Hannah's Family Diner

968 Reed Canal Rd, South Daytona
(386) 256-4918

Recent Reviews

Daniel Arceneaux

Place was awesome. Food was great. Service was as good as expected considering how busy they were.Food: 5/5

Teresea Higham

Very nice mom & pop diner. Good food and prices, staff was helpful and sweet.Food: 5/5

Teresa Mohr

Food was great ..service excellent. Great price for my Delicious ? Swiss and ?Omlette Hash browns toast$8.00. Be sure to tip your server..I'm a local but found this Gem ? DINER during Bike Week...Thumbs ? Good Job ...Food: 5/5

Melanie Long Collins

I will never waste my hard earned money on food from this establishment again.... I've lived in Daytona Beach for 6 years now and eaten here so many times that I've lost count... Over the past 8-9 months my fiancee and I would eat breakfast every Sunday morning from t here basically spending $30+ giving generous tips because I know how hard waitressing is and to finally have an issue with our order and call to speak with management and have her argue with me just blew my mind!!! She basically called me a liar... We have ordered the corned beef hash a dozen times and this time it was shredded corned beef mixed in with hash browns and it has NEVER been cooked that way on all the other times that we ordered it. I've never in my life seen it cooked that way. And for management to tell me that I'm wrong and that is how they make it every time is just ridiculous!! And on top of that my waffle was burnt and inedible so she tells me that I can drive back up there for another waffle which was good if I lived close to the restaurant, but I don't. So I could drive back 15 to 20 minutes wasting $10 in gas for a $6 waffle LOL Ok suuuuure I'll do that...NOT! So we wasted $17-$20 on inedible food and I was slick called a liar about how our hash has been cooked/ prepared before... Like I said, I'll never go there again because of management moreso than the food. Prices are outrageous too.

Laken Gregor

Eaten here a dozen times and always loved it, but had an exceptional experience that I must share. This says more about the people who run Hannah's then the food (which y'all already know is bomb)!I was early for work and decided to grab breakfast for my friend who was having a bad morning. I called in and ordered 2 SEC breakfast sandwiches and some bangin' Biscuits and Gravy!Later on in the day while at work at a local restaurant, the either manager or owner, I wish I could remember, happened to come in for dinner. I was busy and very exhausted when next thing I know I was stopped by the woman who served me earlier that day. Then, so unexpectedly, she gave me a gift and welcomed me to come back anytime! ☺️It changed my whole night and now I can't wait to go back with my girlfriends ?Its simple blessings like this that make the world go round!Thank you for your kindness Hannah's! You have a customer for life!

Bruce Jones

I love coming here the team are fantastic, boy do they deliver a great atmosphere. If you sit at the bar. It really is like watching a ballet of efficiency. Every one there (Erin, Cassy, Jenna, Melinda to name a few) will greet you with a warm smile and "hi" the food is definitely some of the best in town and very predictable. It's consistent in it's presentation, the team really care about what they produce, you're most certainly getting value for your hard earned cash. You're doing yourself a disservice if you haven't checked them out yet!

Jesseca Lamb

Down home good cooking! I'm pretty partial to the corned beef and hash. They use real corned beef and hash browns instead of canned. The servers are all nice and the patrons clearly return often. This location is a bit older but still quaint. The new location in Port Orange is more modern but this is my preferred spot.Food: 5/5

Pamela Hobbs

The service is excellent and its very busy. Our food was not the best we've ever had. The corned beef hash was chopped up corned beef on top of hash browns. Very weird. My country fried steak was just ok. The hash browns were good. We will try another place next time. They will survive without us for sure.Food: 2/5

David Jackson

The food was very good, but it was the people that makes this place. Didn't know if all people working there were family, but it looked like that to me. Very personable people. Made the whole experience enjoyable.Food: 5/5

Abby Frazier

So glad I found this place! I love mom and pop shops and this one hits the spot! Service is amazing and the food is even better! My new weekend breakfast stop!

John Peck

Ordered and waited far too long to get our food. Literally watched the waitress wiping off our foor before serving it. Steak & eggs special.The steak was way overcooked and the eggs almost burned. Not edible.Very disappointed.

Sharon Stoll

Always clean with very pleasant waitstaff. Food always looks and tastes good. Very reasonable prices.Love the biscuits and gravy

Emily Darnell

I ordered the biscuits and gravy with eggs and cheese grits. Phenomenal. Ordered with Uber eats and it was delivered earlier than the expected time. Very happy customer!

Thomas Martinez

The best in variety you have always expected but weren't able to get at any restaurant.very clean place. Staff treats you with respect and care that you have a pleasant visit.after all it's a family owned restaurant.l have gone there a lot of times and have never been disappointed.prices are very reasonable and you get large portions, more than l can say than the other ones.l can guarantee that you will have a good experience and be totally satisfied.try it.what do you got to lose..Kid-friendliness: It's a family atmosphere and for children. Family ownedParking: Have found parking with no problemWheelchair accessibility: Can be utilization especially for wheelchair usage

David W Hinson

First of all our waitress was probably the worst I've ever seen we asked her for straws for our drinks and she literally walked by and threw them on the table then after waiting a half an hour for our breakfast it came out cold and very bland. Home fries were basically boiled potatoes with no seasoning at all and felt like they had just came out of the refrigerator. I will definitely not come back to this place also they give you one little tiny Pat of butter and a little tiny container of syrup for your pancakes my God even in prison you get more syrup than that! Very disappointed

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