LongHorn Steakhouse

35645 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor
(727) 781-9300

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Thomas Florida

Food is always great and cooked nicely. From really good steaks to chicken and seafood. Have had very few issues here. Servers are good too. Comfortable atmosphere and its not loud like many other places. One of my favorite restaurants. One of the most consistently good chains out there for quality food.

Noah P.

Great service when I come here! Delicious moscow mules and steak! My girlfriend loves the steak salad and I like getting a good ribeye! A favorite of ours!

Zachary Ackman

Awesome food and even better service. We tried their wings and they were so spicy. I got the outlaw again and it was just as good as the last time I got it. The steak house mac and cheese is to die for.

Lynn J.

Taylor was our waitress and she was really good. Being from Texas she had to explain that Florida has a different menu than Texas. That when they come out with new item it always says excluding Texas. My husband and I were asking if they had things off the menu, which some places do. We were not disappointed. Our steaks were cooked to perfection and the asparagus was delicious. The service from Taylor was top notch. Next time we want a quick steak we will be going back to this location. We are not big red meat eaters so for a quick good steak that's not too expensive this was a good choice.

Pj W.

Pretty good for this area. Be prepared by to spend 100$. The ribeye was thin and questionable. Was it a rib eye? The Porter house a little small for the $$. Veggies ok. Service great. Wish there were better steakhouses around here.

Kayla Harrell

Let me explain why I am giving today's visit two stars. We do not frequent LongHorn regularly but we have been to LongHorn enough to have a certain expectation when we go. We have never had the experience we had today. Normally when we dine at LongHorn, we get a table but when we showed up at 4:15pm for an early dinner there was a large party waiting to be sat so we decided to sit at the bar instead. Several were cashing out as we sat down and there was around 5 of us left at the bar during our entire stay. We were greeted by the bartender Daniel relatively promptly and ordered our first round of drinks and an appetizer. My husband ordered a LongHorn Old Fashioned and when it arrived it tasted like an over sweetened Manhattan with an abundance of sweet vermouth. He chose to just drink it and not complain. My wine that Daniel suggested was perfect and very smooth. Our appetizer came out, we ordered the stuffed mushrooms which also was delicious as always. However Daniel did not come back to take our dinner order until our appetizer had already been finished. He took our dinner order 5-10 minutes later in which my husband had to ask to order another drink at the same time. My husband ordered the Outlaw Ribeye with a Caesar salad and mashed potatoes his meal was exceptional and he said was very well cooked. I ordered the strawberry pecan salad and when everything came out the manager that was on expo said she chose to deliver it without the oranges but said she would be right back with the mandarin oranges that belonged on the salad. 10 minutes passed and she never came back so I ended up just starting to eat my salad realizing that also no dressing was on the salad. My husband had to flag the bartender for more dressing. He was always behind the bar but never asked us how anything was, not our appetizer and not our meals. While other customers at the bar had been checked on and asked about their meals we were not. We felt singled out for whatever reason because we were not acknowledged once our food had come out. Anytime we needed something we had to actively flag Daniel down. I have worked in the industry as a bartender and a server for many years and never have I experienced such poor bar service while the restaurant wasn't even during a dinner rush. After we finished our meal my husband respectfully asked for the manager who happened to be the one on expo, she said she would address the concerns that occurred during our visit. We agreed to pay the full tab as we were not looking for free meals but it was the concept of the poor service we received during our dinner this evening. I asked about the oranges she said they were out and I had politely mentioned if they were out she should have at least come back to mention this as I had been waiting for her to come back prior to eating my meal. It is possible there was a lack of staff on this shift but the bartender Daniel did not acknowledge us most of our stay at the bar and as an industry worker I have higher expectations for LongHorn. This was indeed very disappointing but we still tipped our bartender 25% of the original bill after they took 25% off for the inconvenience to our evening. This was an unfortunate evening because I doubt we will be back anytime soon.

G M.

