pies came with no extras. It was a plain pie wit sausage and cheese. $18. I paid for the extras. Mind you I’ve been buying pizza here for 10 years. Second pie I open the box. They took it back and made it right 15 mins later i had to wait. Last week 3rd pie they gave extra cheese an no extra sausage. I was short for time and let it go. Tonight they forgot the extra cheese again. I’m not sure if it the counter help or the kitchen. But im about to give up. :-(


Best fried mushrooms ive had in Florida! Used to be cheaper draft beer.. was a great reason to go.. but no longer the case. Bring back dollar draft beers.. or even 1.50 but still a good little indoor outdoor bar if not too packed. Sometimes theres a band and ppl are nice. and waitstaff is always on point. I like their wings, too. Not the best pizza in town and they charge you to use a card on top of inflated prices. But the mushrooms, worth the trip alone. Mmn.

Linda Bull

We hosted my 60th birthday party this past Saturday night! Reserved the back room. Holly was te best hostess! Thank you to the rsst of the staff. The food and atmosphere where perfect! All my guests enjoyed themselves and are still talking about what a great they had! Thank you!

Randy (RH)

Went for lunch our first day in Palm Harbor. The waitress recommended pizza and salad and both were excellent. A grest "local" place to eat - Staff is very friendly and good specials.

Med Rush

Their pizza is delicious and part of that is high quality cheese among other toppings. Even the sausage was tasty and I'm picky about sausage. Loved the guy playing guitar and singing. Rob Kosinski or RobK band. Very enjoyable talented musician. I am definitely going back!Food: 5/5

Mary M.

Welcoming local place. Stopped in for a late lunch while visiting family. Sat outside on the deck to enjoy the beautiful 72 degree December day. My son and I shared a burger, and also enjoyed the French onion soup. Pizza and salads looks yummy as well, Prices are reasonable, and Tina was an excellent waiter. We will definitely come back when we are in town.

patrick v

Super great experience! 2 dollar drafts and large pizzas under 20 bucks! Yum yum come get u some

Karen Hadley

I usually go to Fairway on a Sunday afternoon for lunch when it's not as crowded (and no music, which they have on Friday and Saturday but sometimes you just want to chill). Food is always delicious. They have great hoagie sandwiches, hamburgers and pizza of course. Just a great place to sit outside and relax and enjoy the food and drinks.

Paula F.

I am not currently living in the area, I am visiting with friends. We went to watch the Chiefs game. There was a group of people that had been there for a little while. They were wanting to watch the Chiefs game as well. This lady walked in and told them this was their table. It is tradition for them to sit at this table. She told them they needed to move. The Manager allowed this to happen. This woman and her friends brought in their own glasses, is that a health violation? They didn't order very much $. The people that moved were not from the area, I went over to speak with them. They said they would not come back. The Manager allowed this to happen. They put up flags, stood in front of other people that were trying to watch the game. Aga, no one from the staff stepped in. I know that our group spent over $300. The group that moved spent $$. I asked the Manager, Holly, why is this allowed? She defended the lady because she is a friend of the owners and argued with me about her bullying people to move and disrespecting people that were supporting the local business. I really hope that a business is able to stay in business for people that bully paying patrons and don't order $. I will never go back, we had a party of 14. The group that moved, a party of 12, said they will never go back.... so sad owners don't recognize this The food was good, the service was so bad!

Robert Rogers

It's been hit or miss for me. Our group pre-arranged dinner for about 20 people. When we got there nothing was set up. Once everyone got seated we realized there wasn't enough help. The server was overwhelmed as well as the kitchen. One couple had to wait an hour and a half for a cheese pizza. As I said, it's been hit or miss. The last visit our group made to Fairway Pizza we had a wonderful server, good food and a great time. Hopefully someone will see this review and be better prepared for a group that has prearranged a visit.

Greg Farley

Holly is a great server. I enjoyed the meatballs at the Lions Club Zone meeting! Thanks for the amazing service ?

Tim Boothe

I can't really say much. My experience was ok. I only stayed for a beer and ate a piece of ?witch was good. The people were friendly, and the service was great.Parking: Plenty of parking close to and behind establishment.

Elizabeth Gray

First time ate there very light and my husband said pizza great and I had chicken Alfredo and perfect side and not so big.Food: 5/5

Crystal Diliberti

Went here for the 1st time just today. Excited because we heard it was good. We walked in and the girl at the counter said go sit over there. She didn't point, walk us over or anything so I had to ask over where. She looked at me like I was bothering her and pointed. We picked a table and sat for almost 15 minutes and not one person came to take our drink order or even acknowledge us. After the wait we got up and left and the only people that noticed were the customers who were saying it's crazy how we sat and didn't get service. That'll be our 1st and last time there.

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Fairway Pizza & Sports Page Pub

2901 US-19 ALT, Palm Harbor, FL 34683
(727) 772-7060