Cold Cow

938 Santa Maria Blvd, St. Augustine
(904) 797-0626

Recent Reviews

Christina Demel

So many flavors, but I still only get the flavor "elephant ears" it's the best. The guy is super nice, we love it here.

Joshua Hanoud

One of our favorite places to go after dinner when in St Augustine! Get the blueberry cheesecake ice cream!! Thank me later ??

John Tarr

Took our grandson here for a little afternoon treat. You will not find a place that has more selection! Tons of flavors, all of which can be combined. Prices are very fair and the ice cream is delicious. Definitely a place to visit!

Toni Sommers

It would be hard to find a flavor they don't have. Best ice cream shop I have ever been to. Loved the Graham Central Station and if you like chocolate covered cherries get the Cherry Oblivion. If you love ice cream; this is the place for you.

Audrey Lanigan

I just want to say that the manager here is super! I live out of state and Scott came to my rescue when I wanted to get a gift certificate for my sons birthday-he made it so easy with no issues and delivered the gift certificate rite away -Happy Mom.

Jenna M.

The nondairy peanut butter fudge supreme was the best dairy free ice cream I've had yet! So many dairy free options!!! The staff members were kind and the ice cream was cheap. Overall great neighborhood ice cream spot. :)

Ron Thompson

Go here, skip the other places! Lots of flavor choices, generous portions, great price and quality ice cream!

Frank Chrzanowski

The best ice cream place. The owner knows our names and what we get. I would not go anywhere else! (Written by my 9 year old)LARGE scoops/servings. So many flavor choices.

Drew Grant

Whether you’re a cow fanatic or an ice cream lover this place is for you!


I’m not much for spending the price you pay for a a tub of ice cream at the supermarket on a single cone, but this place was worth it. The flavors were on point when it comes to actually tasting like what they say and they don’t skimp on the portion sizes. Needless to say, I’ll be overspending on ice cream again soon.

Andrew Jones

This is a wonderful ice cream shop! I went there for my first time a few days ago and it was a delight! There were three of us there my wife, daughter and myself we have been to many ice cream shops and never have we been so delighted in taste, service and cost!

Mathew anksorus

First time here. Very good ice cream. I was super excited to see they had spumoni.

Rachel L.

It doesn't seem like anything crazy from the outside but trust me they have DELICIOUS flavors with a variety of flavors to choose from. They offer samples and DF options as well. I samples the cookies & cream coconut which was good for a DF alternative.I ended up getting one if the best tasting red velvet ice cream ever. It had chunks of cake and layers of cream cheese. Definitely give this place a try!

Billy Lockwood

Unlike what's started in old reviews, this is not homemade. It's "The Ice Cream Club". Good value for a scoop shop.

Teresa Simms

Love CC it is the best. We always take our out of town guests there. The ice cream is amazing. The staff is always friendly.

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