Last month, I took my 92-year-old friend Agni to lunch at Longhorn. She loves to eat steak, so this outing was a special treat for her. We arrived at the restaurant shortly after they opened. It was such a wonderful experience that began at the doorway entrance when Brian welcomed us to the restaurant. Agni thought he was cute and funny. Next, Taylor was our server. Agni ordered the Renegade Sirloin, cooked very rare, because they don't offer rare steak where she lives. I ordered the Parmesan Crusted Chicken. Taylor placed our order and she returned with hot bread - my weakness! Taylor was very attentive throughout our visit. After our meals arrived, Sam passed by our table and just happened to overhear me ask Agni if she wanted me to slice her steak for her. Sam stopped in his tracks and asked if he could take her steak to the back and have it sliced for her. Of course, she said yes! We had such a nice time at this Longhorn restaurant - Agni felt like Queen for A Day!

Megan T.

TLDR: good steak, great service, bland interior. This is a solid location if you are here for the steak. It's a very traditional styled family steak house. Basically it is what you expect from a franchised steak house. I had the sirloin medium and a side house salad which was really tasty. My husband ended up getting his steak "Parmesan crusted" which really means covered in a thick layer of melted cheese. This was not what he expected but was easy to move to the side. My children both had kids steak meals and enjoyed it. Ample parking available and clean bathrooms. The interior could use a breath of life as it feels a bit boring and outdated but, I honestly believe that most people venturing here are in search of a comfortable and reliable steakhouse with reasonable prices. Which is close to what you would expect and can get here.

Mr. Ruger

Better to just buy and cook your own steak if you want the honest truth. Another once wonderful place to eat ruined by a fake health crisis. The ribeye that use to be nice and juicy is now as thin as a ham steak and tough as boot leather. Medium rare requested, served Grey and tasteles.

Raymond Beguhn

I am a big fan of longhorn steakhouse. This place is never hurting for customers. They do not take reservations per say, but you can call ahead up to 30 minutes to reserve your place in line. This is really handy on some of the busier days like Friday or Saturday. The bill did go over $100.00, but this included dinner for 4 adults with 4 alcoholic beverages. One was a shrimp dinner and the other three were steak dinners. The steaks were deliciously cooked to medium rare and each included two sides. The dessert menu was nice but no one at my table left feeling like there was room for anything extra. That is my regret. I have been to this restaurant on several occasions and I have yet to experience any issues. This location in Palm Harbor is well run and well staffed. Truly 5out of 5 stars.

Carmen T.

We visited the location in Clearwater... I was pleasantly surprised at how all the food was excellent. The broccoli was perfect. The salmon was cooked perfect. And my husband said his steak was excellent!

OU81 2.

my receipt cause...wanted you to see the name of their best server...this guy Mike is outstanding and my steak was better than Ruth's Chris not kidding!

Francis Guedez

Yesterday’s was our first time eating here and we’re in love with this place. Our serve was Jessica she’s amazing. We definitely are going to come back again. We give them 5 star stars because they deserved. We highly recommend this place ?

Amanda W.

Went for dinner at the bar, it was just me and 2 other people sitting at the bar. Barely a greet, no check back on my dinner, no offer to refill my drink (just a coke) she was right there. No thank you at the end. The bartender was there the whole time. I don't think she even smiled once. She was rude and unpleasant. She acted like she was annoyed she had to serve me. I'm a bartender, what happened to a simple "hi" or "thank you, have a good night" "how's your food" "can I refill that for you" WE EARN TIPS! You honestly earned nothing, you're welcome for the 20% tip...I tip better than that, but you weren't worth it!

Courtenay O'Connell

I’m surprised that I’ve never reviewed LongHorn before since it’s less than a mile from our home and we’ve been her to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and dinners with no occasion to celebrate at all. We’ve been coming here for lunch and dinner since it opened, and we’ve never been disappointed. It’s so good here that we had a difficult time finding a parking space at 5:10PM, but we were seated right away by Emily.Terrence was our server tonight. He was as efficient and exceptional as our servers in the past. LongHorn hires quality people! Usually I have the filet - always cooked to perfection - but tonight I opted for soup and salad. Husband got the chopped steak with rice and salad. He usually gets the ribeye or sirloin steaks - also done well every time.Bread and drinks came right away. It was a little noisy inside tonight, so we didn’t talk much - looked at our cell phones instead. When our meals came, we put down the phones and ate until we were full and satisfied.We were so eager to eat, that I forgot to take any photos except for my strawberry pecan salad. It was delicious, just like everything else.The only thing that took away from tonight’s wonderful dining experience was the noise level - and the unusually loud, screechy child nearby. But that’s life. It doesn’t happen all the time. ?

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