Leo's Italian Grill

33286 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor
(727) 786-9110

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M H.

Sauce should be cooked longer. A bit watery but the taste is good. Way better than Joeys. The lasagna is good and my favorite is chicken parm.

Steve J.

Good entertainment, Victor Washington was exceptional. Very slow service. Took forever to get drinks and refills, kept going to bar to get them ourselves. Very pricy drinks. $9 and they were very weak. Tipped waitress 25% and never got a thank you. Won't go back

Eileen N

Went to Leo's Italian Grill for a Meetup.com event on a Sunday evening for Latin Dancing and had an enjoyable time. The Restaurant was clean with a large size dance floor. I had a diet Coke, which cost me $3.50, which I thought was expensive for a soda. Was surprised to read another review about the strict dance policy that this Restaurant had, as I found one couple's dancing to be on the provocative side, when this is supposed to be a family restaurant.

Nicola Pagley

First, food was excellent. We went on a Friday night to check it out and upon entering was taken slightly aback as it was not what we expected. First timers here. ? There was live music and dancing. We had to sit at the bar as not many tables were available. 4 stars because it was so dark in there I really couldn’t see my food. It was lighter outside and it was around 8:30 when we left.

Peter C.

so my wife and i went there for dinner. sad to say it microwave food at best. buyer beware. great pick up bar for the over 60 folks. food was cold and the place need a bath , rest rooms are nasty . this was a saturday night so it was packed. awful vist will not return ever.

Ray Gibson

Well, I really can't offer much for clues. I went in to eat. There were several people sitting in a different area. No one came to seat me, so after a reasonable amount of time, I went over to other area and seated myself. I sat there, while I guess others were doing karaoke? Anyway, after 10 minutes, I left. I won't be going back. Hey? I am old. Okay? We drive by weird laws.

Sophia M.

Great people watching and dancing! I usually just stop in for drinks, always so much fun.

Alan Morris

The shrimp scampi had so much lemon juice it was inedible. I overpaid Uber eats to bring it and it came in a generic plastic bag from a gas station. Is that the way you send your food?

John G

Ordered delivery from Leo's Website. The pizza arrived cold. The spaghetti and Meatballs came with no meatballs. When I called the owner/manager was very rude and blamed the delivery driver and the cook. I understand mistakes happen and restaurants get busy but there is no reason to be rude, especially when you are the one who made the mistake. Food was otherwise mediocre. I do not recommend this place.


We visited here and had dinner. We had sausage spaghetti and grouper. The food was delicious and the house salad great. Would recommend if you are in the area

Cathy W.

The Eggplant Parmesan was wonderful i'm such a generous portion that I enjoyed it for three sittings! I also absolutely love the salsa dancing on Sunday nights!!!

Teresa G.

First-time customers when we popped in for dinner on Friday evening. We were seated in a booth next to a table where the staff was prepping the napkins and silverware, and waited for one of the waitresses to stop and take out order. AWKWARD!! We ordered the Capricosa Flatbread, which was served luke warm, and the ham cuts on top were cold. The Ravioli D'Aragosta had 3 raviolis, 4 shrimp and 4 inedible scallops, which I actually had to discard from my mouth into my napkin. The Chicken & Shrimp Gorgonzola was served over VERY WET RISOTTO, the chicken breast had no flavor. We decided to pack up To Go boxes and try to salvage the meal at home. Unfortunately, our idea didn't yield great results. We won't revisit Leo's.

Tom Bayer

Very unremarkable Italian food. Free table bread was the best food. 5pm on Saturday evening, was completely empty. Grumpy waitress, seemed to be bothered we were there. Too much sauce on all meals. Stomach was unsettled all night. Will not return.

Brittney Lloyd

Ordered 4 dishes, returned all 4. All of the food was terribly bland & cooked strangely. There was no salt, pepper or garlic. The chicken was worse than rubber. Highly disappointed. Was uncomfortable paying $70 for inedible food. Will not order again. Was sufficiently refunded.Good luck in the future.

Victoria K.

So, I tried this restaurant about a year ago, and gave them a COVID pass. You know, staffing issues etc, so I decided to try them again. 1st time, I actually called and asked them if they use the same water to boil pasta as they do with fish broth...It tasted awful. A way to save money on their part I was thinking. This time it was even worse...the pasta tasted like dishwater...it even overpowered the taste of the alfredo sauce (and everyone loves alfredo sauce). The first time I called, I was given the "yeah yeah yeah, next time you come in we'll comp it, hung up on me" This time, I'm writing this review. Awful tasting food and awful service. They need to change or go out of business.

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